Moving to Qatar: 9 Frequently Asked questions based on My experience


  • Based on my personal experience staying in Qatar for 1 year. 

So, you have  got a job in Qatar  huh ? And  this is the time to move on. But wait, before you relocate to Qatar, there are a few important things you should know. With the following post, I am going to make you familiar with the place and tell you what you can expect from the place from my own experiences. Read on…

I was not much prepared when I relocated to Qatar to join my new job. I only had a bit of an idea about the place from the Internet. Luckily, one of my friends had also relocated to Qatar a year before, so it was not much difficult for me to understand everything from an Expat’s perspective.

Here’s something I want you to know before leaving for Qatar. The description of general things such as lifestyle, work culture, etc. remains somewhat constant, however, administrative procedures such as entry and exit permit may alter with time.

1.Work Visa in Qatar?

  • Expats willing to get a job in  Qatar  can work there on a business or work visa. The company in Qatar must organize your visa, which is mostly valid for 2 weeks and can be extended. However, as an Expat worker you have to live and work there for longer. For this, you need police clearance or a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ from your home country. Once you get it, your Qatari employer must arrange for your work and residence permit.

2.Qatar Family and Visit Visa Details?

  • Foreign workers in Qatar can sponsor their families once they get their residence permit and work visa. However, this process can be time taking. To apply for family and visit visa, the complete application is to be submitted along to the Expatriate Affairs & Unified Services Centers. Some important documents that you would be asked to submit include a marriage certificate, work approval letter, bank statement to check your last 6 month salary, passport size photographs, and child’s birth certificate, if any. Remember, this visa allows a limited period of stay and needs to be renewed. Ideally, your sponsoring company would keep you informed about the process. However, some companies prefer to process family visa for their employees once they have been in the job for at least 6 months, so check with your company.


3.Is Exit permit mandatory in Qatar?

  • All expats willing to come back from Qatar should get an exit visa. The country relies on Kafala(sponsorship) system, which says that an employer can bring in an expat employee and also decide his exit from the country. Working husband or father can sponsor their children and complete the formality of their exit visa. One can get the  visa application forms from the Ministry of Interior forms from the Ministry of Interior. To avoid any inconvenience during your emergency exit, I suggest you to get clarity on the procedure from your employer.

4.Is Qatar had bad Work Culture?

  • While working in Qatar , you pay attention to Islamic customs and beliefs in business practices. It is a Muslim country and Arabic is its national language. However, English is mostly spoken in business. The knowledge of Arabic is an advantage for you. Work relationships are built on trust.Dress modestly for business meetings and handshake with people. Make it a practice to use titles such as Sheikh or Haji and make it a practice to use professional titles with first names in the business.

5.Is Lifestyle and Night Life Good in Qatar?

  • Lifestyle in the country mainly revolves around weather and money. The flamboyant lifestyle of Qatar can be seen in its VIP shopping malls, big cars, or anything else. You can find several refreshing prospects such as dune bashing, Dhow boats, and camel racing. There is a steady increase in the nightlife activities in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Several international hotels include nightclubs and bars to keep your weekends busy.

6.Is Alcohol Restricted in Qatar?

  • If you are fond of alcohol, you will not find booze as widely available in Dubai. However, most of the 5-star hotels in Qatar have license for alcohol. Several clubs such as golf club and rugby clubs can serve alcohol to members only. You can spend only 10 per cent of your basic salary on booze every month. Let me also tell you, Qatar follows a no-tolerance approach for drink-and-drive.

7.How to Find Job in Qatar?


8.Is Driving Allowed for women ?

  • If you want to drive in Qatar, read this. Driving can be a big challenge and you need to have an International Driver’s License (IDL), which is valid for 6 months only. However, once you get your residence permit, IDL stands void and you will have to apply for the Qatari Driving License by taking the driving test. And there is no issue for women to drive in Qatar as well.

9.What Entertainment is There in Qatar?

  • I have seen people often complaining that Qatar has no option for entertainment.But not much know that , there are handful of entertainment options available in this desert. Desert safari, Art museums , Arabian Movies, (Unlike Saudi films are not restricted here), Horese riding(Qataris are hardcore horse riders),Camel Safari.


So, all things considered, remember that Qatar is a conservative country and those planning to work and live there should abide by its local laws. Hope this guide will help you to fit in your new work destination- Qatar.

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