10 Best and memorable Free things to do in Kerala

10 Best and memorable Free things to do in Kerala
  • Yes its very much true that Kerala is a wonderful destination for tourists and its been inviting travelers from the across the world daily. Here i am going to give some details about things which you can do free of cost in Kerala. Excited right ?

1.Get blessings from Amma  Mata Amritanandamayi:

  • Mata Amritanandamayi is a Hindu saint from Kerala. Mata have devotees around the world and
    at kollam her residence ,anually lakhs of people vists. So when you visit kerala, go to
    Kollam and get blessings as hug (she is also known as hugging saint ) for free of cost.(pun is not intended)

2.Working Out the Traditional Treadmill (aka Water Wheel):

3.Walking Along the Paddy Fields:

4.How About Trying to Cross a Makeshift Coconut Bridge?

5.Go for Ox Racing (Kaalapoottu)

6.Go for Vallamkali (Snake Boat race):

7.Be There for Thrissur Pooram:Elephant Pageant and Kudamattom ( Part of Thrissur Pooram Events):

8.Fireworks ( Part of Thrissur Pooram Events): 

 9.Visit Tribal Villages:

  • Kerala’s land contain hell lot of forests and there are many tribes living there with out exposing much to modern outside world. Especially in Wayand and Idukki districts of Kerala contains lot of tribal villages.

10.Watch  “Kalarippayattu” Performance: 

  • This mosque, called the Beemapalli, is a shrine dedicated to the memory of a devout Muslim lady, Beema Beevi, who they say had extraordinary powers. This mosque is very close to Trivandrum, on the way to Shangumugham beach. Visit the mosque as there are plenty of things to see and buy around the mosque

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