11 Disgusting things discovered in Infopark Cochin restaurant foods :

11 Disgusting things discovered  in Infopark Cochin restaurant foods :

Before Leap Read This Brief: 

  • This is purely based on my knowledge,findings and Contents i got from Internet. I am not writing this to hurt or promote any institution or person in specific.
  • If any one feel the name or content offending please let me know , so i can straight away remove that.

Kerala State Government owned IT park, “Infopark” spread over around 150 acres and housing over 200+ companies which employ close to 40,000 professionals.

And this statistics is ever rolling in length and breadth. And government of Kerala is getting crores of foreign money to it s treasury monthly as tax from this industry as well . As far as Kerala government is considered ,Information technology is coming one among the three main revenue streams of the state of Kerala (other than tourism and Gulf remittance).

Now wait a sec and think… What is the role of this IT park and how strongly it is contributing to
the economy of Kerala?… Exceptionally significant right ? . Yes.

Now By saying all this , let me come to the point. In place where 40k professionals are working , What kinda facilities are required ? . Especially the eateries. ?. And what we have here in Infopark ? . No more formalities . you people scroll down and see what we are getting here in Infopark.

Before i go ahead let me give you an over view of the Food outlets operating in different buildings in Infopark.

  • Athulya Building : IRCTC restaurant , Chicken , Tea leaf,
  • Thapasay Building : Chill and Grill,
  • TCS: owned restaurant .
  • Wipro: owned restaurant.
  • Vismya :
  • Carnival(Phase 1,2,3,4):
  • LuLu: (before tejomaya ) :  Nila

Now we can move to some exciting things which we techies in Infopark experienced recently.

1.Found cockroach in “Elayappam” from Chill and Grill :

  • You might have seen cockroaches roaming around in public toilets and government offices in India. But Did you ever seen Cockroaches stuffed beautifully inside a tea snack ? . If not, come to Infopark. Yes seriously people, one techie recently got a cockroach stuffed  Tea snack from a restaurant called “Chill Grill”  operating at Thapsay building Infopark, Cochin. Similar complaints have been raised many times before as well, but no action was taken.

Any way this time complaint has been registered strongly and with in one day restaurant “Chill and Grill” got shut by authorities for 2 weeks. Hope they will be extra careful from next time onwards , fingers crossed.

mosquito in food

2.Found used “Band-Aid” in the sandwich From “Nila” restaurant:

  • My Colleague “Ajith” after fighting with a software “bug” for quite long time  that day,  some how dragged himself out of the office starving and tired. Since he missed lunch , he was hungry and dashed to downstairs “Nila” restaurant and grabbed a sandwich and started chewing.
  • Suddenly Something sticky stucked inside and he got on hold it and pulled it out. OMG! He cannot believe at first and later he confirmed that it’s “Antiseptic “band-aid” used for wounds.(that too consumed once).
  • When he asked them, Nila Food Court manager  said “No problem it’s a hygienic band-aid”. They brought a lady from kitchen and she said “please don’t report this, i will lose my job”. But Ajith wasn’t ready to settled down and he started his campaign through Facebook and informed every one.
  • Later a protest has been organized on August 3rd ,attracted wide coverage and attention from media and people. And lets wait and see how things gonna change !

band aid in food

  • “Boycott Nila restaurant” Official Facebook page Link –CLICK HERE

3.Grease and rubber bush from American Chopsuey from Chill Grill:

  • Pour a drop of “Grease” in a Mutton Biriyani and give to a starving Dog which is about to die. How does that Dog react to that offer ? . Of-course.  That animal will die proudly without tasting a bit of it . But for Infopark people its a usual thing and we are not ready to die starved ,like that dog (pun intended !). Yes guys seriously , many have found grease and rubber bushes in dishes served by a leading restaurant in Infopark.

4.Usage of “banned milk”:

This is about not sticking with legal Food standards and norms :

  • Authorities have banned the consumption of few milk brands , finding its low quality and other issues. Due to the ban this products are available cheap in the market. So who gonna find if they mix this cheap banned milk other milk brands ?. yes that is what exactly happening here. This too have been reported and no actions are taken yet.

5. “Flying bee” in Onion curry:

  • Another incident from Nila Lulu, A been in onion curry. 

6.Half cooked chicken:

  • “Chicken soups” and “Biryani’s” served in many restaurants are found to be half cooked. And when we report the authorities this how they react , he just grin cunningly and call the table boy and command “Tell the chef to make sure the chicken is cooked properly” and tell to us “We will take care of  it sir”.This is what normally happens when complain  them about chicken.

7.Serving Non-Veg items for vegetarian orders: Chicking

This shows “Carelessness” in taking the orders and delivering

  • This is something happened  to my colleague “Veena” from “Chick-King” located at Athulya building Infopark. Veena being a brahmin , is  pure vegetarian by birth. That day for a team outing ,from Chicking we ordered a bucket of broasted chicken and a veg burger for Veena.  Fortunately she go that unfamiliar smell,  Veena refused to eat the served burger . Later when she checked and  found that it was “chicken burger” . Luckily she escaped otherwise her 25 years of vegetarian  life would have end there.

8. Found Chicken bone in Veg Dosa: (This incident happened

in 2013)

  • Order a Dosa and here you get a chicken bone absolutely  free , that too half eaten one. Yuck !. How disgusting it is , think about it ? . Finding a half eaten chicken bone to be found inside over priced Masala Dosa. Again From Lulu building infopark.
chicken bone
Chicken bone

9. Millipede from Vada, “Sneha” restaurant:

  • Today around 2 hours before  i am writing this , some one   got this . I have nothing to tell, below picture explains everything.  

For Video click here.

10. Found Fly in food: 

Infopark fly
Infopark fly

11.Unhygienic utensils and cutlery:

This is about being cleaning the utensils, plats and cutlers. 

  • Last but not least  about  “cleanliness” in the restaurants. Last day i ordered a Tapioca beef Biryani and asked for an extra spoon. What i got is an used and not cleaned one .Yuck!  Now look at the below photo ,you can see the kinda glass the restaurants are serving lemon juices. Its been said many times and no change.
unhygenic glasses
unhygienic glasses

List of Some news papers reported the news :

So now you guys tell , what is this all about ? . There is a central jail 5 kilometers away from  this very location and i am sure that ,kinda food they get there will be far better than what we are getting here in Infopark.

Okay now i have to tell you one more thing very clearly.

There is a misconception prevails among mass that we people (Software/IT people) get money easily with out much hard work and we don’t know the value of money. I am challenging those people , just one day , just just one day come and work here. They run off with their butt burned crying. Ok leave it. !! Now……

Romans, countrymen, and lovers!  We have to stand up and fight to find a solution

  Now you people decide. 

Extra Additions : 

After this this kinda post been widely shared in social media , authorities are forced to reply.

  • Respected Infopark CEO Hrishikesh and Minister of Health K K Shylaja directly involved and asked for investigation. Agreed to the techies that all alleged restaurants will be re-tendered. We hope the problem will be solved.

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