32 Famous Thiyya/Ezhava Caste Female Celebrities in Mollywood:Kerala

32 Famous Thiyya/Ezhava Caste Female Celebrities in Mollywood:Kerala


  • This post is not intent neither to support nor to degrade any caste ,religion or creed in particular.
  • The data is collected from internet randomly and doesn’t guarantee any authenticity.(In case you find any mismatch,please let me know)
  • I would like to thank Mr Vishnu,who has collected valuable information’s and helped me to refine this article.

One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man 

In Kerala unlike other states in India, discrimination on the bases of caste is no longer exist(Thanks to strong communist base and high literacy). Nowadays inter-castes marriages are common , with out much social hindrance and challenges . Now you will ask then why this post?. Come on ,let people know ,from where their favorite celebrities are coming from.

  • Who are the Ezhava/Thiyya people ?

The Ezhavas are a community in Hindu religion with origins in the region of India presently known as Kerala.  Ezhavas make up more than 40 per cent of Kerala Hindus .

  • Who are Malabar Thiyaa people ? 

According to government both(Ezhava and Thiyya) belong to same category . But Thiyaa group(in north Malabar area ) is not ready to be called themselves as Ezhavs  and they protesting for separate caste.



1:Gayatri Asokan:

  • Playback Singer in Kerala films.
  • Hindustan Classical singer.
  • Spiritual Guru Ravi Shankars ardent Devotee.
  • Born to Thrissur based Ezhava family.

2: Samrutha Sunil:

  • Famous Malayalam film actress.
  • Debut film in LalJose directed “Rasikan”
  • Belongs to Thiyya caste in Kanur District .
  • Settled in USA with husband now.
  • Thiyya,Kannur ,Hindu.

3: Chippi:

  • Malayalam film actress.
  • Debut film is Barthan directed patheyam.
  • Wife of famous producer Renjith.
  • Chippi is producing films in the banner Rejaputhra movies along with His husband
  • From Trivandrum.

4.Avanthika Mohan:

5: Rani Chandra:

  • Malayalam actress
  • Died in a plane crash.

6 :K  R Vijaya:

  • South Indian actress.
  • Father from Andhra and mother from Kerala Ezhava family.

7: Kaviyoor Revamma

  •  Popular Carnatic vocalist.

8.Parvathy Ratheesh:

  • Famous Mollywood actor Ratheesh’s daughter.
  • Debuted in Mollywood with Madhura Naranga.

9: Sanusha:

  • Started career in Mollywood as child artist and later turned to mainstream heroin.
  • Father Thiyya, mother Namboothiri.
  • Hails from Kasarkode.


  • Real name is “Brighty Balachandran”:
  • Malayalam Film artist.

11:Rima Rajan(Rima Kallingial):

  • Many considered her as Christian .
  • Married Director Ashiq Abu.(Interfaith marriage)
  • From Thrissur.

12.Sarayu :

  • Malayalam actress and short film director.
  • “Sarayu” is born to Mohan & Uma as the only child of her parents.
  • From “Ernakulam”.

13.Surabhi Lakshmi:

  • This naturally talented actress hails from Calicut.
  • She recently married Vinod working in Mollywood.
  • She Belongs to Calicut Thiyya family .

14.Namitha Pramod:

  • Born and brought up in Capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum to a Ezhava family.
  • Now She is settled in Cochin.
  • She has a younger sister.
  • She is a big fan of Bollywood actor “Hrithiq Roshan”.

15.Rachana Narayanankutty:

  • Mollywood actress and Famous TV personality .
  • Born to Thrissur based Ezahava family.

16.Sithara :

  • Famous playback singer from Kerala.

17.Krishna Prabha:

  • This 27 year old Cochin based “Mollywood” actress is a professional dancer also..
  • She got a very active Facebook fan page and she has given phone number for those want to book her dance show.
  • “Krishna Pracha” born to a “Ezhava” family.


19.Manjari Babu:

  • Belongs to Kannur Thiyya family.
  • Born and brought up in Oman.
  • South Indian play back singer.

 22.Santhakumari :

  • Santhakumari was born to “Narayanan” and “Karthyayani”, as eighth child among ten children, at Kochi, Kerala to Ezhava family.
  • She received Kerala State film Award for Best Actress in 1977 for “Chuvanna Vithukal”.


  • yesteryear actress “Vijayasree’s” mother was Ezhava and father some other caste.

24.KPAC Lalitha:

  • K.P.A.C Lalitha famous actress mother was Ezhava and father was some other caste Nair

25.Nimisha Suresh:

26.Avanthika Mohan:

  • Born to  Calicut based Thiyya family.
  • She born and brought up in Dubai.

27.Sadhika Venugopal:

  • A well known model and the daughter of filmmaker Venu Sithara and actress Renuka
  • An MBA graduate who comes from Kozhikode,now she perusing her Msc in Psychology

28.Suchitra Karthik Kumar:

  • Suchitra Karthik Kumar (born 14 April 1979) is an Indian Tamil Radio Jockey and Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu playback singer.
  • She is the sister of famous Mollywood director  Deepu(Mamooty starred Fireman fame)

29. Lakshmi Priya:

  • Mainly active in Mollywood doing Character roles.
  • Married and belongs to Ezhava community.

30. Parvathy Thiruvoth Kottuvata :

There are lot of questions doing the rounds among film goers  like What is the caste of Bangalore days fame Paravthy Menon ? Does she belongs to Thiyya/Ezhava caste?

  • She came to Mollywood with the name “Parvathy Menon”. Later she strongly shown her disinterest in calling her with surname “menon” . And she added that , it was just coincidently added to her first name when she been first introduced to molllywood.
  • As per the reports she belongs to a Thiyya family from Calicut.
  • Irrespective of her caste name, she is doing great in films. So i think there is nothing in a caste name.
  • Parents : P Vinod Kumar and T K Usha Kumari.
  • Brother : Karunakaran

31. Malavika Wales:

  • Debuted to Mollywood with the movie “Malar vaadi arts club” directed by Vineeth

32. Sadhika Venugopal:

  • Daughter of filmmaker Venu Sithara and actress Renuka, Sadhika
  • Notable films : Orkut Oru Ormmakoot, Kalikaalam and MLA Mani Patham Classum Gusthiyumun.
  • An MBA graduate who and now she perusing her Msc in Psychology. Sadhika says
  • She Hails from Kozhikode,

Ask not, Say not Think not caste 

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