18 Bald Bollywood Celebrities Who Wears wig: Bald Bollywood

18 Bald Bollywood Celebrities Who Wears wig: Bald Bollywood

Each and every bit of Bollywood news bring mass attention. Bollywood is not a dream wonder for one billion people living in India,but also it has followers across the world second to only Hollywood.With hair loss transplant procedures becoming so common and fuss-free, there’s no surprise that celebrities are increasingly and openly resorting to these procedures. Well, it’s any day better than accepting baldness as the way of life.Lack of sleep,working round the clock,no proper diet etc are the reasons for hair loss among celebrities.

Hair weaving, hair transplants hair weaving and transplants are highly expensive treatments that are professional investments for actors. “A hair transplant is much more painful than hair weaving and it costs about Rs 1.5 lakh.

Some Solutions used by Celebrates for bald

  • Hair weaving :
  • Using wig :
  • Transplant :

1:Rakesh Roshan

  • Famous director and former actor ( Hrithik Roshans father ) used to wear wigs to hide his premature baldness in his old days . But now days he found with clean shaven hair.

2: Salman Khan

  • Recently, who set a trend of transplant in industry is our Dabaang actor Salman Khan who has undergone many times for this treatment to get various looks for his characters in the movies. Salman Khan has opted different hair styles for their movies like Tere Naam, Veer for which he has gone for transplant treatment.The fact that he was balding is no secret. It is reported that he went to Dubai to get his hair transplant procedure done, and we must say we are quite happy with what we see. There are no bald patches, his hair looks good when styled or otherwise and the look suits him. Win!
  • Salman who is a high profile actor in Bollywood himself went for hair restoration and suggested Govinda too to go for it so that he can make his comeback in the industry with his new looks. Govinda has started his career again in the Bollywood after getting hair transplant done. Best Celebrity transplants have been done in last few years which have totally changed the personality of the star.

3: Amitabh Bachchan

  • The ever green star in Indian cinema and living legend in Bollywood now use arrtificial hair to cover his lost hair.
  • The giveaway is the back of the head where if you look carefully you can see where the wig meets natural hair – in line with the earsAmitabh Bachchan has opted for hair weaving

4: Anupam kher

  •  he often come to audience off screen with his real bald hair with out any fear unlike his contemporians

5: Govinda 

  • There was a time last year when Govinda was an absentee on the silver screen and was hibernating in his real life, too. This was because he did not want his mop of fresh hair to get damaged as he had undergone a hair transplant surgery after taking the expert advice of Salman Khan who himself has had this transplant. This only goes to prove that even older guys can achieve good results!

6:Sunny Deol

  • transplanted into straight hair. Sometimes bandana or a cap or turban too cover his pate.

7:Himesh Reshammiya:

  • The singer turned actor had to resort to caps, wigs and finally to hair weaving. Once he took to fanning himself with his wig in the green room. Realising a man was watching him, he hurriedly placed it back (where else but on his head!) Some wonder whether he was born with a bald. That makes me wonder if he ever took off his cap. Tsk tsk.Rumour is that he started wearing caps, which then became his trademark, to hide his balding patch. But then he did give up on it as the desire for hair was too much to resist. We now see him rocking silky, smooth hair that he wears quite well.

8:Akshaye Khanna

9: Feroz Khan

  • handsome Khan had to resort to wigs after his free flowing mane started thinning. He never liked wigs and was proud of his mop. But gustily, he went naturally bald. It took much courage for him. But the image in the mirror and cancer ultimately claimed him. Hats’ off, cowboy.

10: Paresh Rawal

11: Kulbhushan Kharbanda

12: Jackie Shroff

13: Javed Jaffrey

14: Akshay Kumar

  • Akshay

15: Uday Chopra

16:Aditya Pancholi

  • The acto wasn’t ready to go for noraml wig and after proper researcred opted laser hair transplant surgery . He undergone surgery in private shorpital in Delhi. The result, as we can all see, is phenomenal. He has lost weight, gained a mop of hair.

17.Abhijeet Bhatacharya

  • The famed Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhatacharya too could not help taking the advantage of this scientific progress to treat his baldness. He also underwent laser surgery at the same hospital where Salman Khan was treated – ILHT Dubai. However, we don’t see a major difference in the singer’s look. Sadly, no one really cares!

18.Sanjay Dutt

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