11 Shocking Suicides in Kerala cinema:Mollywood

11 Shocking Suicides in Kerala cinema:Mollywood


  • This is purely based on my research.
  • I dedicate this article to the talented personalities we lost abruptly.

Celebrities life  is not that bright and glamours as we see from outside as a film lover.There involve Immense pressure and competition to survive in the movie domain.Especially for actresses,they have to compromise and deal with many emotional situations.Compassion and love is not at all practices in a a world where money and fame rules completely  .Survival for the fittest is the mantra rules  here.Few survive, but few who are not capable enough to mentally cope with the so called race depressingly end their life.And in Mollywood we lost many talented  celebrities like that.I dedicate this post in a tribute to them who vanished away untimely.


Sikkim tops in suicides in the country while Kerala comes third behind Tamil Nadu.

But Kollam is ranked second among Indian cities in suicides, behind Jabalpur. 

The suicides in Kerala were committed at a rate of 24.3 per lakh people, the statistics say

1: Nandu (Prince): [Brother of actress Uravashi and Late Actress Kalpana] 

  • Bio: Prince, brother of actor Malayalam actress Urvashi, ending his life in what was apparently a suicide pact with his girlfriend .He acted in Malayalam director Thulisidas trend setter soft-porn movie  “Layanam” along with silk Smitha.
  • Reason: Reported that love failure is the reason for suicide in the age of just 27.

2: Sreenath:

  • Bio: Seasoned Malayalam actor Sreenath was found dead in a hotel room in Kothamangalam in Ernakulam district with his wrist slashed. He is a divorcee.
  • Committed suicide at the age of: 53.
  • Reason: Personal issues.

3: Priyanka:

  • Bio:Cine actress Priyanka, native of Wayanad, was found dead in a flat in Kozhikode on November 26 in 2011. The police case is that the actress committed suicide after she was cheated by the man who impregnated her. Involvement of gold-smuggler Fayaz in her death has been alleged from many sources and investigation is still going.
  • Committed suicide at the age of: 21.
  • Reason: Reports that Love failure.

4: Mayoori :

  • Bio: Also known as Shalini in the Tamil film industry, was a popular South Indian actress. She acted in a number of meaningful films in Malayalam and Tamil.She committed suicide in 2005 at the age of 22.
  • Committed suicide at the age of: 22.
  • Reason:She left a note “lost faith in life so I am going”

5: Santhosh Jogi:

  • Bio: Santhosh Jogi was found dead in his friend’s flat at Thrissur on April 13, 2010. His body was found hanging from a fan, and the police stated that the suicide followed family problems. Jogi, who reached the flat in old Nadakkavu by Monday night, slept there. When his friend returned home, he found the door locked from inside and there was no response. He soon alerted the police who found Santhosh hanging on opening the door.
  • Committed suicide at the age of: 35.
  • Reason: family issues

6: Urvashi Shobha 

There was movie in Malayalam depicting the life story of actress shoba ,” Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback directed by veteran film maker georg.

  • Bio :Born to a Kerala family.
  • Committed suicide at the age of: 17.
  • Reason:No reason out.

7.Silk Smitha:

  • Bio :Silk smitha found dead in  her home in Saligramam near Chennai, hanging by a rope from the ceiling fan in her bedroom. Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture was loosely based on the life of Silk .In 1996, Smitha was found dead in her Chennai apartment. In the prior year . It is suspected that Smitha committed suicide by poisoning herself. Very much like the movie Dirty Picture featuring Vidya Balan.
  • Reason: she had been trying to move her career to become a film producer. Financial problems, a disillusionment in love and an alcohol dependency apparently led to depression.

8: Raj Aditya Thampi :  (Sreekumaran Thampis son) :

Telugu film director Raj Aditya Thampi committed suicide .Thirty eight year old Raj Aditya is the son of the prominent Malayalam film producer, director and lyricist Sreekumaran Thampi. No suicide note was found in the room.

  • Committed suicide at the age of: 38
  • Reason: The reason was not obvious.It is said that Some professional pressure from his producer is the reason.He called
    his father several times complaining about his producer one day before the incident.


  • Considered as most beautiful actress Mollywood ever produced.
  • She committed suicide at the age of 21, because of a constant blackmailing from the producer cum director of the film ponnapuram kotta.


  • Chennai born Malayalam actress.
  • She committed suicide mysteriously  and year later her daughter also suicides.

11. Kalabhavan Mani: (Un-Natural death-Police investigating):

  • It was hateful day , Kalabhavan Mani death news hit the ears of malayalies as a shock. What is the cause of Kalabhavan Mani’s death ?  Does Kalabhavan Mani suicided ? If not, why  police registered case of unnatural death after finding traces of methyl alcohol found in his body.Any way police started investigation after the request from his brother Ramkrishna. Any way malayalam cinema lost multi talented acting genius untimely.

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