10 Shocking Inter-Religion Marriages happend Mollywood Celebrities

10 Shocking Inter-Religion Marriages happend Mollywood Celebrities
  • Its a sad fact that even in 2015 , caste and religion play a big role in Indian marriages. But here i am going to introduce you to few brave celebrities who just broke that religion barriers and joined together.

1.Hindu Born Anoop Menon married christian Shema Alxander:

  • Anoop Menon Born to a Calicut based typical Hindu Nair family .But Anoop lived mostly in Trivandrum city. Anoop already proved his writing and acting skills with his block buster movies in Mollywood. And he has been tagged with Many leading actress from tinsel town as a part of gossiping. Among that most often heard was, Bhavana. By wed lock with Shema, he shut the mouth of paparazzi.

2.Muslim born Ashiq Abu married Hindu Reema Kalingal:

  • Director Ashiq , considered as the torch bearer of new-gen film revolution proved that he doesn’t care about so called social norms and taboos when it comes to marriage. Muslim born Ashiq married HIndu born Reema in a small function held at private place and they donated 5Lkahs rupees to an orphanage as well.

3. Christian Beena Antony married Hindu Manoj Nair:

  • Beena,  born as christian and that religion wasn’t a barrier for her when she tied knot with Hindu Hair Groom (Chekan) Manoj. Later as per the sources beena converted to Hinduism.

4. Christian Lissy married Hindu Priyadarshan:

  • Veteran director Priyadarshan born in typical orthodox Trivandrum Hindu Nair family. He never hesitated to invite christian born Lissy to his life. But unfortunately later they divorced.

5.Hindu Shaji kailas married Christian Annie:

  • The action genre directer Shaji also born to Hindu Nair family. Shaji was inclined to revolutionary thoughts during his colleague  day despite being spiritual guy.

6.Hindu Srividya married Christian George Thomas:

7. Christian Amala Paul married Hindu Vijay:

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