32 Divorces in Tamil Movies(Kollywood)

32 Divorces in Tamil Movies(Kollywood)

After writing about 50 DIVORCES IN BOLLY WOOD  , I got many good reviews.(many were shocked to find out the list). It was purely based on my research with out the help of any one. Later few of my north Indian friends urged me to write about Bollywood and that also ,some how i managed to write. Yesterday i got request for Tamil industry as well. This time i struggled a bit to collect the data.And few of my friends from Chennai really helped me to prepare this article.


  • I have no connection with any of the actors/actress listed in this post.
  • I have neither intention to promote nor to de-promote divorces.
  • If any one  get touched badly with this list, please let me know i would remove it.


  • Highest percentage of widowed/divorced or separated (WDS) individuals in India in 2010 (8.8%) home to Tamil Nadu , while Delhi had the lowest (4.1%).

1: Aravind Sami divorced Gayathri:

Swamy married  in 1994 and they have two daughters,
  • Bio: Tamil film actor.
  • Divorced with: Gayathri Ramamurthy(Adhira (born 1996) and Rudra (born 2000))
  • Reason for divorce:. However, the couple lived separately for seven years until 2010, when they filed for divorce.
  • Current status:Active in movies and Arvind Swamy continues to live with his children.

2: Parthiepan:

  • Bio:Tamil Actor.
  • Divorced with:Actress Seetha (has two daughters P. S. Keerthana, Abhinaya and a son Raaki)
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status: Active in Tamil films.

3: Kamala Hassan:

  • Bio : Indian actor,screen writer,singer,producer,director.
  • Divorced: Vani Ganapathy,Sarika Thakur( daughters Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan)
  • Reason: Haasan’s affair with co-star Simran Bagga
  • Duration of marriage: Vani Ganapathy(10years)
  • Current status :actress Gouthami Tadimalla (who starred with him in several films during the late 1980s and early 1990s) since 2005. Shruti, Akshara and Gouthami’s daughter Subbalakshmi (from an annulled marriage) live with them

4: Sartha Kumar:

  • Bio:Tamil film actor.
  • Divorced with: Chaya.
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status:Married radhika and Living with her at Chennai.

5:Prakash Raj:

  • Bio :Actor,producer bollywood.
  • Divorced : Lalitha Kumari(Meghana and Pooja.[17] They also had a son named Sidhu.[18])
  • Duration of marriage: 15 years.
  • Status :He married choreographer Pony Verma on August 24, 2010.

6:Shelva Raghavan:

Selvaraghavan  She had worked as his assistant director in “Aayirathil Oruvan”. The couple have a daughter named Leelavathi born on 19 January 2012.The couple were blessed with a son on 7 October 2013

  • Bio:Tamil film director and brother of Danush.
  • Divorced with: Sonia.
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status: Married Gitanjali Raman on 19 June 2011, daughter of former Advocate General of Tamil Nadu P. S. Raman.Active in directing movies

7: Prashanth:

Prashanth married Grahalakshmi on September 1, 2005, and a son was born on July 31, 2006. Due to domestic disputes, the ties between the two families started worsening after Grahalakshmi left for her matrimonial home.

  • Bio: Actor in Tamil and son of stunt master thyagarajan.
  • Divorced with: Grahalakshmi
  • Reason for divorce: domestic disputes
  • Current status:Active in movies.

8:Yuvan Shankar Raja:

  • Bio:Music director and son of ilyaraja.
  • Divorced with: Sujaya.
  • Reason for divorce:“irreconcilable differences”
  • Current status:On 1 September 2011, he married Shilpa Mohan at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh

9: Vindhya:

  • Bio:Tamil film actress.
  • Divorced with:Vindhya married Gopalakrishnan, actressBhanupriyas’s brother, in an arranged marriage on February 16, 2008 at the Guruvayoor Temple
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status:. She filed for a divorce in 2012

10: Karunanidhi: (Not divorced any,but married thrice) :

  • He married three times; his wives are the late Padmavathy Ammal, Dayalu Ammal and Rajathiammal.

11: Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran: (Not divorced any,but married thrice) :

  • MGR married Bargavi also known as Thangamani who died early due to illness. He later married Sathanandavathhi who died soon due to tuberculosis. M.G.R. married V. N. Janaki a former Tamil film actress. Janaki divorced her husband, Ganapati Bhatt, to marry MGR.

12: Ravichandran :

  • Bio: Tamil actor.
  • Divorced with:Vimala(with whom he had a daughter, Lavanya, and two sons, Balaji andHamsavardhan ) and Sheela(had a son, George).
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status: Passed away.

13:V. N. Janaki:

(She starred opposite M. G. Ramachandran in many films whom she later married)

  • Bio:Tamil film actress.
  • Married First: Ganapati Bhat .
  • Status:She died of a cardiac arrest on 19 May 1996.

14:Ramarajan :

  • Bio:Tamil film star.
  • Divorced with: Nalini(They have 2 kids)
  • Reason for divorce:13 years later they divorced.
  • Current status:

 15:Ravichandran :

He was married twice; his first marriage was to Vimala, with whom he had a daughter, Lavanya, and two sons, Balaji and Hamsavardhan. There after, he married Malayalam actress Sheela, and had a son, George

  • Bio: Tamil actor.
  • Divorced with: Sheela
  • Current status: Died.

16: Shruthi :

  • Bio: South Indian Actress.
  • Divorced with: Sheela
  • Reason for divorce :She filed in in her divorce letter that  :financial negligence of Mahender, curbing of independence, lack of care in the family matters.
  • Current status:After her divorce, she was romantically linked with Chakravarthy, a journalist-turned-director and later they married in 2013.

17: Tinku :

  • Bio:Actor in Tele-serial and tamil films.
  • Divorced with: Supriya (2000 – 2013)
  • Reason for divorce :
  • Current status: Married Kavitha (2013 – present).

18: Sarath Babu :

  • Bio: Tamil film actor.
  • Divorced with: Daughter of  veteran film actor M N Nambiar Snehalatha Dixit.
  • Reason for divorce : On grounds of mental torture
  • Current status:

19: Vijayakumar : (Not divorced,but he has 2 wiviees )

  • Bio: Tamil film actor.
  • Married :MuthuKannu,manjula.
  • Current status :Manjular died.

20: Vanitha Vijyakumar :

  • Bio: Vetran actor vijya kumars daughter and actress too.
  • Divorced with: Aakash (she has  son Srihari)
  • Reason for divorce:
  • Current status:planning to divorce second husband Anandarajan.

21:Kala Master:

  • Bio: Choreographer works at Tamil film industry.
  • Divorced with: UAE based businessman, Govindarajan, who was the brother of actress Sneha
  • Reason for divorcee : After marriage kala shifted to dubai later she returned to chennai and take up her choreographing and pair divorced.
  • Current status: Married Mahesh in 2004 and has a son vidyut.

22:Raj Kiran:

  • Bio:Tamil actor,producer and director.
  • Divorced with: Chellamma.
  • Reason for divorcee : Later married Padma Jyothi.
  • Current status:Active in tamil films.

23:Raadhika Sarathkumar: 

  • Bio:Tamil actor,producer and director.
  • Divorced with: Married actor Prathap.K.Pothan in 1985,Later marred US business man Richard Hardy, with whom she has a daughter called Rayanne Hardy, born in 1992
  • Reason for divorce :
  • Current status: Currently married to actor Sarathkumar in feb 4 2001 with whom she has a son called Rahul, born in 2004. She is residing in Chennai with Sarathkumar along with her son and daughters Rayanne Hardy, Varalaxmi and Pooja Sarathkumar.

24: Pradhu Deva:(Not officially divorced):

  • Bio:Tamil :Choreographer ,actor,director works at Bollywood and Tamil.
  • Separated : Latha
  • Reason for divorce : Affair with  Nayan thara.
  • Current status: Broke up with Nayan thara and Active in Bollywood.

25: Suresh Chandra Menon :

  • Bio:Tamil director and choreographer :
  • Divorced :Revathi.
  • Reason for divorce : They did not have any children. Though they looked like an ideal couple, differences arose between the two and they decided to amicably separate in 2002.[3] Revathy and Suresh Menon then filed separate petitions, seeking mutual split, before the court. On April 22, 2013 a family court in Chennai granted them mutual divorce considering the fact that they had been living separately for the past 10 years
  • Current status: He is currently running the restaurant Azuri Bay in Chennai and a boat restaurant in Kochi. He is also an active social worker.


  • Bio:Tamil Actor:
  • Divorced with :Rohini.
  • Reason for divorce : Raghuvaran’s substance addictions hampered his career and left him repeatedly visiting rehabilitation clinics
  • Status: Died.

 27: Gouthami Tadimalla: 

  • Bio:Tamil Actress:
  • Divorced with :Gouthami was married to businessman Sandeep Bhatia in 1998.
  • Reason for divorce :  Whom she divorced one year later.
  • Status: Live in relationship kamala Hassan.

28: Saritha divorced Venkata and Mukesh:

  • Bio:South Indian film actress.
  • Divorced with : Telegu actor venkata subbaiah .
  • Status: Later married Malayalam actor mukesh. They divorced too.

29 :Swarnamalya:

  • Bio:South Indian film actress ,dancer,tv personality .
  • Divorced with : Arjun.
  • Status:
  • Gossips,rumours,controversies: Affiar with prakah raj,lip lock snap leaked,Swarnamalya for her close links with Vijayendirar, the Junior Acharya of Kanchi Mutt.

30 :Murali Karthikeyan Muthuraman (Not divorced .But married 2 at the same time)

  • Bio:Tamil film actor.
  • Karthik is a bigamist, married to sisters Ragini and Rathi

31. Sai Prashanth :

  • TV serial actor Sai divorced his first wife.

32. Vijay divorced Amala Paul:

33.Bhalajie’s and wife Nithya

  • They duo are currently living separately due to some personal issues. Nithya also runs an NGO for women

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