61 Thiyya/Ezhava Caste Male Celebrities in Mollywood: Kerala

61 Thiyya/Ezhava  Caste Male Celebrities in Mollywood: Kerala


  • I am not intending to devalue any caste or creed, with this article i am only trying to list out the Mollywood celebrities belongs to the Hindu caste Thiyya/Ezhava.



1: Sathyan Anthikad

  • Directer and lyricist.
  • He is very Famous for making Kerala village stories.
  • His Associations with Mohanlal and Jayram were all big hits and critically acclaimed .
  • Sathyan hails From Thrissur.

2: O Madhavan

  • Drama, Film Director
  • From Kollam.
  • Father of famous actor Mukesh.
  • Communist party follower
  • Founder of famous drama group Kalidasa Kala Kendhra.

3: Manoj K Jayan

  • Manoj belongs to aristocratic Ezhava family from Kottayam.


4: Sunny Wayne(Sujith Unnikrishnan)

Young actor Sujith forayed into Malayalam film industry with a movie called “Second show”. Second show was directed  Sreenath . Sunny did engineer from Calicut unversity campus and Sreenath was his classmate then.

  • Sunny Born and brought up in Wayanadu.
  • Sunny Born to Malabar Hindu Thiyya Family .

Sunny Wayne40801

5: Nishanth Sagar

  • Mollywood Actor
  • From Calicut.

6: Hari Sree Ashokan

  • Comedy Artist.
  • Belongs to Ernakulam Ezhava family.
  • Notable movies: E parakum thalika and Punjabi house.


  • Film actor.
  • Started his film career as make up dress artist and later


  • South Indian Actor.
  • Politician and activist.

9: Ramu Kariyat

  • Mollywood Director.
  • Notable film :Chemeen.

10.Vineeth Kumar

  • Vinneth Kumar was born into a thiyya family in Payangadi Kannur


  • Late  Actor.
  • Father of Shobi and shemmy Thilkan.


12: Anil Panachooran

Anil entered into Mollywood with Lal jose directed Sreenivasan Movie “ArabhiKadha”

  • Writer and lyricist.
  • Lawyer by profession.


Ratheesh doned many characters in his peak time in Mollywood. His roles ranged from anti-hero to protagonists.

  •  Mollywood Film actor.

14:Kuthirvatom Papu

Papu was born into calicut Thiyya family.

  • Famous Actor from my home town Calicut.


Vetran director Joshy keeps

  • Film Director From Kottyam.
  • He very rarely gives interviews ,so not much details are available.

16: SL Puram Sadanadan

17: Shaji N Karun

  • Nation award wining Film director.

18: G Devarajan

  • Famous Music composer

19: V K Sree Raman

  • Writer and Actor.
  • From Thrissur.

20.Sonu Sisupal 

Started career working as Musician/assistant director in Mollywood movies. Later he manged to get the date of Malayalam Superstar  Mohanlal for his directorial debut film “Vamanapuram Bus route”.

  • Film Director.
  • First Film venture: “Vamanapuram Bus route”.

21: Vidu Prathap

  • Play back singer.

22: Mukesh

  • Film actor and producer.
  • Active in mini-screen television shows.

23:Salim Kumar

  • National award wining actor and producer.
  • Salim Kumars house name is laughing villa.

24.Ajith R. Panickar

  • Film Director, Architect, creator of the FIRST NET MOVIE, ‘MAYILPEELITHAALU’

25: Sreenivasan

  • Mollywood Script writer,actor ,producer and Director.
  • Association with Sathiyan Anthikad
  • Sreenivasan Born into a Kannur Thiyya family.

26: K K Rajeev

  • Film and Tele-serial director.

27: Rahul Raj

  • Music Director.
  • Active in Telugu and Kannada Films as well.

28: Amal Neerad

  • Cochin Maharajas college pass out.
  • Introduced  a new way of film making with his debut film “BIG B”
  • Film Director .
  • Amal Neerad belongs to Thiyya family of Kollam.

29: Rajiv Anchal

  •  Film director.

30: Ravi K Chandran

  •  Indian Cinematographer

31:P G Viswambaran

  •  Film director.

32:K S Sethu Madavan

  • Film Director.

33: P V Gangadaran

  • Film  Producer and Politician.
  • From KTC family Calicut.

34.M. G. Ramachandran:

  • Famous Tamil actor, mother was Ezhava

35.Manoj Night Shyamalan

  • Hollywood Director

36.Ayyappa Baiju ( Prashanth Punnapra) 

  • Television and film star.

37.Biju Pappan

  • Film Actor

38.Deepak Dev

  • Once AR Rahman’s assistant now famous Mollywood Music director Deepak coming from Ezhava family.

39.K. P. Kumaran

  • Script writer, Film Director

40.Kalavoor Ravikumar

  • Film Director.


  • Film Actor

42.M. K. Arjunan

  • Vetran Music Director Arjunan mashu belongs to 

43.Paravoor Bharathan

  • Film Actor and neighbor of Actor Salim Kumar.


  • Film Director


  • Mollywood Director. Pramod did movies in mollywood with Pappan

46.Rajeev Anchal

  • Film Director

47.Ramachandra Babu:

  • Cinematographer (Tamil)

48.Ravi K Chandran

  • Cinematographer

49.S. L. Puram Sadanandan

  • Drama Artist, Director

50.S. L. Puram Jayasurya

  • Director.

51.Saji Surendran:

  • Film Director.
  • Started his career through mini-screen.

52.Shaji N. Karun

  • Film Director

53.Shammi Thilakan

  • Film Actor,Dubbing Artist.

54.Shibu Chakravarthy

  • Music Director

55.Shobi Thilakan

  • Famous actor Thilkan’s son Shobi Thilkan is
  • Film Actor,Dubbing Artist

56.Sunder Das 

  • Famous Mollywood Film Director Sunder Das hails from Ezhava family .


  • He had been called as Damodaran Mashu in film industry. He associated with I V Sasi and produced some memorable awesome movies. Sasi-Damodaran combination was very popular in 1980s. Damodaran Mashu donned many roles in films like producer, screen writer and actor.
  • Damodaran Mashu was born to a Calicut based Thiyya family.

58.V. Sambasivan

  • Story telling

59.Vineeth Sreenivasan 

  • Film Actor, writer and Singer.
  • Son of famous actor Sreenivasan.
  • Belongs Thalaserry Thiyya family.

60.IV Sasi

  • Noted director who revolutionized Malayalam film industry with back to back success hails from Calicut. Sasi belong to a Calicut Thiyya family. Later Sasi married actress Seema and settled in Chennai.

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