How to Find Job in Qatar:20 Tips

How to Find Job in Qatar:20 Tips


  • Its purely based on MY personal experience ONLY.
  • And following it doesn’t guarantee  any job ,but i hope chances are high if you follow this steps.

Qatar, the land of opportunities and the most financially stable country in middle east now. And people are floating from across the world to Qatar to find a a job ,so I believe its high time to write a article about finding job there.


  • My story : In 2011 I landed in Qatar with my IT engineering degree from India . And i suffered a lot at first to find  a job even though the industry had many vacancies. No one was out there then to guide me properly . Google was the only option ,but there wasn’t much specific articles to help me either in internet. With the grace of god I some how managed to get a job eventually. Still lot of people are coming to Qatar in search of job.So i though about sharing my experience.


  • How to find a software/IT job in Qatar.?CLICK HERE .


Valuable general information’s For  Job hunting in Qatar

  • Qatar total population : 2.051 million (Qatar is the 146th most populated nation)
  • The Indian population in the country has gone beyond 500,000.
  •  Between 150,000 and 200,000 Filipinos live in Qatar.


1.Take photo copy of your visa and passport 

  • Keep in mind that its not your home country and its mandatory to carry  visa copy with you always. So first take photostat copy of your business visa(visiting visa) and put it in your pocket safe. So if copy is there ,you could walk around anywhere with out fear.So do that first.

2.Take a room in Doha down town with facilities 

  • Finding Accommodation and food facility is the Second . And make sure your stay is in Doha city ,because all the big companies resides there.
  • Actually in my case,i found accommodation in Dukhan(2 hours journey from qatar ) and i suffered lot coping with the distance and travelling.

So take a room in Doha town.

3.Familiarize with  Qatar riyal

  • Here after just forget about all the currencies and embrace Qatar riyal. Start using Qatar riyal.Just familiarize with it.

4.Get a  SIM card for contact

  • The next very step is , you have to do is take SIM card. There are 2 mobile service providers in Qatar. And i recommend to take Vodafone SIM.

To know more about Phone service providers in Qatar-CLICK HERE

  • And start calling all your friends and relatives in Qatar. And keep in touch and inform them all about your job hunt.

5.Purchase a public transport  Smart card

  • To know more about transport facilities in Qatar-CLICK HERE  (I have prepared a separate article for transport system in Qatar.)

6.Prepare a Cover letter and resume 

  • Prepare a beautiful and worth cover letter and resume. Please keep in mind that,it is the entry point to any job.  For assistance on that you can ping me at  

7: Study few Arab words

  • You know the local language of  Qatar is Arabic. More over there is always preference in job for people who knows Arbaic. But its difficult to study that language completely ,so better study few words and use it when you communicate.

8.Advertise in newspaper and classifieds

  • Next step is Advertise in news paper. For that you have to spend around 100 Qatar riyal. Advertise your qualification ,age and experience. Sure at least you would get 2 result calls.

9.Advertise and browse  Qatar living website regularly 

  • This is something you have to do regularly .Qatar Living is the most famous local website in Qatar.

10: Register in gulf career websites 

Browse  and update (This site comprise jobs mainly in gulf)

Also search and update on industry specific jobs sites such as or

Some career websites you need to register:


11.Spend time to read local news papers

  • Browse local ads in newspapers like the Gulf Times and the Peninsula. On-line version is also available .There are lot of jobs advertised in newspaper.

12: Walk into companies and submit 

  • Get details about companies from internet and walk into the companies with resume. Keep fighting .

13.Create network 

  • Meet many people and keep contact and keep a network and use that network effectively to find a job.

14.Use social networking sites 

  • You know how strong the social networking sites are now days .So effectively use Facebook and twitter to find more friends living in Qatar and inform them about your arrival .Grow you network.

15.Register in Agency

  • CLICK HERE – To check the career agencies details in Qatar.Select and send resumes to each agencies separately.

16: Required Recommendation 

  • “Recommendations” . Its a golden word.  That would do wonders ,especially in Qatar.If there is anybody to push for you ,you are in .So keep in mind that until unless you are not 10+ years experience and belong to highly specialized job ,you need recommendation.

17: If you are Muslim,chances are high :

  • As you know ,its a Muslim country and obviously there are preference for Muslims . There are certain job slots only allowed for Muslims. But not always.  There are many people from different religion and cast living there.

18.Qatar Ministry of Labour is very supportive:(in case of labour issues)

  • You can solve your payment issues within hours. So please approach if you have any dispute with your employer that cant be solved easily. You will get your money anyway. My personal experience. Give them a call first. They have the right to call any employer.

19.Don’t waste your time with Indian Embassy: (in case of labour issues)

  • They need applications, processing times same procedures going on India. Better let them do only passport related issues and take our money. Please remember-this is the last way to get your hard earned money.

20.Last and final

  • My last and final suggestion /advice is hard work,hard work .Be confident and never give up .If you decide to get a job,you would definitely  get even sometimes though it might take some time.



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