82 Shocking Divorces of Kerala Film Celebrities :Mollywood

82 Shocking Divorces of Kerala Film Celebrities :Mollywood

There’s only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as I learn what it is I’ll get married again“.

                                              Clint Eastwood

I would like to share the shocking statistics of divorces in our gods own country.Have look into the the divorce statistics of the last five years from Kerala.

  • 9775 divorce cases in 2006-07;
  • 9937 divorce cases in 2007-08;
  • 11194 divorce cases in 2008-09;
  • 11600 divorce cases in 2009-10;
  • 24815 divorce cases in 2010-2011.
  • 44,436 divorce cases in 2011
  • 44,982 divorce cases in 2012 
  • About 8 to 10 divorce cases are filed in each of these courts on a daily basis.
  • Kerala accounts for 1.96 lakh of the nation’s 23.43 lakh divorced or separated women. Says Krishnaprasad, a lawyer with the Kerala High Court, 

Movie field Breakups,divorces and marriages are evergreen hot topic around cine goers always. It isn’t easy being both a movie star and a spouse. Film stars typically spend much of their time on film sets far from home, and their marriages can turn into long-distance relationships as a result. Many actors and actresses also have high-profile spouses in industries like film, television, and sports, adding extra challenges to their relationships. So it’s not always surprising when movie stars announce that they’re divorcing their husbands or wives .Molly wood cine stars gossips and  personal engagements neither hyped nor gained such a high controversial status , while comparing with holly wood and Bollywood. To be frank there wasn’t much jaw dropping stories or better we can tell celebrities succeeded in Malayalam to conceal  it wisely.But now with the advancements in technology as well as active media interventions highlights and bring all  the happenings in cine world to our finger tips much easily.So day by day new gossips are un boxing much to the peoples excitement. Here i am listing all the controversial divorces happened in Malayalam film industry.This is not to defame or insult any one particular.



  • I have no connection with any of the actors/actress listed in this post.
  • I have neither intended  to promote nor to de-promote divorces with this post.
  • If any one  got offended  badly with this list, please let me know I would remove it.

1: Rachana Narayanan Kutty Divorced Arun

  • Bio:Rachana Narayanankutty, who became popular through the television serial ‘Marimayam’, in which she played a character named Valsala madam.Rachana first appeared on silver screen in M. T. Vasudevan Nair’s scripted Theerthadanam which was directed by B. Kannan and was released in 2011. In the Jayaram and Suhasini starring film, which was a flop in the box office, she appeared in a sub-caste.Though it was a small role, Rachana considers it as a gratifying experience to have begun her career through a film scripted by M. T. Vasudevan Nair. After her studies, she joined radio as an RJ and from there her producer found her extra talent and casted her in ‘Marimayam’. With her sarcastic disdain and cheeky smile, Valsala madam, has instantly struck a right chord with the television viewers of Kerala. The lovely Rachana Narayanankutty, who portrayed the headstrong bureaucrat in the popular sitcom, Marimayam, is upbeat now. She also hosts a comedy show in Mazhavil Manorama called Comedy Festival. Now she has entered into Mollywood as the heroine of Jayaram through the movie ‘Lucky Star’ directed by Deepu Anthikad.
  • Divorced: Arun.
  • Reason: Rachana, explains in the petition that her husband had been torturing her physically and mentally and there is no other way than ending up the relationship.
  • Current status: Not yet married again and she is active in Malayalam films.

2: Santhosh Pandit Divorced Suja

  • Bio:Self defined Superstar who drew attention of Malayalm movie goers by his first directorial debut “krishnanum Radhyum” in that he handled all technical and acting side of the film.Santhosh was born in Peruvannamuzhi village and was brought up in Kozhikode city. He went to school at Chelannur AKKR High School and the Government Arts College. After his parents died, he inherited three houses, one of which he sold to raise funds for his first film. He is divorced and  has a son.
  • Divorced:Married Suja when he was 22.They divorced after 1 year marriage life.
  • Reason: Domestic Reason.
  • Current status: Not yet married again and looking forward to marry soon.
  • His 3rd movie “Minimolude Achan”
  • He participated in the controversial reality show “Malaylai house” and returned with the help of  viewers poll  after terminating.

3: Kavya Madhavan Divorced Nishal

  • Bio :Malayalam actress.
  • Divorced: Nishal.
  • Reason: There were reports which suggested that Nishal and his family had ill-treated Kavya. by insulted her telling about her lower cast and relation with a co-Star. On the other hand, there were allegations that Kavya had remained in touch with an actor with whom she has been reportedly close for many years.–None of allegations are proved or revealed publicly.so it remain as rumours.
  • Current status: Nishal mean while married Remya Nath, a post-graduate in microbiology, and went back to Kuwait.

4: Sidarth Barathan Divorced Anju M Das

  • Bio :Famous director Bharathans son and director.
  • Divorced: Anju M Das.
  • Reason: Rumoured Leakage of personal photos- (Sources from internet forums.)
  • Current status:Working in Mollywood.

5: Jythoirmayi Divorced Nishanth Kumar

  • Bio :Mollywood Actress.
  • Divorced: Nishanth Kumar
  • Reason:Jyothirmayi’s marriage with Nishanth Kumar lasted only for seven years. The couple who have been childhood friends got married on September 6, 2004. However, their relationship strained when Jyothirmayi began acting in other regional languages in glamorous avatar.The actress raised eyebrows with her masala dance number Chingamaasam Vannuchernnal with Mollywood star actor Dileep in Meesa Madhavan,  setting her career graph soaring with her performance.  Now we hear that the real cause of this breakdown in the relationship has been her raunchy act with Jeevan in the movie Naan Avanillai.She was last seen in Tamil movies like Arai Enn 305-il Kadavul and Vedigundu Murugesan a couple of years back and she had some good masala numbers under her belt till then.Post 2008 she hit a dry patch with not many notable projects coming her way.She was also  going through rough times with her partner Nishanth, working in Gulf.The tension only made situations worsen further and now the couple has filed a divorce at the Ernakulam family court this March 23rd. In a heated argument some time back Jyothirmayi asserted that she wants to do sign up more movies which was  not favored by childhood friend and husband Nishanth leading to the sad state of affairs.
  • Current status: Not yet married again. Recently gold smuggling allegations disturbed her career.

6: Sai Kumar Divorced Prasanna Kumari

  • Bio:Famous Malayalam actor Sreedharan nairs son and established molly wood actor.
  • Divorced: Prasanna Kumari(have a daughter Vaishnavi).
  • Reason :Sai Kumar and Prasanna had acted together for a drama troupe as hero and heroine before they entered wedlock. After marriage Prasanna receded from the limelight and settled happily in the role of a housewife and mother.Sai Kumar has filed for divorce on the grounds of cheating that he has come to know that Prasanna is six years older to him only after their marriage. He has also stated that she has allegedly taken away a large sum of his earnings and her relatives have often pestered and attacked him on the shooting locations. He has stated clearly that as a wife she has never paid much heed towards him.Earlier Prasanna Kumari had registered a case against her husband as per the anti-harassment act. She had urged the court to grant her protection from her husband. She had stated that the actor has never bothered about his family and that their daughter has been forced to give up her studies due to the mental stress. She also said that the actor has not repaid the loans that he has taken.On October 22, 2008 Sai Kumar moved to a flat in Kochi. The grapevine goes that he has decided to end his marriage because of his relation with a comedy artiste in the Malayalam film industry. Now he married actress bindu panikar.
  • Current status: Married or living together with actress with Bindu Panikar(Married to a successful businessman Biju V Nair who died of heart attack on 2003.Her daughter Arundathi Panicker born on 1998.)

7: Mukesh Divorced Saritha

  • Bio :Famous stage artist O madhavans son and Mollwood actor
  • Divorced: Saritha.
  • Reason:Difference of opinion
  • Current status: Gonna marry danseuse Methil Devik.


Saritha and Mukesh married in 1987, couple has two sons.About 15 years back, the couple had difference of opinion.

8: Mamatha Mohan Das Divorced Pregith Padmanabhan

Mamta divorced from her childhood friend Pregith Padmanabhan. Incidentally, Mamta got engaged to Pregith in grand style on 11.11.11 and she has reportedly made a formal announcement of legal separation on 12.12.12.

  • Bio: Worked at Qatar airways before film entry.Her Debut movie “Mayooram” was directed by  veteran director Hairharan. She diagnosed with cancer and later recovered.
  • Divorced: Pregith Padmanabhan.
  • Reason: However, within a few months after their marriage, some misunderstandings cropped up and due to this  they started to live separately. In this circumstance, they both decided to separate on mutual consent and also gave a petition requesting for their divorce to the Family Court in Cochin. The court which took their petition into consideration gave divorce to them day before yesterday. The true reason behind Mamtha – Prajith’s divorce has now been released by the Malayalam media. It seems that, only with a promise from Mamtha stating that she will not act again after marriage, Prajith married her. However, deciding that she will act again after marriage, she put a word to Prithviraj and he as a friend, immediately made her act in the movie ‘Celluloid’, had created a storm in Prajith’s family! If at least Mamtha had stopped with it, it would have been fine, whereas, continuously she accepted and acted in three more films without her husband’s permission and also Mamtha let her dad take control of her salary and call sheet details! They say that this is the main reason for the break up between the two of them. Now, it seems that Mamtha is  completely concentrating only on acting!
  • Current status: Active in movies.


9: Revethy Divorced Suresh Menon.

National award won Famous female director.

  • Bio :Director and actress.
  • Divorced: Cinematographer-turned-Director Suresh Menon.
  • Reason:Though they were happy couples in the early stage like any others.But they weren’t blessed with a child and it rumoured that its made the relation deteriorated
  • Current status: Not yet married again.

10: Sreenath Divorced Santhi Krishna


  • Bio :Late Malayalam actor sreenath.
  • Divorced: Divorced Santhi Krishna in March 1995.

11:Mohini Divorced Bharath

  • Divorced: Bharath
  • Reason:According to some sources it is disclosed out that Mohini was having an affair with her friend’s brother and so Bharath started to suspect her. He also started to deny that the baby boy who was born a few months ago was not of his blood. Mohini started to fight with her husband and then filed for divorce. But in the bouncing way she filed the divorce case alleging that her husband was unfaithful to her after marriage
  • Current status:Active in films.

12:Rohini Divorced Raghuvaran

  • Bio:Talented Malayalam and Tamil Actress.
  • Divorced: Raghuvaran.
  • Reason: Raghuvaran’s substance addictions hampered his career and left him repeatedly visiting rehabilitation clinics
  • Current status: Active in movies.

13.Srividhya Divorced George

  • Bio :Late Malayalam actress. Considered as the most beautiful heroin of all time.
  • Divorced: George
  • Reason:The personal life of Srividhya was not anywhere closer to the cheerful and smiling mother in good spirits that she portrayed onscreen. After her marital relationship turned sour with George, she retreated herself for a while and is even believed to have lived in temples. Rubbing salt to the already sore wound was her husband’s claim for her property. Although Srividhya won the case quite later, the mental agony that she endured during that period ruined her career and ultimately her peace of mind.Her life in deathbed was even traumatic. As the world knows, she died of a cancer attack without many to take care of her when she was counting her days in the deathbed.
  • Status: It is rumored that Actor cum Minster Ganesh Kumar allegedly used her wealth for his own personal purpose.

14.Sukanya Divorced R. Sridharan

  • Bio :Tamil and Malayalam actress.
  • Divorced: Us based R. Sridharan.
  • Reason:After Sukanya allegedly aborted her pregnancy without his consent Sridharan alleged that their marriage went sour and Sukanya had returned to India in January 2003 on the pretext of working in some TV serial and “refused” to rejoin him. On the other hand, Sukayna had sought divorce on the ground of “cruelty” in his behavior.
  • Current status: Active in movies.

15.Gayathri Ashokan: (Malayalam female play back singer)

  • Bio: An M. A in Literature qualified, Gayatri Asokan is the daughter of two doctors from Thrissur – Dr. P. U. Asokan and Dr. K. S. Sunidhy. Gayatri got influenced a lot by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She is an active member of the Art of living foundation. A devotee of Ravishankar, Gayathri is an active participant in Art of Living’s Satsangs all over the world
  • Divorced: Dr.Sayij
  • Current status: Active in Singing . Recently she married again a divorcee Bengali sitar player and music composer Purbayan Chatterjee.

Gayathri Talks about her failed marriage:

  • “First of all i wasn’t prepared for a arranged marriage and it was through a friend we got the proposal. I was sure about the failure even before the marriage. And now i find my partner in spirituality. Sayij wasn’t ready at the beginning  for divorce and later he understood my feeling and now married again. “

16: Meena:(Divorce not Confirmed ,Only rumors so far) 

  • Bio : Malayalam and Tamil actress.
  • Divorced: Vidyasagar (The couple has a daughter Nainika born on 1 January 2011 at Chennai).Meena married Vidyasagar on 12 July 2009s at Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Andhra Pradesh. Vidyasagar is a Bangalore-based Software Engineer.
  • Current status: Latest block buster Malayalam movie drishyam directed by jeethu josph along with her greatest pair Mohan lal considered as her come back to Malayalam industry.She keeps a very good report with actor Mohan lal.

17: Meera Vasudevan Divorced John Kokken

  • Bio: She entered to Malayalam cinema pairing with Mohan lal in critically acclaimed movie “Thanmathra”.She shown courage to act controversial love making scenes with Mohan Lal in the movie Thanmathra. Later he quoted “I have no regret in acting such intimate scene,because the movie was so nice and my char and situation demand that”
  • Divorced: Married son of son of cinematographer Ashok Kumar in 2005 Vishal.
  • Current status: Married John Kokken.

18:Gouthmi Divorced Sandeep Bhatia

  • Bio :Malayalam and Tamil actresses.
  • Divorced: Married business man Sandeep Bhatia in 1998 whom she divorced one year later.
  • Current status: Living together with Kamal Hassan along with kids .

19: Kalapana Divorced Anil

  • Bio :Malayalam actress and late soft porn film “Layanam” fame actor Princes sister.
  • Divorced: Anil director.
  • Reason: Kalpana claimed  about Anils Extra marital affairs .Anil alleged that he had suffered from the very start of the marriage and accused Kalpana of trying to “malign his character.”
  • Kalpana died at Hyderabad due to hear attack.
    She has been a diabetic patient for quite long. But this untimely death
    was really shocking. After divorced with director Anil , she was living with
    her daughter.

Malayalam actress Kalpana and husband director Anil have been granted a divorce by the Ernakulam family court. They filed the divorce petition a few days ago. While Kalpana had no reason to offer for the divorce,

20: Jagathy Sreekumar: (Married 3 times )

  • Bio: Works at Mollywood.
  • Divorced: Malika sukumaran(976–1979).
  • Married :,Kala (1979–1984),Shobha. And also Jagathy Sreekumar says that he has a secret daughter in another woman.The name of daughter is Sree Lakshmy who is a Plus Two student at a famous school in Trivandrum.Jagathy also says that all expenses for her studies are being taken care by him.He has not revealed the name of the woman with whom Jagathy was having affairs
  • Reason:Allegedly cast issues(Jagathy belong to Acharya family and Malika is Nair).And also in an interview Jagathy commented that Malika sukumaran used Jagathy as stepping stone for her career in film.
  • Current status: Living with Shoba and recovering from recently met severe accident.


21:Maya Moushmi: (She divorced 2 times)

  • Bio: Malayalam cine artist.
  • Divorced: Udayakumar.(it was Maya’s second marriage)
  • Duration :Separated after seven years of marriage.
  • Current status:Active in Tele serials.

22.Neena Kurup Divorced Shinil and Kannan

Neena Kurup Did her Schooling from school Venerni Calicut. LOL

  • This is 48 years old Mollywood Celebrity hails from Calicut.
  • She debuted in the movie Sreedharante onnam thirumurivu at the age of 19.
  • Neena Kurup was a big fan of Cricketer Ravi Shasthri.
  • She is married to Shinil who is younger than her and is later divorced.
  • Later she got married to Kannan who is an exporter from Kochi and is separated as of now.The couple is having a daughter Pavithra who is doing her 9th grade.
  • Divorced: Shinil ,Kannan
  • Current status: Recently famous through controversial and much hyped reality show Malayali house, Malayalam version of big boss.

23.ShardhaDivorced Chalam

  • Bio : Famous Malayalam and Telugu actress.
  • Sharada married Chalam, a famous Telugu hero, producer and comedian. He was her co-star in her debut film Tandrulu Kodukulu. They divorced later on.
  • Divorced: Chalam.

24: Jaya Bahrathi Divorced Sathaar 

  • Bio :She is born to Shivasankaran Nair and Sarada. She is married to Malayalam actor Sathaar with whom she has a son named AKS Unnikrishnan alias Krish J. Sathaar. Sathaar later divorced Jayabharathi and married another woman.
  • Divorced: Sathaar .
  • Current status: Her son is active in movies.

25:Manoj K Jayan Divorced Urvashi

  • Bio :Malayalam Actor.
  • Divorced: Urvashi Malyalam Actress.
  • Reason: Manoj claim Urvashi is drunkard. And he even spotted in court drunken during their divorce trail. But Urvashi says Manoj is a liar.
  • Current status: Manoj Married Asha and they have one son now.
  • Actress Urvashi Married again . She Register married Chennai based building company Owner Sivan.Reports that Shiva was close friend of Urvashi’s late brother Prince ( READ 8 shocking suicides in Kerala Cinema ) She divorced Manoj K Jayan in 2008. Recently she unveiled it through an interview given to a private magazine. She commented it as pure arranged marriage. Urvashi have one child in the marriage with Sivan.


26: Sheela (Married twice)

  • Bio :Mollywood Actress and Director .
  • Divorced:She married Tamil actor Ravichandran and they have a son George(Vishnu). Later she divorced him.
  • Current status:Later she  Married movie producer Xavier

27.Kaviyoor Ponama Divorced Maniswami

Famous Kerala actress. Best known for portraying Mother roles in mollywood. Chemistry between Kaviyoor Ponama and Actor Mohanlal on screen has been welcomed well and they both look so cute as mother and son in movies.

  • Ponnamma was married to Maniswami(Producer of Movie Rosie ).
  • The couple has a daughter Bindhu who is settled in the United States.
  • Divorced: ManiSwami.(Her husband Maniswami died in 2011.)
  • Current status: Not yet married Again.Her one any daughter settled in abroad.
  • Kaviyoor Ponama controversy : She sparked controversy for using red mark in forehead (pottu) after husbands demise.(According to Hindu belief wives are not supposed wear thilak after husbands demise ).

Kaviyoor Ponamas Marriage and divorce story:

  • Kaviyoor Ponama had relation with a film star then and they broke up once the actor insisted to change the religion to wed lock with him.
  • After that she married A brahmin and producer ManiSwami.
  • Later He but according to Kaviyoor the marriage life was hell and she said Mani swami really harassed her physically and mentally.
  • Even though she legally stayed away from him after that, In last days of Manswami she was there to care him.
  • She still recalls that it was the horrible decision she ever taken in her life to marry ManiSwami.

28:MT Vasudevan Nair

  • Bio :Famous Malayalam writer and director.
  • He has been married twice. His second wife is the dance artist Kalamandalam Saraswathi with whom he has a daughter.

29.Bagyalakshmi Divorced K Ramesh Kumar

She sparked controversy and revealed under wrapped industry and personal stories through his recent autobiography. Bagyalakshmi shown courage to write about her relations and reason for divorce in her book.

  • Bio :Dubbing artist.She dubbed for Shobna in Famous Manichitrhazhu.She spent childhood years  in an orphanage.
  • Divorced: K Ramesh Kumar.
  • Reason: Ramesh reports her extra marital affair is the reason behind the divorce.
  • Current status: Active in Television Media as Interviewer.And also she run a dubbing school.


  • Bio :Actress in Indian cinema.
  • New twist in married life of the most beautiful heroine Bhumika Chawla. Sources confirm that Bhumika is to divorce her high profile husband Bharath Thakur on personal grounds as Bharath is heard running an illegal family affair with one of his wealthy clients.
  • Bharath even opened Yoga schools in Dubai with hard earned money of Bhumika to get finally struck into an extra marital affair. Although Bharath tried to convince the family of Bhumika about the rumours, they are not interested in Bharath and are filing a divorce. They say that, Bhumika could have bombed nearly 15 Crores of rupees venturing into useless ideas of Bharath and his colleagues.

31:K B Ganesh Kumar Divorced Yamini thankchan

  • Bio :Kerala Cinema actor and politician.
  • Divorced: Yamini thankchan after controversial family life.He is among few politician who lost his minister ship due to family issues(has two sons, who are staying with his ex-wife)
  • Reason: Extra marital allegations. Ganesh and Saritha Nair relation has been a hot cake for Kerala media quite long time and but due to lack of concrete evidence he still continue innocent irrespective of allegations.
  • Current status: Ex-Kerala minister and MLA Ganesh Kumar going to marry Gulf marketing head of a private tv channel Asia net .She resides in house “Aswathi “vidhyut nagar, palakkad Victoria college road Palakkad .Like 47 years old Ganesh kumar ,his is second marriage for  43years old Bindu Menon as well.

32: Kalaranjini

  • Bio:Mollywood actress and classical dancer who started her career in the early 1980s. She is the elder sister of actress Urvasi  ,kalpana and late soft porn film Layanam fame Prince.
  • Divorced: 18 years before.
  • Current status: Acting in Malaylam television serials like Kumkumappoovu,devimahatymam.

33.Zeenath divorced K. T. Muhammed

  • Bio :MollyWood Character Actress.
  • Divorced:K. T. Muhammed (Together they have a son Jithin who is married to Saleena Salim).
  • Current status: She married Anil later and they have a son Nithin.

34: Seetha divorced Parthiban

  • Bio :South Indian Actress.
  • Divorced:  Actor Parthiban.
  • Current status: Active in films.

35: Prathap K Pothan (divorced 2 times)

  • Bio :South Indian  Actor and Director.
  • Divorced: Saritha Darath Kumar and Amala Satyanath(1990-2012)(divorced) .
  • Current status: Very active in Malayalam movies. Active in face book and twitter as well. Recently he publicly used cuzz words to one of his fan in Facebook for criticizing his movie Idukki Gold.

36.Manju Pillai divorced Mukndan Menon

  • Bio :Malayalam cine artist.
  • Current status: Married Sujith Vaassudev.
  • Manju Divorced  Mukndan Menon .

37: Ambika divorced Shinu John

  • Bio: She was born on 6 th November 1962 in Kallara Village, near Kilimanoor, trivandrum district. She married twice.Her first marriage is to Shinu John, a U.S based Indian, with whom she has two sons. Later, she divorced and her second marriage is with Ravikanth. Currently, she is residing in Chennai
  • Divorced: Shinu John.
  • Current status: Married Ravikanth. Currently, she is residing in Chennai.

38:Lakshmi:  (Married 3 times)

Lakshmi Narayan is an Indian National Film Award winning actress who predominantly works in Tamil cinema. Lakshmi has acted in more than 300 films in all south Indian languages apart from few in Bollywood. She has won a Filmfare Best Actress Award and eight Filmfare Awards South.

  • Divorced:Her first marriage was to Baskar, which was arranged by her parents when she was seventeen.. Lakshmi fell in love with her Chattakari leading man Mohan, but that relationship ended. While she was shooting En Uyir Kannamma, she and actor-director Sivachandran fell in love and got married.
  • Current status: Active in Tamil films.

39:Shankar Panikkar divorced Ruparekha

  • Bio:Shankar had been a very successful performer and had won many fans with his works in Manjil Virinja Pookal. However, when his career was at its peak, he stopped working for reasons known. His troublesome married life and visit to US had caused the traumatic downfall of his career. He was completely disturbed after his divorce. Chitra on the other hand has been a very well known dancer who has always been busy with shows and stage performances. After her divorce she had decided to focus only on her dancing career.
  • Divorced: Ruparekha.
  • Current status: In March 2013 he married Dance Teacher Chitra Lakshmi.

40:Nalini divorced Ramarajan

  • Bio: Tamil and Malayalam actress.
  • Divorced: Ramarajan. (have 2 kids.)
  • Duration of marriage :13 years.
  • Current status : Active in Tamil tele serials.

41.Vayalar Rama Varma

  • Married to Bharathy Amma Later.
  • The couple has four children: Sarath Chandran, Indulekha, Yamuna and Sindhu. Vayalar’s only son Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma is now a popular lyricist in Malayalam film industry.
  • Recently, his wife Bharathy Thamburatty wrote a book about Vayalar, Indradhanussin Theerathu, which became controversial.

42.Thikkurisi sukumaran nair:(Married 3 Times)

  •  His first wife was Sarojini Kunjamma, who belonged to an eminent family inKaruvatta , Alappuzha, called Samudayathu Kurup. The couple has two daughters. The first one, Shyamala Devi Kunjamma alias Lekha is an executive engineer in Ernakulam. Their second daughter Geethambika Kunjamma is a housewife in Pujappura, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • After parting ways with his first wife, Thikkurussy married play actor Ambalapuzha Meenakshy Amma. The couple had a son named Rajahamsan, who now lives in Chennai. The second marriage also didn’t last long
  • Thikkurussy got married to K. Sulochana Devi, who was a singer and dancer. This marriage however was successful and lasted 41 years till his death
  • Divorced: Sarojini Kunjamma,Ambalapuzha Meenakshy Amma.

43.Gayathri Raguram divorced Deepak Chandrasekhar

  • Bio: The daughter of renowned choreographer Raguram, Gayathri shot to fame with her on-screen debut in Charlie Chaplin followed by Whistle. Later
  • Divorced: Deepak Chandrasekhar
  • Reason:actress shocked everyone by filing a divorce petition in the Chennai family court. Apparently, Gayathri has split up with her husband due to difference of opinion and now wants legal separation.

44: Thilakan

  • Thilakan is married to Santha who was her co-actor in melodrama. Thilakan & Santha is blessed with three children Shaji Thilakan,Shammi thilakan & Shoby Thilakan.
  • Later he is married to his co-artist Leela.
  • Both are blessed with a son Shibu Thilakan and two daughters Dr.Sonia Thilakan & Sophia Ajith.

45: Kanakalatha

  • Bio: Kanakalatha born as Parameshwaran Pilla and Chinnamma’s daughter at Kollam, Kerala. Before becoming a cine actress she was a theater artist.
  • Divorced: Found divorced in Wikipedia. No other official data.
  • Current status: Active Mini- Scree. 

46:Maathu divorced Jacob

  • Bio: Malaylam actress.
  • Divorced: New York based Malayaali doctor Dr.Jacob (daughter  Anna and a son Johan)
  • Reason: Maathu married a  in 12 June 1999. The couple got divorced in later 2012.

47: Bhanupriya divorced Adarsh Kaushal.

  • Bio: Tamil and Malayalam actress.
  • Divorced: Adarsh Kaushal.
  • Current status:Currently, she lives separately in Chennai along with her daughter, Abhinaya

49:Nanditha Das Divorced Saumya Sen

Famous Film personality. Acted in Kerala film Kanaki and got noticed.Got critically acclaim for portraying controversial challenging role In the movie FIRE(Movie deals with strange relation between 2 ladies.)

  • Bio :Actor-Director works at Bollywood.
  • Divorced: Saumya Sen.
  • Current status: married Subodh Maskara

50: Aishwarya Lakshmi divorced Tanveer:

  • Bio: South Indian actress.
  • Divorced: Tanveer.(Has 1 daughter Anaina)
  • Reason:Drug addiction of his husband.
  • Current status: Active in south Indian films.

51:Anju Aravanid divorced Devadass

  • Bio: Mollywood actress.
  • Divorced: Devadass .
  • Reason:difference of opinion with Devadass.

52: Baby Anju divorced 

Entered to film industry as child artist.She got chance to act with actor Prem-nazir and all.

  • Bio: Mollywood actress.
  • Divorced: Tiger Prabhakar (have a son Arjun.)
  • Current status: Settled in Tamil Nadu.

53:Babu Raj ( Married twice)

Famous villain turned comedian Babu Raj had a fluctuating and controversial personal life. He has taken to custody and further to jail for a murder case once .

  • Bio: Director and actor in Malayalam film.
  • First Marriage :He has two sons from his first marriage named Abay and Akshay.
  • Current status:.His second marriage is to South Indian action heroine Vani Viswanath.The couple is blessed with a daughter Archana doing her 3rd grade & Adrith doing his UKG. Now he is busy acting Malayalam movies.

54: Mohan Sharma divorced Lakshmi

  • Bio: Kerala actor.
  • Divorced: With actress Lakshmi.
  • Current status:Acting in films.

55:Lena : (Abhilash Kumar and Lena separated)

Lena and Abhilash were childhood friends and later their relation ended up in living together.They are not officially married and they have no kids as well(Both unanimously decided not to have kids).They have been living separate for past 1 year.

  • Bio: Kerala Film actress.Lena and Abhilash living together since 2004.
  • Separated: With 22Fk Film Screen writer Abhilash.
  • Current status:Very active in Malayalam Film

56: Charmila Divorced Rajesh

  • Bio: Kerala born south Indian actor.
  • Separated: From Rajesh, an engineer by profession (couple have a son, Adonis Jude).
  • In a candid interview with John Charmila reveled that she had a secret marriage with actor kishore sathya and later they divorced
  • Gossips and controversies : Acted in soft-porn Malayalam movie,controversial affair with Malaylam actor Babu Anoty. She even attempted to suicide  for breaking up with Babu Antony.

57: Dileep -Manju Divorced and Dileep Married Kavya later

Much talked and a very heart broken divorce news for kerala film buffs. 14 years old marriage life came to an end. So its an end to all speculations and rumors. Manju and Dileep officially decided to get divorce. They mutually filed in  Thrissur court for divorce. And interesting fact is that their one and only daughter decided to stay with Dileep . Manju already moved to her parents house in Thrissur.

  • Manju Warrior :Malayalam actress.
  • Dileep:  Malayalam actor.
  • Reason 1:There were lot of rumors doing the rounds and among that “Dileeps affair with divorced co-actress has been talked widely. But Dileep and Kavya rejected all such allegations. Few sources reported that Manjus desire to resume cinema career also can be considered as a reason. Recently Manju came forward and requested through her Facebook account to not bring her friends (Geetu mohandas) to the controversy and added that divorce reason is quite  personal.
  • Much to the surprise later Dileep married Kavya.
  • Reason 2 : According to the reports another reason for divorce is: Manju decided to
    abort their second child and Dileep was against. And also Dileep wasn’t that welcoming about Manju’s plan to come back acting in movies. Manju’s relationship with Ad film maker was also considered as one reason. Apart from that , a what’s app message also leaked.

58. Thesni Khan divorced:

  • A Magicians daughter Tasni Khan starter her professional life through television serials.(Famous satirical show Cinimala)
  • Anoop menon has given a break in Tesni khan’s movie career through the film “Beautiful”( Seductive Servant role in beautiful was much appreciated)
  • Later she again co-operated with Anoop Menon in the movie Trivandrum lodge and in that she portrayed a prostitute’s role.
  • Despite all the success to her credit, personal life wasn’t that great. Her marriage ended in divorce.

59.T. P. Madhavan:

  • Trivandrum born south Indian actor Madhavan had a successful career span 30+ years in malayalam silver screen.
  • He was married Sudha, but ended in divorce later.

60.Priya Raman:

  • Kerala born south Indian actress.
  • Married in 1999 and have two kids. Last November, they applied for divorce by mutual consent in a Family court in Chennai.
  • Divorced : South Indian actor Ranjith .

61.Manya Naidu (No confirmation yet)

  • South Indian actress.
  • As per Wikipedia she married some Patel,
  • But in her official Facebook page she wrote some others name.


  •  Indian film actress. Active during the 1980s in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu films.
  •  Thakara was well noted for her performance.
  • Surekha was born in a Christian family in Andhra Pradesh.
  • She was married to Doctor Sreenivas in 1995 but ended up in divorce. She has a daughter, Catherine.

63.Kulappulli Leela(married twice)

“Kulappulli Leela was married twice, only after the death of her first husband. Second husband was already in marriage with his first wife, without getting divorce from his first wife he married Leela. my mistake, please remove it.”- Comment

  • Malayalam actor. Famous through character roles.
  • Introduced by Director Lohidas.

64.TS Suresh Babu Divorced Usha

  • South Indian director.
  • Married Kerala actress Usha(born as Haseena to Late Muhammed Haneef) and later divorced.
  • Later in 2011 she married Nissar, a Chennai based business man.

65.Seema G Nair

  • She was married but ended in divorce. She has a son, Aromal. She currently resides at Thrippunithura, Kochi.

66.Priyanka Nair and Lawrence Ram Divorced

  • Kerala born Film celebrity Priyanka Nair has filed a divorce plea against her husband and Tamil filmmaker Lawrence Ram .
  • When they married : he couple tied the knot on 23rd May 2012, at Attukal Temple
  • Reason for divorce: As per Priyanka Restriction from husband about continuing acting. She has totally filed 4 cases against Tamil Film director Lawrence. Two cases are in the family court here. Mean while Lawrence has filed a case seeking his son’s protection. At present, the child is with the actress.

67.Priyadarshan and Lissy

  • Bollywood Film director Priyadarshan and yesteryear Mollywood actress Lissy divorced

68.Kollam Thulasi

  • In a recent interview he disclosed that he is living alone since 10 years. His daughter married and settled in abroad.
  • As per Thulasi , he failed to keep mental connection with his wife and later she left him.

69.Suparna Anand :

  • Malayalies cannot easily forget that heavenly beauty in movie Njan Gandharvan. She later married her co-star (sanjay mitra) then divorced.

70. Shan Johnson:

Famous Mollywood music director Johnson masters daughter , late Shan was a divorcee.

  • Reports that she was about to come Cochin for her second marriage , before she found dead in her Cochin home.
  • She was failed to go ahead with her first marriage and went on for divorce.

71. Swetha Menon Divorced Bobby Bhonsle:

  • Not many people know that Mollywood actress Swetha menon is a divorcee. Yeah its true ,During her time in Mumbai tinsel  town she married Gwalior based Bollywood writer and actor and that relationship ended after 3 years. Later she married Malayali born journalist Sreevalsan Menon and settled in Kerala.
  • Reason for change : She opened up that she had a horrible experience in her husbands home.

72.Amala Paul divorced Tamil director  Vijay:

  • Yes, finally that happened. it was really painful news for movie goers who loved the couple and their courage to tie knot regardless of their of caste and religion.
  • Beautiful actress Amala started her career in Tamil nadu even though she is from Kerala.She fell in love with Director Vijay and later they married.Marriage function conducted on Vijay’s side according to Hindu customs and Amala’s side according to Christian customs

The exact reason for the break up is not yet revealed to public by them
But here i am going to tell you 2 rumours  doing rounds.

  • 1st Reason:
  • Pressure Vijyas parents :
    Vijay’s father bursted out against the actress telling she given important to signing films
    over her family.
  • 2nd reason :
    Is the alleged relationship of Amala with the
    actor Dhanush. But Vijay itself said its rubbish and lie.

73. Sandra Thomas divorced

  • She forayed into Mollywood as Child Artist.  Later in her second entry , she teamed up with Vijay Babu
    and started a production company called “Friday film house”.  With in short period of time, Friday films proved its position in Mollywood very strongly. Now coming to Sandras personal life she recently married Wilson and its her second marriage according to reports. there is not much details what happened to Sandra Thomas first marriage
  • Reason for Sandra Thomas Divorce:

74: Divya Unni divorced his american husband :

  • Divya Unni divorced his american husband and married an another man. Her bold move to share her second marriages news in social media
  • Reason for Divya Unni’s divorce : Husband asked to shut down her dance school and also reports coming that her husband is an egoistic type.

NB: I am referring times of India article and writing this post.

75:Amrutha and Bala Divorced:

  • It was when Tamil born Kerala actor came as judge for a kerala based reality show he met then contestant Amrutha first . As per reports Bala fell head over heels for Amrutha at first sight. Later they wed-locked. But their relationship haven’t lasted long. They separated later.
  • Reason for Amruth and Bala Divorce: In an interview Amrutha’s father publicly opined that , her decision to marry Bala was an immature and haste step.




79:Usha and T S Suresh Babu:

  • Director Suresh Babu divorcred Usha.

80.Amala Paul-AL Vijay:

81.Ambili Devi divorced Loval :

82.Adithyan divorced:

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