10 Nick names Indian Wives Call their Husbands

10 Nick names Indian Wives Call their Husbands

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”-(dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet)

  • What is there in a Name?

Actually I believe personally, there is much more a name can tell .  Marriage is a big turning point in every ones life. As you know in India, marriages are arranged most of the time . So couples get no chance to mingle and interact before marriage . And I read some where that confusion start in Indian marriages right from that very point that .So what exactly you need to call your husband after marriage?


“What to call your husband”?

I went for small personal survey to find out the common names used by Indian wives to address their husbands.  In India , they think it is disrespectful to call their  husband by name, whereas Husband can call wife by name.   So listing some common names used by Indian wives to call their husband.

Indian wife
Indian wife

1: Arya or Aryaputhra

The word Aryan comes from India. It is from the Indian language of Sanskrit, “Arya” ( which means “noble ones).Later (as in 70 years ago) Hitler began using the term, “Aryan”, to refer to Nordic people and call them as pure blood people .Its believed that north Indians are originated from Aryans and south Indians from Dravidians.

  • It was customary for wives to address their husbands as ‘Arya’ or ‘Aryaputra’ in ancient time in India. But no one use any words like that any more.


2: Short Names :(Its common every where)

  • In India still, male domination and supremacy is visible in every walk of life. Hindu tradition forbids wives to call their husbands by their names.So calling their husband by name was offensive till last decade in India. But recent globalization of urbanization helped to give more freedom of speech to ladies in India. And nowadays many wives are referring their hubby with name itself with out adding any respectful titles.

But still this is system is only found in upper middle class post modern -urban Indian families.


3: Acha  :(Father)

  • Got shocked ???? .Lol .yeah many Indian wives address their husband with the word ” Father. Well its like calling my children’s father. And it turned to calling father .

OR Munay ka abba (children’s father) Kutikalude Achan (children’s father) Later it formed to  “Father”.


4.Calling  Professional names

I have noticed many couples in India call each other using their professional names.

  • Doctors-Wife call his doctor husband as “Doctor”
  • Teacher -Wife call his Teacher  husband as “Teacher”.
  • Solider.Wife call his Solider   husband as “Doctor”.

I am not sure in any other country wives call their husband with professional name.


5. “Hey Listen “:

Another respectful way of addressing husbands in India is .

  • “listen” or just say “listen yO!”()
  • Aji suniye – Ajeee suniyaaa(Hindi)
  • Dey onu noku (Malayalam )

6: Brother 

  •  It is common in south Indian states like Kerala to call Chetta (Meaning brother ).

In Kerala it is common to call some one by Chetta (meaning brother ).It is kind of respect giving.

7: Baby 

  • “Baccha”, “Shona”,”Babu”, “Jaan”, “Bebo” and the very famous “Jaaneman”. (Sugary baby names)

8: Respectful single words

  • Aji
  • Oji
  • woh
  • aay-jee.

9. Oldest child/first sons name

  • Ka abba(Hindi)

Not common

10. Typically sugary words in private moments :  (Not common in Indian marriages)

  • Darling and other sugary words. To be frank such words are not at all common

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