27 Bald Celebrities in Mollywood: Who Wear Wigs

27 Bald Celebrities in Mollywood: Who Wear Wigs

“I’m a man and I will beat up anybody who tries to tell me that I am not a man just because my hair is thinning.”——-holly wood actor Bruce Willis

Celebrities  secrets are always interesting,curious  and worth reading.Secrets would get digged up easily in this internet era.Baldness is something which no one can stop but we could hide with the help of old wig method and latest hair fixing method.Here i am listing few Malayalam stars with baldness.

How hair fixing works: Firstly no hair is shaved off. depending on the area of hair-loss, or area to be covered patches or full headed wigs are selected, which are made by fixing artificial hair on net-like material. these are locked on to the existing hair with the help of hair clips which are attached to the patches. In areas where no hair exists, a sticker is used which has a clip to lock on to the hair-clip of the patch. usually frontal patches are used. the patches are then cut and groomed so that their ends are not aligned in a straight line and thus give a cap like appearance. Instead the artificial hair are cut in a zig-zag manner to blend with the natural hair .

NB: Now almost all actors are using these patches in movies even if they are having enough hair but just for stylish performance(EX: even Mammooty is using)



  • He appears having frontal baldness in his films in 2007 .Now he is having full hair in his head. How???. The young superstar in moll wood using a brilliant peace of hair fixing now days .He first used hair fixing is in his movie “kangaroo”. Sorry first of all ,for not uploading his original photo with no hair. Actually I roamed all around the web at least to get this photo.


  • Baldness caught this seasoned actor of molly wood  very early stage of this career itself .But he acted in many films showing his baldness.And he is the brand ambassador of many hair fixing companies as well.


  • The one and only superstar of Malayalam film industry Mohanlal has been found in variety of hair styles in many films.But you guys ever though about his real hair.Actually its an expense hair fixing technique tats help him to do so.In the film “aaram thampuran” his baldness was very much visible. Mohanlal started using it from the movie Raktha sakshikal sindabad. But he never shown courage to unveil his baldness in front of public.The Prince’ is the last movie in which Mohanlal appeared without any wig i guess. Mohanlal has started wearing wig on his head since 1998. But personally I believe hair is not something which decide the quality of a actor.And its true like day light that Mohan lal is a wonderful actor in all way.

Actor Suresh Gopis comment about mohan lals wig: ” He commented on Mohanlal, that he was an amazing character since the time he didn’t have a wig. He also said that Mohanlal was a interesting character in both reel and real life”

4:Lalu Alex

  • He is one among the handful actors in Malayalam film industry who was brave enough act with his real hair.But this talented actor acted only in few films with his real hair.

5:Babu Antony

  • This tall martial art expert  actor of Malayalam is also into hair fixing.Only through recent flick “iduki gold” i came to know about this.He used to spot with long hair usually.

6:Kalabhavan Mani 

  • This talented Mallu actor acted with his real hair in many public events as well as in films.


  • Like his brother  Prithviraj  he also got baldness through hereditary. This versatile actor except in 1 or 2 movies(chandupottu) never shown his real hair.He keeps a wig on and off screen always.

8:Kunchacko Boban

  • The first younger super star in my generation is this handsome kunchako boban.But hair was a big issue for him after few years.But its appreciable that event though he was out of hair he rarely acted with wig.


  • The president of Malayalam film association and very talented innocent also faced hair lose in very early stage of his career.but in public functions he never spotted with any artificial hair system.He is quite brave enough to show what ever he has in its way.

10:Harisree Asokan 

  • This comedy artist from MollyWood also uses wig.

11:Bharath Gopi 

  • On of the most talented actor ever Mollywood produced acted all in his career with his very famous bald.For some people baldness bring more beauty and he is one among them ,I believe.

12:Manoj K Jayan 

  • This actor use wig in every movie nowadays.But in early film he used to show his real hair.

13:Balachandran Menon 

  • The  Malayalam s one and only multi talented persona where using ribbon in early days to hide his baldness.But he never shown his baldness in public.But in critically acclaimed film “samantharangal” he acted with out any wig and that made movie goers to see his original hair style.

14:Baiju: (B Santosh Kumar)

  • We have seen him in many movies and he is active in Malaylaym for long.Does any one noticed his hair which always stand same.

15: Baiju Ezhupunna

  • The famous producer and actor also caught baldness so early.


  • This Calicut based actor is with us for long ,acting as hero s brother and friend.He is also using hair fixing now a days.

17:Fahad Fazil 

  • This very man broken all the conventional so called typical hero image requirements in Mollywood and proved that irrespective of all the external attributes it is always the talent ,the deciding factor.In all his movies he acted with out any artificial hair even though he was out of enough hair. He has revolutionized not only the film industries stained concepts, but also he influenced many youngsters who where going through such depression due to baldness.A big salute him.

18: Kalabhavan Shajon 

  • This is such a great time to speak about this actor. because his latest flick “drishyam” just doing incredible in box office and his char is just acclaimed as well.but In most of his he acted with artificial hair.

19:Kundara Johny 

  • Hails from Kollam. He mainly acts in villain roles. He made his debut through 1979 Malayalam movie Agniparvatham.

20 :Kottayam Nazir

  • This stand up comedian also uses wig since early days.

21: Biju Kuttan

  • This comic actor from Kerala cinema also has baldness.

22.Unni Menon

  • South Indian Famous play back singer Unni only show up in public using  hair fixing.

23.Kochu Preman

  • Malayalam Comedy artist

 24.Vinay Forrt

  • Young and promising Malaylam actor.
  • He is basically from theatre.
  • Baldness caught Vinay in early stage itself ,but he never tried to hide it with artificial hair fixing in public functions.

25. Roshan Andrews 

  • Roshan Andrews has been found bald since his first movie Udayananu Tharam. I never Found him wearing Wig. Any way i am including him in the list.


  • Director Vysakh is bald but he never tried to hide it


  • I dedicate This post to this late actor.

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