8 Tips: How to Find IT/Software Jobs in Dubai

8 Tips:  How to Find IT/Software Jobs in Dubai


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This article is trying to give answers to the very common questions?

  • How to Find ITC(Software/IT) Jobs in Dubai City.
  • How to Find ITC(Software/IT) jobs in Dubai staying in India.

Is there any IT PARKS IN DUBAI?

  • Dubai Internet City (The International l ICT giants like Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, Schlumberger and Cisco, as well as many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures are based in DIC.)


Dubai, the global city, is known as the business hub of the Persian Gulf region. It is a popular place to work and live for expatriates. The presence of reputed multinational companies and tax-free income attracts several job seekers every year from across the globe.Job opportunities in Dubai are available in different sectors. However, IT jobs remain one of the most sought after options among Dubai nationals and expat job seekers due to the high paying career prospects available in the industry.The Dubai World Expo 2020 prepares the city’s success as a global tech hub and a smart city.  So, if you wish to secure a promising career by finding a job in Dubai, here are a few tips on how to get an IT job in Dubai.


The global ICT giants like Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, Schlumberger[citation needed] and Cisco, as well as many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures are based in DIC.


1.First Identify Your Skills 

  • The Dubai job market is highly competitive. Hence, in order to convince your recruiter, it is vital to identify yourself in terms of career goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interest areas. Ask yourself what kind of job you would prefer in the IT industry and if you are prepared for it. Different job avenues available in the industry include database administrator, system manager, programmer, research scientist, systems analyst, computer support specialist, and network system administrator.

2.Write a Perfect Online CV

  • Irrespective of your current location, an online CV can help you to reach to the large number of potential employers in Dubai. Moreover, hiring companies also prefer to research online about the candidate before shortlisting anyone. Several job portals such as Naukrigulf.com allow job seekers to upload their CV and search jobs in the gulf. CV is considered as your first interaction with the future employer. Hence, it is vital to take proper time to write a perfect one. Make sure to include job related keywords for targeting IT companies and preferred job roles.

3.Research the Job market thoroughly 

  • To be a winner in your job search, research about the employment market in Dubai’s IT sector. This helps you to gauge the employment opportunities, jobs in demand, hiring trends, and the right time to apply for job openings. You can find several online surveys and industry reports to understand the job market in Dubai.

4.Start Using Social Networking Wisely

  • Social networking helps a great deal during a job search. Create profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to widen your network. Talk to peers, friends, college alumni, and other relatives. You may not know which one of them can come up as a right source to circulate your resume in the right hands. You can also join groups with members seeking a career in IT field or sharing your same interest of working in Dubai. Moreover, career networking is one of the best ways to explore the ‘hidden’ job market.

NB: Websites are not rectified in Dubai unlike other Gulf countries

5.Evaluate Your Earning Potential

  • To get the best IT job in Dubai, it is important to understand your earning potential. For this, you can check several regional salary surveys and reliable sources to check average salary offered for different job roles in the industry. According to payscale.com, the average salaries for different IT job roles in the UAE include (per annum, as on December 9, 2014):
  • Systems Analyst: AED 142,617
  • Systems Engineer, IT: AED 103,187
  • Team Leader: AED 175,349
  • Systems Administrator: AED 104,962

6.Register in Job Consultancies 

  • There are lot of consultancies working in Dubai to help you out in finding jobs. So please Search internet and find out maximum agencies and list out. There are many job consultancies like Naukri there to help you out in finding Jobs.

7.Be Proficient in Hindi,Arabi and English 

  • Dubai is a place where multiple communities reside and work. Among that Hindi ,English and Arabi are 3 languages that are commonly used. So in orded to sustain in this land you have to understand this 3 languages at least.

8.Keep Certifications to Impress Dubai Employers 

  • I have seen most of the employers biased towards people with certifications more than skills in Dubai. They Give more importance to it and consider it as an assessment criteria. So At least take one certificate in your respective before you get flight and land in Dubai.

Best of Luck .




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