Part-2-When a 40 Years old typical Kerala house Wife started friendship with a stranger

Part-2-When a 40 Years old typical Kerala house Wife started friendship with a stranger

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I was overwhelmed  by the reaction i got for my first attempt to bring out a story. I got many mails and comments asking for the second part and also lot of questions like . “Is this a typical extra marital affairs story of Kerala” , “Or is it a friend ship story”. So much of questions and finally here i am going to roll out the second outing as answer to all your queries.

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And the story continues …………

Unknown –  I am Rahul kiriyath  from  thrissur. I work as an assistant professor in a private college. . Actually i don’t know you just i text to unknown number.I don’t have any wrong intention. All i want to be your friend , Kind of a message friend you know. Well you can share your views, dislikes, happiness everything with me and in same manner i will also do it.

But on one condition we never force to meet at any point of our relationship , Do you agree?

By reading this i was little bit sure he is not that romeo kind of  typical  flirtish guy. And my heart says he is a true  gentleman.

Archana Krishna – I agree professor.
Rahul Kiriyath – You can call me Rahul.
Archana Krishna– Rahul Atten?
Rahul Kiriyath Nope only Rahul, or call me RK. that will be more convenient.
Rahul Kiriyath– Yes, Archana. I will cal you AK , here after. hows it?

So here after Ak and RK

RK– What you do actually?
AK- I am a home engineer as i earlier said, mother of  twin boys.
RK– What about your husband?
AK– Don’t know, i am a single mother.
RK– Ok….Can i ask you one thing?
AK– hmmmm.
RK– To be frank ,i don’t like msgs with “hmmm”, Its seems unfinished.
AK– ohho
AK– You want to know about my husband?
AK– Then omit that question. I will tell it later!
RK– Ok, but i want to know how u look
AK– Ohh..u want to know about my look, my figure etc…than i am a fatty woman, i m dusky in colour n very short, who always wear Sarees don’t go to parlour or don’t have any fashion sense.anything more u want to know
RK– Thats great, its very difficult to find a women who don’t go to parlour and who weaer saree…i like it…
AK– Any way ,whats your age?
RK: 33, yours?
AK– 40, Are you married?
RK– So your 40…but i can image or sense it u r more younger than this but still i trust u…
RK– If i am married?. What? You don’t chat with me if i am married?
AK– ans it yes or no
RK– No, but i have a girlfriend
AK– Great, then in this valentines day u should be with her
RK– She having exam, n for one week only best of luck calls….
AK– After one week u won’t text me.
RK– So you want me to be with you always?
AK– Not always but yes…..She stopped her words abruptly.
RK- Hahaha. He burst out into laughter.
AK– Why the the hell you are laughing… Did i cracked any joke or what?

RK- Chumma
RK– Your sons slept?
AK– Don’t know ,they are in hostel.
AK– One son doing MBA, n other son doing job after completing engineering
RK– So at what age u get married
AK- 18.
AK– Children at 19
AK– Divorced at 20.

Everything so fast,.
RK- OMG. So from last 22 years your living alone huh?
RK– Why u havn’t get remarried
RK– Don’t u feel alone…
S- its 11.55 me feeling sleepy will text you tomorrow…. Bye
RK– Sorry if u hurt by my message… Ok good night… Tc…sweet dreams my dear shalu ??????
AK– Why this smiley, i don’t want that keep with u
RK– Then give it back its now with you.
AK– Don’t be over smart good night…..??????

Next day 15 feb

Archana Krishnan was very much blushing that day…a new hope ,a new friend, new feeling is in air…
Archana checked her mob :

“Good morning sleeping beauty”…message received at 4.30.

AK– Good morning professor you haven’t slept really or is this just a show to let me know that you wake up early huh?
RK– Good morning its my daily routine to wake-up early morning , doing exercise n cooking food for myself.

AK– ohho great
AK– well professor is a Body builder, a Cook….
AK– let me fresh up n cook food for me n for my Amma
RK– oK beauty, meanwhile i will get ready for college n let me wish best of luck to my queen …..

AK– Hi ,After 10min
AK– seems busy

Archana is lit anxious why message not coming from professor…she has done with her all work and now she is free and getting ready to go to her bakery shop……YES Archana is a owner of YUMMY BITES bakery , and her bakery is famous for varieties of juices, desserts, cakes and specially for chicken roll.

Her business is going pretty well  in huge profit ,every recipe specially prepared and designed by our Archana and in taste no one can compete with her bakery.

She is at her mid age but still look so pretty in perfect figure if anyone told to guess her age then no one say it’s more than 30)

I thought it may be some one who knows me because so many people have my number but this number is with very few people , who are very much trust worthy for me…

ONE message received at 12.30pm.

RK– Hi, i was busy with my classes r u there ?
AK– busy?
RK-Angry with me?
AK– Am i your girlfriend or what to get angry when you don’t reply?
AK– In my life their are other important things to do rather than your message
RK– You are Message given answer to my question
RK– Usually my college timing is 10am to 3pm
RK– Lunch break at 1.00 pm
RK– Now don’t have a class so texted you
RK– You may be watching tv?
RK -That all crying serials of Ammayi Amma n Maramol!
RK– Hey reply na sleeping beauty?
AK– I m not angry, i m busy i will b free at 2,its my lunch time
RK– So u work some where
AK– To take care of four members i have to work
RK– Where?
AK– Near to my home
RK– I mean in a company?
AK– in bank, but not reveal which bank
AK– So whats your girl freinds name?
AK– If you busy then carry on, we will chat later.
RK– Archana, you there?
AK– Ok take care and we will chat after 11PM.
AK– Rahul + Archana nice.
RK– At 11 its too long to wait….sleeping beauty.
AK– I m busy from 10am to 10pm.
RK– Which bank on the world work so tight like this?
AK– my bank hehe
AK– bye
RK– bye

To Be continued ………………………………

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