Part 1: When An unknown Message receive to a 40 Years old typical Kerala house Wife?

Part 1: When An unknown Message receive to a 40 Years old typical Kerala house Wife?

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  • Name : Revathy

Hi Every One .My name is Ravethy and I am so excited to share my first article with my friend (More over he is like a brother to me) “Aswajith” to publish it in his blog (

FYI : To be frank this is my first write up and my further writings solely depend on your encouragement and suggestions so please let me know, in what area i have to improve.

NB: This is going to be a serialized article and please wait for further episodes.

Location : 14 February, 2009: Kannur India:

” Dil ke arama asuyome behagaye..>> Sach keh raha hai dewana dil na Kisi se lagana>>”

I leaned back in my easy chair and closed my eyes.Immersed my self in that blindness. listening to harris jayaraj soothing melody song playing in my Sony mp3 player.

Its really painful to digest the reality ,  that this valentines day also no one is there to make me special.

There are my best buddies with whom i enjoy this special day from past few years but still. My special man is not with me this time and I am back to single status. Seriously it was really heartbreaking for me that i got breakup with my first love. For me it was my first and serious relationship but sadly for him it wasn’t i guess.

Without spelling a word that bliss walked away from my life and wounded my heart. Seriously friends, that day i understood that very fact ,Why people go mad behind love and do crazy things eventually.?

My disturbed mind filled with wild thoughts , forced me to even think about taking a decision to kill my self ( it was the crap idea ever i had) , luckily i relived my self from that idea but frankly speaking the  pain was unbearable.

Whole life seems to be like an empty barrel, felt like every colors gone and where ever i go, seems like sad songs started to play in the background.

After all How come this Idiot Box also showing breakup episode now “oh god” its drove me crazy and desperate completely.

Gradually after few months I was out of that dilemma and prayed and was eagerly waiting Kash(i wished) my x bf wish me n everything will b normal.

But god had some other plan wrapped up for me. I was so tired checking my phone from morning to evening to find no msgs from my X-Boy friend since last couple of weeks. But suddenly that day evening near about 5pm  i got this this valentine day greeting message from an unknown number.

I was very excited receiving that MSG and i felt like butterflies fluttering in my heart melodiously . I thought may be god changed his mind and everything gonna turn normal here after.So i texted back directly with out thinking much
Is it shivam .?

Unknown: Nope . Naam me kya rakha hai?

Me: Then who is this?. I lost my temper a bit.

Me :You look so beautiful when you are in question mark..ummhaaaa

My face wrinkled reading that flirtish reply and outbursted

Me -Shut up don’t message me anymore other wise i will tell to my dad.

Unknown- Come on ,think . You know me dear.Guess it janu..?

Then I thought may be my friends , pulling my legs.Later i shoot msgs asking with all possible names of my friends which i could recollect at that point of time. At-last i asked is it “Arnav Nambair”?.

Unknown -If you want to call me arnav then u can, if abhishek bachan you can, if hirthik also you can…

And he chuckled

To be frank i don’t have faith in all this so called caste and creed bullshits, you know craps always divide people.

so i don’t want to be part of that.

My curiosity was building up..still i have a hope it will be my shivam.i haven’t sent anymore message.

Its 10clock

Unknown msg – Well coming to the point “I don’t know you. i randomly selected your number and texted you. Why cant be be friends?.

Well in that time no whats app so luckily two blue ticks don’t occur if we read a message.

Clock Ticked 11clock and i am still thinking staring at the wall lost.

Me : Then Who are you?.

Taken a deep breath and she continued.

I am a mother of two children and i am quite happy with my family life and my getting near to 45 years old also.

I eagerly waited for his reply.

Unknown:  I am not going want a good friend and for friendship age is not a barrier. I will address you with respect or what you suggest but before that i want to know your good name……

Lying on my queen size bed i rolled one time and then lazily typed

Me :  My Self “Archana Krishnan” and you?

I waited for his reply with pounding heart

(I don’t know i never call back any unknown/miscall or text but don’t know that day something in air or in my fate forcing me to do so)

To be Continued……………

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