Calicut Venerni School Love story.

  • Just childish Cooked up story only.
  • Dedicated to some one.


I’ve liked to be in bus window seats since my childhood, because  indeed  it flicks lot of old memories easily.

And thankfully that day too I managed to get a window seat. My Green color city bus stopped at the busy  “Mananchira model school” bus stop. I simply looked outside and my eyes locked at a long haired girl standing in the bus stop, busy talking to someone else.  Jesus I Know this girl, I whispered. Suddenly my eyes narrowed and I boarded the Memory train to identify her.

Hey that scars on her forehead! I scratched my head rigorously!! (I somehow felt connected to it but couldn’t recollect completely).

“Oh god I just want to go back to 15 years back  to sort out this girls identity” I whispered.

Oh where is the TIME MACHINE?? Please let me have a time machine to travel back and sort it out about this scarred girls identity .

With much excitement bustling, my mind stepped into the Time Machine.

I set it to 10 years back timer and pressed go.

It started functioning with a bang and after some seconds I had stepped down. Slowly looked around and my mind soothed taking in the greenery around.

“Where is this place?” I asked myself suspiciously. I crossed the road and read the big board in blue font.


Oh god my school!!!  My sweet old school!!! Here you can see Aswajith. Not in the 24 year old outfit as you see now, but in half trousers, 10 years old, not matured enough, with water bottle around the neck, no signs of beard or mustache, innocent.

I welcome all to a small secret conversation beneath the Neem tree near the school ground. Conversation Members-RanjuL, Hari Shankar ,Aswin and Jishnu.

Ranjul: Bro i have some feelings with Reema 5th Standard C . You know she is my neighbor as well.

Jishnu :Dude that feeling is called love. Don’t you noticed it in movies.

Me: Love huh? (It was not a new word for me, I had heard it many times in movies and stuffs) “Even i had the same feeling da”. Even though i wasn’t sure about that. But i don’t want to unveil about that uncertainty behind it.

The typical boy behavior of bragging in front of his friends.  Especially they mix Masala overdose when they talk about personal encounters with girls. If a girl looks at him, he would tell his friends that she smiled. If she smiles then it would be like she had expressed her love. Boys never want to kneel down in front of others in that any way).

Ranjul: Oh that’s good. Whats her name?

Me: That who got admission last week.

Come i will show you guys.

we dashed to class and shown them. All in union voice said “you rascal good choice da”

Long hair, large eyes and dimple cheeks. I was still in doubt about what to do next. It was a Wednesday, so we had PT(physical training) period.

Time to play.

It only takes a few seconds in life for something big to happen.. And that was what just happened.

Accidentally the stone I aimed at my pal went off course whacking her on the forehead.


She fell down unconscious physically and as for myself mentally.

Oh God!! What an opening!!

Within no time I received call letter on speed post from the Principal. I had never been happier. Maybe tomorrow I could come with my parents to school.

But the same punishment method as always. “Kneel down here “The Princy roared.

I saw my ‘accident-lover’ laying there in the opposite room through a half closed door. She turned her face aside and looked at me…

5Minutes, same posture.

Oh God!! Still looking.

Then slowly her lips turned into a curve… She was smiling at me!! That too for the next whole 5minutes!!!

I felt I had just been awarded an Oscar!!!

Heart breaking smile. After some time she got up and walked to her car with her Dad. Her glance penetrated me all the way down.

Mind blowing!!! She touched her wound and her fingers moved to her lips. That was enough for me. Heartbroken, my lips also curved (this smile came directly from heart, there is a connection in between them ‘HEART AND SMILE’) her car moved. But a head and hand was still outside. She waved bye to me. Her smile vanished slowly proportional to the car’s movement. Next day I was in a huge rush even to get all my little things done. A universal symptom of love, ‘RUSH’. I was in haste, so not myself. When I got there inside my class, my eye goggled for her. But alas!!! ‘File not found’ (first time in d history of Google ha ha)!!!I came to know that soon enough. She had shifted to a new school. Why? I still don’t know.

The driver’s gear stroke brought me back from the past. The bus had started moving. She was still there talking to her friend without knowing that here I had rent a time machine for her and traveled 10 years back to  see her.

Oh,,What’s happening????

Am I going forward or is she going backward???

Then I realized that both was happening.

My bus passed by her. That’s life, We have to move forward for the better. And while doing so we might even have to leave someone .So I am leaving her. Whatever be the condition the show must go on. So bye dear….

Oh God!!!  Day by day memories are being etched. Within seconds my mind shifted to a new memory…

Actually what is love???

My heart whispered to me slowly “LOVE IS AN ACCIDENT”. It just happens.

I dedicate this to all those who have lost their school girl crush.

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