You should visit this Largest health fitness center in Calicut(RMCO)

You should visit this Largest health fitness center in Calicut(RMCO)

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Count of Health conscious people are increasing like any thing around the world now days.Due to that ,lot of health clubs are mushrooming rapidly in nook and corner of the streets.As far as Calicut city is concerned excess consuming of spicy non vegetarian foods definitely gonna put the their life in stake or already did we can say.So health clubs are very much need of the hour here in Calicut as well as around the world.Here I am going to share with you guys recently started high profile fitness centre in Calicut.


RMCO FITNESS ACADEMY: They have a branch in Trichur already.So as part of widening their business horizon they leaped into northern side of Kerala.Me personally visited the spot and got shocked with machines they have been installed there.Really luxurious.Already they hooked hoardings and big banners in cities  core areas.They have separate session and spaces  for male and females.

  • Power yoga in Calicut.
  • naturally shedding obesity exercise methods in Calicut.
  • aerobics in Calicut.
  • Comprehensive fitness
  • Assessment and screening
  • Certified Dietitian
  • Certified fitness trainers
  • Personal training
  • Health food court
  • Medical Rehab/Physiotherapy
  • Steam
  • Chill shower.
  • massage
  • spinning cardio wave
  • lockers
  • valet parking
  • beauty clinic
  • Group Exercise studio
  • Yoga in Calicut.
16th september Sunday
Main Delegates participated for inauguration :
  • Ahmed hamedi mansoor hamooda(4 times Mr universe)
  • abu salim(cini artist)

LOCATION: 5th floor Elite arcade,Chakkorathukulam ,Nadakkavu, Calicut.

 Inside the center fully well furnished and wisely designed and placed equipment’s 

Power yoga and aerobics section for females.Its amazingly designed.

Their equipment list run miles I guess.

  • TREADMILL:The cardio equipment in a gym is among the most popular, because it is some of the most effective equipment to help people lose weight. Cardio equipment has one main purpose: to get your heart pumping.
  • ELLIPTICAL TRAINER:Elliptical machines are another good source for cardiovascular exercise. Like a treadmill, an elliptical trainer is stationary but allows you to simulate running or walking by using a rolling or gliding ramp that are moved by your feet.
  • EXERCISE BIKE:Exercise bikes are another type of machine that helps the user get a cardio workout. The exercise bike simulates the type of motion a bicycle rider would do on the open road, all from the convenience of the gym.

  • WEIGHT TRAINING EQUIPMENT:Weight training equipment can also be found in most gyms and generally comes in two varieties: free weights and weight machines.

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