WHO is a MALAYALI (Mallu) | Written in 2010

Read this brief before you leap:

  • First of all let me tell you something.This article does not belong to me COMPLETELY . I found it  some where in the internet and i thought of sharing with you people with some creative modifications. 

Kerala is the most backward, illiterate and mentally deranged place in India.(even though Kerala people brag about their 100% literate society ). By just reading some alphabets, does not necessarily make you civilized. If so, even some animals can be taught. Ignorant educated hypocrites like “Amartya Sen” and “Bill Mckibben” praise Kerala for their own selfish career interests. Let them come and live in this pervert state for at least one month. They will run away for sure  freaked out with their asses burnt.

Spiritual teacher “Swami Vivekananda” was not an insane person when he declared this pervert state as Lunatic Asylum, almost hundred years back when he visited Kerala seeing the pathetic caste discrimination system.

The objective here is to carry forward that truth with proofs and statistics.Watch the channel video. In response to a question about water logging, the highest elected official, the Chief Minister of Mallus says, people can themselves remove the water, since water is natures gift! This is 100% fucking literacy? This is the same man who called a martyr from Bangalore a dog(Solider Sandeep unnikrishnan).

Mallus have a demon king Mahabali who lives underground and comes out during the onam festival. Arrogance, pride, hypocrisy, vanity, insolence, haughtiness are all demoniac traits exhibited by the mallus. Mallus are the largest drunkards of India. They have the highest divorce and suicide rates. They have carried the suicide tradition abroad also.

Recently a mallu killed himself after shooting all his family members including his 11 month baby in the U.S. Almost 100 suicide attempts a day. They have the highest unemployment. They consume 25% of national production of psychotropic drugs.The mallu serials promote the demoniac attributes like anger, lust, greed, jealousy, family fights, killings, adultery, pride, arrogance and so on.Mallus contribute to terrorism also. Mallus were responsible for Bangalore blasts. One can see Pakistani flags flying freely in Malapuram district. LTTE Prabhakaran a half mallu. Are mallus traitors?Mallus are poor even below the national standards. It is way behind development when compared to other cities and states. People die falling into pot holes. One can see the pitiable condition of bus and railway stations.They have no importance in national affairs since they occupy the leg portion of India. They abuse the neighboring state people by calling them pandis but the hila rious truth is, the same mallus travel in rail coaches spitted, excreted and used by neighboring states. So who are the real pandis?Mallus still are living in stone age coconut jungles like tribals, running around barefooted, in their lungis showing balls, spitting in public and peeing on walls.

Even their movies show actors fighting in Lungis(tradition Kerala wear) showing ugly attributes.It takes more than five hours to cover the mere distance of 220 KM between Trivandrum and Cochin instead of normal two hours taken by Bhopal Shatabdi for almost the same distance between Delhi and Agra. Mallus take fucking 18 hours to cover TVM Bangalore distance.Mallus have never seen a real highway since such things cannot be built in one of the most densely populated places in India. They have pathetic infrastructure, no driving sense and walk on filthy pot holed roads with no footpaths.Mallus are famous for bandhs, hartals, rallies and strikes. Mallus don’t even have the basic amenities like power and water. Mallu towns stink with sewage water and garbage. Water pipe bursting is a daily affair.Most mallus are restless, confused, perverts and frustrated. Maybe that’s why they like hanging themselves and jumping in front of trains a lot. Even in trains especially Kerala express, one can always see the police arresting mallus for intoxication and molesting girls.Mallus are famous for sex scandals including their politicians molesting passengers in planes.

After all mallus proudly gave India, the first X rated movies with their huge bosom mallu aunts showing off their big ugly attributes. Every month there is a new sex scandal.One can see mallus ogling at tourists at the Kovalam beach. They are famous for grabbing the asses of tourists. 26% of mallu women face abuse and sexual harassment. They are famous even abroad for molestation’s. Designer Anand Jon and many church pastors. Mallus due to the backward conditions and unemployment, migrate in large numbers to other states and countries. They do mainly low paying menial jobs like drivers, stenos, typists, laborers, and chaya walahs.In fact one can see schools from other states advertising in mallu newspapers for teaching positions for mere two thousand rupees. Pathetic indeed is the life of Mallus.

Many commit suicide working under hazardous conditions in Gulf and suffer various kinds of torture by Arabs including spitting on their faces.The so called literate mallus don’t allow the mallu singer Yesudas to enter inside a Hindu temple(because yesudas is christian by birth ).A backward mallu will be surprised when he sees Chandigarh. Small towns like Mathura have McDonald outlet, Delhi alone has 50. KFC and such outlets come in places having high purchasing power which mallus lack. Mallus are usually shocked when they see the two crore plus weddings in Delhi.The Mallu Rajdhani gets the most filthy coaches from the Northern railways since they know mallus are pussies and will never complain. Other Rajdhanis have the new LHB German coaches. Mallus indeed are pussies. The Tamils invaded inside mallu rail zone, divided and took their share so coolly. They also took away the TVM airport. Mallu mouths are always open for the rice to arrive from other states. Have you seen mallus stuffing big balls of rice, at weddings and scrambling to eat like animals and beggars, as if not eaten for days?Mallus have cheap bakeries and insane jewelry stores every nook and corner.

Now you tell .You agree with this ?

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