When a Bangalore based MBA guy met an anonymous Girl at bus

When a Bangalore based MBA guy met an anonymous Girl at bus

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  • My name is Dhanya and this is my first article in jithumpablog.com. I am so happy to share this small story for

    my friend Aswajith’s blog jithumpablog.com.

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  • This story is loosely based on a true story happened to my friend .( Of course not for me LOL)





Prabhash Pillai, MBA HR Manager of Nestle India. He use to travel a lot with respect to his Office work.In such a trip, he was going to Kulu Manali, taking a week off from work with his friends. From Bangalore he traveled via flight to Delhi.

From Delhi he started with Volvo. Prabhash took his seat on eight row of two setters. While his friends were on three setters on the same row. Prabhash was looking outside through his window, suddenly his eyes just stopped to see something. She was running towards the Volvo. In a Levies dark blue jeans…. and the white sheer shirt… but her face was not visible the long wavy hairs have covered the full face.

The bus started moving and and taken U turn, Prabhash couldn’t see the face actually. He was eager to find the face behind the beautiful thick hair. A Sudden break….. There bus stopped two girls get into the bus. both have covered the face…..Prabhash looked outside his window to find the girl whose glance was mesmerizing.

Suddenly he sensed a beautiful fragrance….. He checked whether it was coming from him…. and realized it was from his beside….. A beautiful black hair was lying as a curtain when they flies and reached his face. She cared her hair and set it and turned towards Prabhash…. He was mesmerized in the beauty, a perfect oval shaped face… with a beautiful big eyes with a perfect ears… the pink lips it was as if she was a princess or an angle from heaven….

She was having a perfect curved figure of an Indian beauty. The 13 hours trip to kullu from Delhi is a beautiful experience for the eyes…. the beauty of nature can never bore the passengers. And for Prabhash it was even more beautiful with the presence of angle. They reached kullu at mid night, all the passenger stayed back in hotel rooms and took the rest…. in Solang valley resort. Next day the passengers got ready at 06:00 a.m. and started their journey to visit Solang Valley……. Prabash was just behind the angle….. He was looking at her….. She was sitting behind his seat. Prabash interchanged his seat with other passenger and sit opposite to the angle…..

He approached her:

Hi… I am Prabash. Where are you from?

She just glanced at him and turned her face…. Prabash got annoy with her approach and decided to make her fall for him. And he started to play his guitar. Other passengers and many other girls were amazed with his music and started enjoy but Angle was not even looking at him as if he was not at all existing for her. They reached Solang Valley…., All passengers were guided by Jithu a local guide. It was tracking time. He gave instructions and map to explore the Solang valley and to return back by evening and night stay cant be possible due to snowfall at night. Passengers were divided into different group.

Prabash and the SVN Collage students formed a group One of the girl was Prabash looking at. By this time everyone started noticing the angle and prabash. But she kept herself away. By the help of Jithu, Prabash get to know that She is from Gujarat state from SVN Music and dance College. And her name is Payal Shah. Prabash was leading his team mates and helped others. He was trying to impress Payal in all ways…. Payal knew about it but still keep ignoring Prabash. It was around 02:00 pm when they reached the top of the hill. everyone was enjoying and playing around with snow…. Prabash sitting on a side was just looking at Payal. His friend were distracting his act by their pranks but he was not letting his eyes to leave payal for a second. He wanted to talk to Payal alone and so he planned to make every one busy in some sort of game. He remembers Jithu has said that there is some temple and river… the person who reach their can fulfill all his dreams. He calls everyone and ask that according to north end of the Map they can find a temple and it has some treasure, he ask his group to get ready and others from SVN college to return back to Hotel… But the boys of SVN wanted to join them all…. even the girls nodded yes.

They formed a group of two as of five pairs to reach to temple with different ways and keep Payal in his group. Payal joined him without a word. Prabash on the walk with payal introduced himself and shared his talks…. Payal kept quiet and walked ahead without giving any interest….. It turned dark soon and as jithu predicted the temperature started dropping……. And snow fall started…… they have reached the river flowing through Solang valley in north end and found the temple.

Prabash asked Payal to stay inside temple

for the night as they cant return back in bad whether…… Payal was worried for her friends, there was no message from any of the group mate. She was texting continuously…. finally a message beeped in her phone. By her face it was clear that the message was gave her little relief. Prabash had some food packets which he offered to Payal… but payal just denied the offer with her head. And opened her bag and gets her own food packet and started eating…. Prabash was not happy with

Payals behavior, He started playing his guitar sitting on a corner while Payal sit on just opposite. With dropping temperature it was becoming cooler…. Prabash found some dry ticks inside temple…. He lighten the dry sticks in a corner and looked at Payal. Payal walks to Prabash and sits beside him. And feel the warm heat.. Produced……. She looked at Prabash……. Prabash also looked a her……..

They both had a eye lock…….

Prabash was lost into the deep eyes while payal played his guiater and then give his back guitar and with her beautiful eyes she just asked to play… he played a beautiful MUSIC looking at her. Prabash found Payal sleeping beside her…… She was beautiful…. like a princess….. i played with her beautiful locks they were wavy and very long. Prabash remove his jacket and put in on payal and sit staring at her…. and fall a sleep. It was early morning when payal wakeup and looks at Prabash jacket on her…. She wakes up prabash and gives it back to him and pass a smile.

Prabash was gone with that smile. They started walking towards south to reach their hotel….. Just when Prabash was called by his friends and informed they have to leave from Kullu as soon as possible Due to bad whether an high alert is declared in Kullu and a team is coming to take him and Payal soon….. by the called ending with message….. a breath taking tunder touched the top of the solang valley. Payal got scared and hugged Prabash and it started raining. Payal realized that she has hugged Prabash and then leave him…… by the time they hard some hone….. it was a search team send to take them back…….

They reach back hostel where there group were ready with packed bang to leave from Kullu…. the rescue team dropped them to railway station. Prabash wanted to meet Payal before leave and he started searching the Payal………. Payal just them comes out from waiting room changed in a beautiful white dress… slowly both walked towards each other……. She is looking like an angle just came down from heaven for him….. He was still in those wet clothes… I was just busy in finding her that he forgot even to change….. they both have an eye lock…… Prabash holds her hand and take her to a pillars back……. and looks at her…… he softly moves her hairs on face and set it behind the ears…. and moves ahead….. and kiss her.

A second later…………. announcement is made……. Prabash train was leaving………. His friends were calling him out…… Prabash gave his visiting card to Payal run behind the running train and get into it….. but peeped out of door to look at Payal for last time…. She was still standing their with the Shock of her life………. with her first ever kiss……! Prabash settle down with his friends….. when they tease him…… and ask where were he lost with payal last nigh…… He didn’t say anything…. but one of his friends discloses that… what else…. It was Prabash style of making girl to fall for him ……. A Casanova Style….. He never leaves a girl……… even if she is dump and deaf…… Prabash was shocked to know that payal was dump and deaf. Then he recalled each incidence from

Payal running towards bus to the standing at railway station looking at him…


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