US pizza in Calicut,India.

US pizza in Calicut,India.

Even though pizza culture is only in a puberty phase,3rd international pizza chain outlet started here in calicut In dia after domino’s and pizza hut. US pizza has overall 100 outlets across the country. May be after research about the Muslim population here .they clearly advertised that,they are only serving halal certified chickens(Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines).This is already very much renowned and established pizza chain out there in USA(UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ).

Its interesting to find this branch opened here in a time where  FDI(foreign direct investment) in retail controversy fire getting fueled from many parts of  India .They have wide variety of vegetable dishes too in their kitty to dish out for the foodies..

us pizza
us pizza



They have strategically located the restaurant  in way to reach Government engineering college Calciut , NIT-C(National institute of technology calicut )and IIM-K(Indian institute of management calicut ) students . And there is around 10 software companies working here as well.(Including the wonderful thing is that that they have very good home delivery service as well.So i believe it would be great relief for many Pizza lovers out here in Kozhikode district.By this new venture we could access more pizza s economically  i believe,becauce  to out number domino’s sale they would definitely come up with new offers.Fingers crossed.


A glance through the items they have:

  • American Veg Pizaa:(75rs to 400 range)
  • Desi Veg Pizaa:(150 to 400range)
  • American NonVeg:(145to 450range)
  • Desi Non veg:(170 to 425range)
And also Breads,Starters,salads,Rolls,Lasagna,Pasta….

Location: Kannur Road,westhill-chungam,near shopeazy supermarket.

For free home delivery:18604254444.



am i look like a marketing promoter of this US pizza?.Lol. Come on. not at all.The thing is,My Software  office  cubicle window is near to the bristo .So a strange idea creeped into my Software mind.To  promoting it ,so i can see more people(girls. haah. obviously ) visiting there and i would able to give color to  my busy weird coding days.Hussssh …its a secret….


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