5 Typical funny Indian photo poses.

5 Typical funny Indian photo poses.

Before you leap read this brief: 

  • I have no intention to defame any one with this photo and its purely to just fun read.
  • Data is purely based on my manual web harvesting.
  • If any feel it bad,please let me know i would remove the photo.

Here i am listing few typical Indian style photo poses.

1:Standing or Sitting Pose:

  • Most of Indians won’t pose with erect legs instead they cross leg it like this and pose.


2:Studio poses:

  • We go to studio and go for portable stuffs like airplane,bus to pose with it.And add some extra..ha..like the way that lady doing with her saree to make it bizarre……

3:Victory sign:

  • This pose Indians use in all unwanted, unnecessary situations.And most common nowdays.

4:With Celebrities poster:

  • We Indians love celebrities from deep heart.When ever we meet a cine star we dash to pose with him.And those not fortunate enough  pose for photos with celebrities poster.

5:Indian marriage pose :

  • Indian marriages are luxurious and color full and film like Bollywood movies.So most often during video shoot bride and groom need to pose according to photographers instruction.And there are some poses every photographer wants to take.


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