Top 10 Famous Kerala origin/Born English Novelists in India

Top 10 Famous Kerala origin/Born English Novelists in India

Kerala my home land. Kerala is branded and talked about many things like natural beauty and literacy stuffs. But only few know that there are quite a lot people from Kerala works in Indian-English fiction writing and my quest ended up listing this 7 people.


1.Jeet Thayil :

  • This is Kerala born writer went deep into the Mumbai world and arranged his excavations neatly in this critically acclaimed novel Narcopolis . I am yet to read his novel , so i cannot tell anything about his work now.

2.Anitha Nair :

  • First i read about Anitha from a magazine called Vanitha. I wasn’t known much about Anitha then , later i asked my sister who is a veracious reader. She was like “OMG, you don’t know Anitha”. That was her reaction. She educated me and presented me the book “Ladies coupe”. Through that book understood her. I believe she really inspired from her own story when developed this Ladies coupe.
  • From which party of Kerala: Ottapalam.

3.Arundhati Roy

  • The one and only Arundhati roy. I call her the Harper lee of India. You know i am just proud to tell that she belongs to my land. It took me more than six month to complete her book and it was really long time for some one like me who finish books with in 1 month. It wasn’t just a book, it was pot filled with emotions.
  • From which party of Kerala: Kottayam.

4.Sidin Vadukut

  • Vadukut was born in a small village near Irinjalakuda , Thrissur Kerala.
  • His notable works. Dork trilogy.
  • He is an IIM graduate.

5.Anand Neelakantan

  • He is not that famous like Arundhato roy or Anitha nair i guess. But for me personally , he is famous. Because through his books i gone back to those classics that i thought too complicated to read. And Ananad re-told the myths and epics in his fashion and made sense to the whole thing.
  • From which party of Kerala: Kottayam.

6.Manu Joseph 

  • From which party of Kerala: Kottayam and grew up in Chennai.
  • His debut novel Serious Men (2010) won the The Hindu Literary Prize and the PEN/Open Book Award.
  • I am yet to read his book and once i read it , i will update more about him.

7. Jaishree Misra

  • My boss Revathy ma’am suggested me about this book first. And she also added that , its kinda tragic, so go for it if you really want to. You know i have this character of doing what other’s tell “no”. Lol. So i borrowed book from her and with in 2 days i completed the book. It was true , the book had tragic ending. But more than the book , i read the author. The brain behind that whole book.
  • Here is the list of her books : The Little Book of Romance,Accidents Like Love and Marriage,Ancient Promises,Afterwards,Rani,Secrets And Lies,Secrets And Sins,Scandalous Secret,A Love Story for my sister.
  • Among the list i only read her book
  • She now lives in Trivandrum.

I really appreciate  if you people could contribute more and make this list refined.

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