There are 3 types of people in InfoPark Cochin :My Observation

There are 3 types of people in InfoPark Cochin :My Observation


  • FYI: This is just my wild thought’s crazy culmination. So please take it in that sense.


Ever since i started working at Infopark Cochin, I have been observing people (the so-called IT geeks) and was trying to make something out of it (like anything peculiar about their life style) .Eventually i came to a conclusion . Yes that very thing, yes that common thing “Identity Tags” that stuck with me.

Thinking what is so special about it right?. Well i will explain

You can see professionals comes in bike,car or by walk. Chatting in canteens ,talks about technical stuffs , each one is different in their own way. But there is one that is common among every one , you know what it is ? . yes it is the identity card.

So i here distinguishing this IT people based on the way they use this very ““Photo Identity Cards”. 

Before i proceed let me answer this question?

What is the name tag?

  • Photo Identity Cards are widely used in Infopark companies as access and identity cards.


1 Type: Those Who wear “Photo Identity Cards” around their Neck

This is most common type of people i have seen in Infopark

  • Basically newly joined IT professionals and girls fall into this category. I have seen mostly BPO sector working IT professionals prefer to wear the tag like this and i am not sure why its so.
  • You know something ,In some companies its unofficially mandatory to put it around the neck. I am not telling which company it is. But there are companies which forcefully tempt employees to wear identity card around the neck only.

Type 2: Those Who keep“Photo Identity Cards” Inside pocket 

  • As you know IT field is basically for young people. But that doesn’t mean that old people are not working in IT ,there are , but comparatively  this people rarely show tags outside. Thy are experienced IT professionals and seldom want to show their tags.
  • In infopark cochin i have seen Wipro people go with this culture of keeping ID cards in pockets and show up only when they required it.
  • So Elder people and Wipro people fall into this category.

Type 3: Those Who hang “Photo Identity Cards”  in Pant/Jeans Pocket 

  • Personally i comes in this category of Tag-wearing Infopark employees.
  • This is something cool for men i guess. So convenient and trendy.



If you ever get chance to meet this very IT people, do notice my observations are correct or not. Have a nice day.

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