Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) Shakha in Africa


  • I am Agnostic-Theist in nature and I don’t believe or support any organized religion ,But I am spiritual in heart.
  • This article is purely based on my experience in Kenya.
  • This article doesn’t mean to promote or de promote any community or group in particular.
  • What is RSS?

RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is a Hindu nationalist group form India.

  • What is RSS Shakha?

 Most of the organisational work of the RSS is done through the coordination of Shakhas. The Shakhas conduct various activities for its volunteers which include physical fitness activities through yoga, exercises and games. There are more than 40,000 Shakhas in India.

  •  Founded year in India ?

88-year history

  • Head quarters ?

Nagpur, a city of nearly 2.5 million in central Indian state of Maharashtra


Its my 5th month in African country Kenya. Contrary to the stories I read and heard what I have seen here is entirely different. Here I found more life than middle east here. Much people out there in Indian doesn’t know how w

My boss called me up in phone one day and asked whether I would like to join for RSS Shakh.  I was bit hesitant at first to go because I never been to any RSS activities and whole this life I was propagating and holding communist theories(Equality).

I said to him Sorry  “Sir I am not interested in all this Hindu Religious. My Boss corrected me like “Its not about Hindu its about India” and we are in Africa and we should keep Indian values.

At last decided to check out more about RSS Shakha.


  • Location :

Shakh class is organised in the 4th Floor of   Shri Ram Mandir Temple Nairobi, Kenya.


  • My First in Day RSS Shakha:

I was believed that Shakha is Hindu organization for their welfare. But later i came to know that there is no much restriction put forth by this organization. Irrespective of religion any Indian can join hands with RSS . Its a parelled army for It was first time in my life I am participating in RSS shakha. So i entered wtih a prejdice mind.

the shakhas meet under the raised bhagwa dhwaj — the ochre — red swallow-tailed RSS flag. The number of shakhas in various states is a reflection of the traditional strength of the organization — the highest number are in Uttar Pradesh — while the growing number of shakhas in the south and the east of the country are an indicator of the areas where the RSS is looking to grow.

Gatanayak (group leader) or

Ganashikshak (martial arts instructor) and then a

Mukhya Shikshak (head instructor) who sets the programme for shakha.

At the apex is the Karyavah (secretary).

  • Warm up Exercise:

Then started Warm up exercises .

  • First RSS Shakha Out Side India :(Some history)

All the members sat together after some time exercise session started.

  •  Dress Code :

Nothing specific. But i have seen most wearing pajama and Kurta.

Classes on :

  • Wednesday:

Every Wednesday 7 pm.

  • Sunday:

Every Sunday morning 7am.

  • Conclusion:

On the way back my Boss asked me “how you feel now ?, I guess I said  “So far so good.”

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