My Own 10 Quotes that you Never Heard Before

My Own 10 Quotes that you Never Heard Before

Read this brief before you leap:

  • This is not completely my own quotes. I am telling this prior because , I don’ want any one complaining about misleading  title “My own 10 quotes that you never heard before” gossips after reading. Probably there would be certain people, who heard about 60 % of the contents  before ,but i am very much confident that at least you get 40% new. “My own” doesn’t mean I made it from scratch sitting in a experiment lab or something , like my ,any other posts its half true,half creativity and imagination.



1:Life is not a box of chocolate Life is jar of salted GooseBerries:

About : What is life ?

  • This is actually an edited version of saying ,Life is jar of salted Mangoes by “Raziman Thottungal Valapu” from IIT kanupur. I have bought the  rights to publish it here. lol. In my home town “Calicut”(kerala,India), jar of salted goose berries  are found in every nook and corner of the street ,and our culture is blended with this salted vegtables and fruits stuffs. So gooseberries have lot of resemblance with life ,it has 2 extreme tastes. Sour first and slowly it turns to sweet. Life is also like that. If there is sour ,there would be sweet one day.

2: Sex is a beautiful 3 letter word not and not a 4 letter Cuzz word:

About: About Sex life.

  • This is one of my favourite, also  I believe the most meaningful and relevant quote I ever come across. If people try to understand the meaning of this quote there would be no confusion at any stage of life. In my India sex is taboo word and crime and problems for sex is a common scenario. If people realize and differentiate the F word(cUZZ WORD) and sex ,I believe there wouldn’t much issues. So keep this in mind that both are different.

3: What you are searching is you :()

About: Self realization.

You might have heard the story of Musk deer?. Without knowing the fact that ,he himself is producing the fragrance its keep searching it every where. And also in Sanskrit  there is word  “thathwamasi”. Thath means that. Thwam means you. Asi means be. This is one of the mahavakyas of vedas. Thathwam in many Indian languages means a theory. We all believe there is a greater force acting beyond this universe controlling it. That controlling force is that or Thath in this mahavakya. Realize that it is only you. In other words jeevathma and paramathma are one and the same. This vakya is quoted profusely by those who swear by advaitha philosophy.

That means what your searching (whether it be god or anything) is with in you. So think



4: There are 2 kinds of people in this world trained and Un-trained:

About : About People.

  • I believe  there are 2 kind of people in this world. “Rulers and those who support rulers “-In every system it is like that only/ Take america,take Somalia or any other country there will be 2 kind of  people ,those who rule and  those who support the rulers. Normally rulers will be trained and supporters will be Un-trained.

5: “Man is part DNA, part unknown and part what he sees and goes through as a child”

About: About Human beings.

  •  Actually this is a film quote. It is famous quote used in cult Malaylam film “Left Right Left”..And its kudos goes to its writer Murali Gopi.

6: For every action there is equal and opposite reaction plus a social media over reaction:

About: Social  media networks.

  • This is one of the most influential ,meaningful, new generation quote i come across recently in social media networks  . And i found its very witty too.

7:Think locally and act globally:

About:: Software outsourcing .

  • This is actually a opposite saying of world famous adage “Think globally and act locally”,became famous among mass during the 70s counter culture(Hippie culture ) time and that quote has still valid in this time .But Think locally and act globally is a saying used Software World. Software development is something which we think locally and and our action is global.

8 : There are 2 kind of Software Engineers in this world :–(ABOUT PROFESSION):

About:: Computer Programming.(fun)

  •  I don’t know how much I can connect this quote with non-technical people. And this is kind of psychological quote(mental) and has nothing to do with anything specific(Like life ,love or anything). Every one know about computer programmers is isn’t it ?. In computer programming ,in order to repeat certain functions ,coders use “LOOP”(in same way we use loop to play musics again and again).And i found people start use with Zero or One. I personally use 1,but i know many people start with One . So we can categorize the computer programmers on basis of that.

9 : I get a belief when I read and I get a relief when I write:

About : What writing and reading.

  •  This is something personally ,which i felt about reading and writing .When I read ,its define and refine my beliefs and when i write i get got of relief .So as i said its my personal .

10 :“There are no new inventions, only new discoveries.”:― Stephen Richards

About : God.

  • Its famous quote by Stepen Richards about the inventions . It has bit devotional meaning ,means humans can’t invent anything and what he do is only discoveries .

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