How the moon came to Hawaii: Interesting Story

How the moon came to Hawaii: Interesting Story
  • Where is Hawaii:?

Hawaii is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands.Hawaii is one of two states that do not observe daylight saving time.Hawaii is also the only state with an Asian plurality.


Full moon
Full moon


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful island in the world and it invites yearly quite large of groups tourists. Its a great sight to watch the moon in the evenings walking through white sands. And many felt that Moon sighting in Hawaii is unique in many ways. Does any one know how moon came to Hawaii???

  • Here I telling the real story behind the moon of Hawaii.


This is one among the basic thing you should know before you pack bag for Hawaii

Story starts here ::

There was once a king in Hawaii who sent for his court wizard , and said :

Every time a fisher man let down their lines in a certain part of the sea  the hooks are cut off” . They feel no tug as though a fish were biting, but when they draw up the line  it is cut through.”

The wizard replied : ” They must have been fishing over the country of Lalo- Nana , which lies at the bottom of the sea. A sister and 2 brothers live there , all far more beautiful than mortals .”

“I must see them”  cried the king

The wizard said that the brothers were on a journey , but he would try to entice the women ashore.

A few nights afterwards a trumpet was blown , and the sound awoke the sea-maiden Lalo-Nana. She left her coral house and her garden of sea flowers and her luminous fishes to see what it was . To her surprise she saw something like a man hanging midway between the surface and bottom. She drew near ,and found that it was only an image suspended by a cord, but it was beautifully carved and richly dressed . Cautiously the sea maid swam to the surface to see what kind of fisherman were angling with such strange bait . She saw a row of canoes anchored at the intervals all the way to the shore , and in each of them was an image.

The sea maid swam from one to another. admiring their ornaments and clothes in the star light, for there was no moon those days .perhaps she thought a magician had turned all the islanders to the forbidden upper world . So she stepped ashore, and followed a line of images through the flowery forest Hawaii still she came to a little house . Weary with long swimming and walking , the sea-maid sank down to sleep.

She was awakened by the kind , who had fallen in love with her and who begged her to be Queen Hawaii . She consented and for a long time she was  delighted with the wonders of the island .then she wished to give her husband a present in return for the necklaces and bracelets  he had  given her.


“Send a diver to my coral house under the sea she said . there he will find a casket which he must bring ashore unopened .In it is a treasure which my brothers and i have guarded for years .”

The diver brought the casket to the palace safely , but as soon as the Queen opened it a great shining thing flew out and sailed through the door up to skies . It was the moon , There is shone among the stars , but to the queens terror ,its reflection shone in the sea as well.!

” My brothers will know I have lost the treasure ,” she cried . ” They will return to the coral house and find me gone .They will come ashore in a great flood to find me .”

“Fear not , Hina, ” said the King (For Hina was the sea-maids name ). ” we will all go up to the mountain s with our cattle and treasure . The sea cannot reach us there. ”


So the Hawaiians fled to the mountain top. Soon after a storm arose , and presently a huge tidal wave rushed ashore.Hina saw her two brothers riding on the foam, and heard

Every one was far poorer now, even the king, and from thinking that Hina was the cause of this mis fortunes he came to hate her.  He made her toil from moron to dusk at the hardest work till her life was slavery , and often as the poor woman laboured she thought , “Ah! If I could only find some place to rest in !”

She dared not go back to the sea for fear of her brothers . She could not escape from her husband on the island .One day , as she was fishing , she saw a rainbow bridge stretching to Earth .She understood that the Sun had pity on her, and was showing her this way to escape.


Hina began to climb the rainbow, but as she got nearer to the Sun the great heat scorched her till she could bear no more. She swooned and slipped from the bridge to the ground.



When she recovered from her fall it was night . She could hear her husband calling her angrily , and knew he would ill use her for the work left undone. At that moment a wonderful thing happened . A moon rainbow appeared.


“Ah, it is very quiet in the moon ! ” said Hina . ” There I shall be able to rest .” She began to climb the silver bridge. The king came out of the trees and ran up to stop her. He was afraid to climb the magic bridge , but he seized her food. She wrenched it free , breaking it, and crawled on. At length she reached the cool, silvery moon country .


There she still lives , lame but happy , and the fairy-like clouds you see drifting round the Moon are of Hina’s spinning.


Thanks for reading . Nature Bless you.

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