How a naughty Engineering Girl from Kerala cracked Indian NAVY.

How a naughty Engineering Girl from Kerala cracked Indian NAVY.


  • Purely based on a true Story.
  • Let it Be a inspiration to all and be part of Indian defence and serve our nation India. JAI HIND .


2010: Cochin: I got a mail from a friend called Sree Lakshmi explaining about her navy selection process in a funny way and i bought the copy rights to publish it in my Blog then. lol. But due to some reasons i couldn’t post that. After long 4 years i am posting this is in my blog. 

Status in 2010 when she wrote this :  Typical fun loving,easy going  4th Engineering student in  Toch H Institute of science and technology , Cochin girl with a extra born and brain.


Navy  recurrent process STEP 1: GROUP DISCUSSION:


“There were 270 students for attending the Navy initial recruitment session. We were divided into 9 groups,that means 30 each.  The topic for Group discussion ( GD) was:


I spoke against the topic.My points were :

The purpose of language is communication. India is a country with so many regions languages and culture. But it is the unity in diversity that makes it stand out from other nations. whether it be the south, north language is one vital factor that shows our culture n custom. If we are not upholding our culture and custom then whom do you expect to? Just because some people don’t understand Hindi doesn’t mean that we need to change our national language for their sake. If we take the example of developed countries like Japan ,china they speak their language in the country and what ever things they program or manufacture , all depends on their respective language ( Japanese, Chinese).So it makes it simple n easy for them to understand and formulate as they needn’t study an extra foreign language ( obviously English).this is one of the most important factor for their success. but at the same time, we Indians cant read Chinese :).And they don’t even bother about that ( another fact) being a very proud Indian , though ma knowledge in Hindi is very limited, its our duty to uphold our culture and tradition..myself,have started studying Hindi from ma sister who is studying in 4th std..:P:P development starts from each n every individual of a country.So friends i strongly do believe that the question ” should English be considered as our language?” shouldn’t even arise in our thoughts.. thats it…..thank you

So that was our GD. I guessed my  GD SIR  liked my thoughts.And much to my excitement  four of us  us were selected to the next level. 3 from my college  KMEA Engineering College, Cochin and one from CUSAT.





There were 41 people to  attend the interview.  There were actually 2 people for  the panel interview. One was my GD sir ( he was so sweet) and the other guy. HOOOO..SOOO RUDE, SARCASTIC N ROUGH N TOUGH. Seriously we get scared at his sharp glance. So at last i entered the room with so relaxed.And stood there in front of them patently. The rude guy looked at me and i saw he noticed my stud. But later he  turned back to his work, scribbling something in his note. But GD sir was smiling all the time..( thank god). Later the rude guy slowly gestured me to sit. I said  thank you sir and sat.

  • Rude guy :  Whats your name?
  • Me: Sree. Sreelakshmi ,sir.
  • Rude guy:  born and brought up in ??
  • Me: Ernakulam ,sir.

I found both that guys  busy writing something always and  they don’t  even look at me properly when I said Ernakulam, the rude guy just smiled.

And then He asked

  • Rude guy: So Sree, wazzup with the Stud??.( again questionnaire continues without looking at ma face beautiful face)
  • Me :Sorry sir didn’t get you.
  • Rude guy: Wazzup with stud?
  • Me:excuse me sir, didint hear you..
  • Wassup with your stud mannn??????(Of course he lost temper a bit. lol)

Me :oh yeah.Sir, we had a fashion designing competition last week. So i was the designer. Thought the stud gave me a different look. so i pierced ma eyebrows for  that.

So what did You  wanna show off???——Sir i wanted 2 show some positive attitude..

Ok , so Sree are you a freaky gal?? You  like hard core music??—–No sir

  • Pop music?—-No sir.
  • rap music?—-No sir.
  • metal??—No sir.

You like any kind of MUSIC ?—–Of course sir, i like Indian classical music.

What type?? well there are so many  like  hindustani, eastern,karnatic  etc.. which one ???

Sir, south Indian classical music, carnatic.

okey. So Sree i believe you sing?—-Yes sir of-course.

  • Have you studied carnatic music?—yes sir. for 7 years. (I expected a wow ,but with out giving any excitement  acknowledgement he moved to next question.)
  • Do you play any instruments?? —No sir.
  • Do you do some major stage shows??—-Not exactly sir, but i do perform.

Ok, so you are into dis singing and stuff. Okk.

  • Rude Guy:So what did your family say about this  stud??
  • Me :Sir, ma father noticed this yesterday and he asked me what is it?. I told him its a stud and  i did it for the competition and thought it was good to pierce ma eyebrows.
  • So what did he say?—-He said ok sir.

Ok??!!—yes sir,ok.

What about your mother ?

  • Sir, she is still screaming..but some how i cud convince her.So the situation is ok rite now, at home..

Ok Sree. Soo your a very tomboyish character??

  • yes sir,, thats what they say.

Who say??He raised his eye brows with a doubt)

  • people around say sir.

You  care about people??

  • no sir, but i do respect their attitude..

So what kind of  attitude do you wanna show us??

  • Sir i wanna show you some respect.

So does that mean your stud implies respect?

  • Sir, if you can take it positively that would be great..i tried removing the stud before  coming for the interview.. but couldn’t..and it takes one month to heal the i’ll remove it after that..

( Then  my GD sir SPOKE)

Ok Sree. So whats  your branch?

  • Sir instrumentation,electronics and instrumentation.

Ok tell me the relation between stress and strain?

  • sir, stress by strain is a constant..which  implies stress is directly proportional 2 strain..

Qu: Ok, now tell me  what is a RADAR and SONAR?

  • Ans:Sir, radio detection and  ranging ,sound navigation n ranging.

Qu: Whats the medium for radar?

  • Sir, Air.s

( The non-Stop rude guy threw the next one)

Qu: Ok. Now tell me  one way to become invisible to  RADAR.

  • Sir….

Other than getting into water??

  • Sir, better not to go to that area..:P

( he stared at me and  said very smart) 😛

My GD sir:  Ok  Sree, it must have hurt you a lot to pierce your eyebrows. If your very passionate about this field why don’t you go to this designer field??

  • Sir my first priority is to become an engineer..

So the rude guy:  Hey we have an engineer here.Tell  me baby who is an engineer???

  • Sir, some one who uses his common sense to create something purposeful..its an art of creation..

Rude guy continues…

So anybody who creates is an engineer??

  • yes sir, even a tailor who stitches a shirt is also an engineer..

Ok. Sree. One of ma aunt is working as a fashion designer at NIFE, you  say she is also an engineer?

  • yes sir, absolutely. she is also an engineer..

Hey, if i say that to her, she will kill me yaar..

  • Thats  upto her, sir. 😛

My GD  sir : Why do you emphasis on that Sree??

  • Sir, designing is one of the most important task in engineering..unless you design it properly you wont get the proper outcome

Thats a very good point why navy?

  • Sir, its a pretty…. ( i wanted to complete the sentence by saying pretty emotional attachment towards navy but that idiotic rude guy interrupted)

You think its pretty 2 be in navy?? you think i’m pretty??

  • No sir definitely not.. (i scored there and he stopped there .lol)

Next question straight to technical.

So ma GD sir again: So Sree, what is the condition for mass and weight to be equal.?

  • Sir, weight is equal to mass into acceleration due 2 gravity.So when dis acceleration due to gravity becomes equal to  one ( respective unit).They both becomes equal.

GD SIR : Ok good.

( most loving part of the interview):

Rude guy:So your a major engineer.Tell me the theory of relativity??? You  know Einstein?? The guy with so much of un combed hair??

  • Sir i don’t know him personally..but i have heard about him..:P:P

Okey. So give me  some very simple example, i don’t want to here any theory?

  • Sir, whether i clear this interview or not depends on how you people  RELATE me to others.:P:P:P:P:P ( i know)

BEEP BEEP BEEP  Sree??? Don’t you think that’s a himalayan blunder?

  • Yes sir, but thank you.

Hey why do you say thank you?

  • Sir, even if i didn’t know the answer i didn’t said like  ” i don’t know sir” . i said something.. happy about that at least.

Sree, what happens when 2 people play table tennis in a moving train??

  • Sir. they will definitely continue playing sir..

Grrr.. Sree . What about the ball???

  • SIR, I DONT CARE ABOUT BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( dis time he removed his spectacles and  looked at me  properly and pathetically )

( I was obviously smiling through out the interview)

Then i said with much excitement.

Sir. yes.. theory of relativity.. i got it… :P:P

He was totally smiling and was looking upwards.. may be in search of god!!! :P:P


Again gd sir: So Sree. whats the capital of India??——Sir new Delhi.

  • What was the old capital?——Sir Kolkatta.
  • OK capital of Mongolia??—–I don’t know sir.

Rude guy:  Capital of Uzbekistan??——Sir, pass.

Rude guy: PASS?????——and for the first time he started laughing from heart genuinely.

So that Rude guy turned to his colleague and said.

Rude guy: Hey didn’t you know???  “PASS”  is the new capital of Uzbekistan!!!!  ( and started laughing.)

Sree, you know ,we are very close friends. but that doesn’t mean  we are ” Gay ” ( I still didn’t get why he said that at that point of time)


They both again stared at me pathetically.

GD sir: Ok  Well Sree, your GD  was really good. So whether you belong to the designer world or to prestigious Indian navy, Will let you  know soon..Ok———-Ok sir, thank you Sir .

Me: So am i done with ma interview??—–yes Sree.. you may leave..:):)

  • thank you sir

Thank you sir to  the rude guy ( he drew a cross across his chest n told me get out of this place!!)

I walked back 2 the door. suddenly  The rude guy called me from back.

Hey Sree, i just love that stud of yours. Don’t ever remove it.. :D:D:D…(I loved that comment).But i said like .

  • I’ll think about it sir..:P:P ( typical Kerala Jaada).  Thank you and take care sir.( ala pine) .

I came out of the interview room and  started explaining the entire story with my friends waiting outside for me. After 1 minute the rude guy ( not any more rude :P) came out of his cabin and looked at me friends and  gestured to shut up and go out from there  and  said good riddance!!! he drew a cross across his chest and gestured me out.

What you guys think ? whether i will qualify for next round? I have no hope .  lol

———————AFTER 4 YEARS————————–


1:SSB Days :  Services Selection Board (SSB), is the Personality and Intelligence Interview spread over 5 days which scientifically                                analyses each candidate’s potential and compatibility for commission into the Armed Forces of India.


  • Day 0: Registration/Reporting Day
  • Day 1: Screening Tests
  • Day 2: Psychological Tests
  • DAY 3 & 4: GTO Tasks
  • DAY 5: Conference Day 

2: Selected by Indian Navy:

2: Later training session:

  • At Naval academy Ezhimala Kerala.


After all this hard ship now she is ????


Current Status:  Now She is a proud member of prestigious Indian Navy ,the naval branch of the armed forces of India..Congrats and SALUTE to you.


I dedicate this article to your achievement Sree.

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