Cucek Alleppey love story

Read this brief before you leap:

It is the first content i scribbled down in my blog in the year 2009 during my engineering days. 

On a lazy December month , I was roaming through my  usual time pass web portals on my CUSAT college library Computer. I heard some claps and and heavy disturbing crowd noises down from first year block.I just pushed myself into the corridor stair wall to see what is happening.Suddenly a group of students  marched straight to me and picked me up into theirs shoulders without giving any clue, and walked straight to first years block.I wasn’t able 2 decode the scene and I tried hard to let them put me down from their shoulders..On my way I found students smiling and making fun all the way and to be frank it was the first time i was getting such an attention.All the gossiping and surprised eyes in my college pointed me sharply like never before. On reaching first year block ,they put me down in front of a last bench,occupied by a tall, lean girl with face down.

”Mole here is your man.” One  of my friend who was carrying me on his right shoulder spelled it straight and started breathing heavily.By hearing that my heart beat started breathing in much more pace and i raised my eye brows with surprise and given a total confused look to all who were glancing around me.

What is happening here?.What is this all about?.Who is she?.I have seen her hardly two or 3 times during first year orientation.But what is her role here?After all, what the hell i am doing here and what is my role?.I rotated my head like stupid with bundle of questions.

She straighten up her head a bit and locked her beautiful blue eyes with mine.I felt it like a lightening.I avoided eye contact suddenly because i only have 50% stamina at this moment to stand Erect.Other wise i would have fallen down unconscious. failing to bear the total situation.

”hey Bro, She admires you and she is in love with you more over she has shown courage to tell that” my buddy Midhul rendered it in a poetic and beautiful way.I turned to her in slow motion with my eyes wide open.

“oh my my Hashem”, an unexpected proposal straight from a beautiful girl.It’s against typical Kerala style proposals which i heard,read and seen in my life.Wait wait is it April fool today or what?.But how come April fool in  December. “Stop blabbering aswajith. Just move on”.Some one said from inside.I looked at my friend and he just given a go signal .So I slowly walked in and sat beside her and gently and asked “sathyamano”(is it true).She nodded her eyes beautifully with a positive indication and presented a red rose flower with a dimple smile.

There starts my first girl initiated love story.

Enjoyed my story?

Need to know more about it?

Why she proposed me?

What was the reason behind her proposal?

There is a secret villain in this story.who is that?

Was This love successful??


NB—.It is compiled using my old Nokia phone  in train on my way back to home from my college CUSAT for ONAM vacation 2009 .

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