Cusat College Mathematics Supplementary

Cusat College Mathematics  Supplementary



  • This is just a childish journey. It has nothing to do with any thing big. lol.
  • All the glued things are just fabricated and imagination .If anyone feel any resembles, just seal your mouth and cooperate please.

I touched her chin and slowly moved it upwards to ensure eye contact. Her black eyes bordered by even darker brows blinked musically along with my heart beats. Never even in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I could have her, as my girl in this life. But now it feels like the entire world is at a standstill and has paved the way for us making this our moment. What a perfect moment?? Slowly and carefully I pulled her onto me and shielded her with my hands. We floated in the air like a free balloon. Suddenly like a pinprick that bursted my balloon I heard that creepy and dirty voice. ”Did you see my white underwear???” “Oh my Communist god!!!!  What the heck are you doing in my room?  Get out you bliss buster”.  After around five minutes I felt the pain actually in my lower shoulder.  Slowly I realized, that it was my daily dream-drama and this time the white underwear’s owner and my room partner had kicked me real  bad. Like always, I went into depression when I realized that it was just a dream.

Room partner: “Hey D.K. Boss, we’ve got to clear the math’ supply at least this time, ok?  . This is our last chance, Hope you haven’t forgotten that.  Aren’t you ashamed to be dreaming of  a girl who clears all her exams in the first attempt and doesn’t even consider your love? It’s been like 3 years you’re after her and not even a single time she has talked to you…. Man!!  She hates you and especially those who have back papers in the very engineering math”…”And one more thing, this time I’m clearing this exam at any cost and I don’t care what you are going to do” Saying this he went into the bathroom. Except the last sentence nothing was funny for me. All this time I was thinking about something else. Where on earth have I cast away my Gurukulam math’ tuition notes? I searched all over, for quite some time and ended up playing the ‘snake’ game on my Nokia phone. Suddenly a message beep perturbed me and drew my attention away for a while. I quit the game and quickly went through the contents of the text which simply left me petrified.  But somehow even in shock I dragged myself to the bathroom and roared “Dude tomorrow’s math paper has leaked..  Message from Mukund!!!! I completed with broken words. Maybe because of over exultation my room partner came out with minimum clothes on, at least this time, and I stared for quite a while, because rarely you could spot him naked indoors. Together we scrutinized the message again reading in a hushed voice.  “Dear Aswajith this is highly confidential, Tomorrow’s math supply question paper has leaked from Toc-M Engineering College Thalaseery. I believe you know my contacts in that college…  So I managed to get this one for you. All you have to do is work out these questions from the Ayangar text book”.The next war was not for water but to find he ‘Holy’ text book. We searched all over the room even in the dustbin and the toilet. But Alas!!!! We ended up disappointed with a ‘File Not Found’ flashing across. We even called up a few friends with a hope of getting the book, but all we heard were sarcastic roars from the receiving side. Suddenly my ‘grey’ cells worked. “Hey generally girls own all kind of books. You call up the Cavery ladies hostel and you have your gal there too right?” I asked him. He went outside to talk about this to his lady love yamini Sudhi and my dream queen HTC(HEMA THARAKAN CALCIUT)  roommate. A few words about the latter, my girl, HTC. Unlike normal love stories, I haven’t talked to her, even though she was from my class and I’d been around her for nearly 3 long years. What to say about her? In one sentence I can tell you what makes her different for me from all the other girls… ”I never had sexual feelings”…From that itself It’s clear how special she is. Her uniqueness list will run for miles if I start telling. A few are that, she doesn’t wear the veil even though she belongs to a Muslim family, she keeps a semi ‘Boy – cut’ and she rarely spoke to boys. If I think more about her, I will slip into my usual dream-drama and I would hate to have my roommate barge in again in between asking for his white underwear! So that’s all about her. The one thing that I know for sure is I am deeply attracted to her, though I’ve never really revealed it.Room partner: “So dude it’s done. Your HTC(HEMA THARAKAN CALCIUT has it and she has  half agreed to give it now, but that’s not an issue, I think she will give it. But the problem is that it’s already 11pm,  and we can’t go straight to the  ladies hostel to collect it”. Me: ”Oh god! That’s right. So what are we goanna do? ” Room partner:”It’s possible though, because I have a plan. But only you can do it.” Me:  “Why me? What can I do? ” Room partner: “Because I don’t know swimming and you are the expert in it. That’s why I said only you can do it “.  Me: “You gone nuts or what? We’ve got a math exam tomorrow and not some 100m freestyle swimming competition. Room partner: “Hey man we have only 2 options in front, either you go to the boat jetty near Cavery ladies hostel, dive into the water, swim under water slowly and get into the hostel’s dress washing open platform facing the river, which is connected to the main block of the hostel, by a tunnel. We can’t jump the wall because they have two bloody dogs there. yamini will get the keys from Margret sister’s brown robe, come down, unlock the door and give you the book. All you have to do is put it in a plastic bag and swim back. As a consequence of which we end up clearing our one and only headache, the math’ supply which would eventually lead us graduating Engineering on time.  Further we bag placements and settle down comfortably for the rest of our lives all this depending on your swimming. Or, we both become laughingstocks in front of our juniors, when we go there again and again to write this exam”. He completed the entire life plan in one breath and gave a plastic-water-proof-bag and patted my shoulders and said  “Buddy you know what time it is, Do O’clock. So go do it”. And all I asked him was one thing. “Is it the same Margret sister whose robe changing video, you have in your mobile?  ”. Thus I set out on my journey. It was tougher than crossing the English Channel to finish that 30m swim in the ice cold water to get there. Somehow I reached there and stepped onto the shore platform. I was shivering from head to toe. I just hugged myself and walked slowly to the door and waited patiently. A few minutes later, like an angel, htc came. I had never expected her to come. Our eyes locked for a few minutes and she slowly gave me her towel. That towel which had the same fragrance of the first rain of monsoon. I dried myself. The silence overpowered even greater than the first Malayalam silent movie Vigathakumaran. But she seemed comfortable and settled. I silently and with great shyness took the book and walked back like a celebrity receiving Razzie Award. htc: “Please clear the math’ exam at least this time, at least for me”. Like the Sunday morning prayer from church, those words penetrated my ears, but this time it was not disturbing. For the first time in my life I realized how much tasty and sweet an advice could be. I didn’t look back. Not showing my happy face I just jumped into the water like a dolphin before she could ask for her towel.


Next day in the Exam hall: I didn’t even sleep for 5 minutes the previous night, but was energetic like anything. I settled myself and put HTCs towel beside me. This was going be a turning point in my life. This was my life’s exam.  I was more confident than cricket player Sreeshanth. After the usual drama-exam rules and regulation scene, the teacher distributed the papers. I also got one. I  prayed to all my communist legends, covered all questions and read the first question  the same way I did for all exams all these years. Score: University 1-0. I read the second question. University scored again, 2-0.  It moved on in the same way. Not even a single question smiled or at least showed a slight acquaintance. I just wiped my face with that holy towel even though there were no tears. But something was burning inside. And that was this big question. WHAT NEXT? I  turned back  just  in time to catch sight of my room partner and the owner of the great white underwear tie his paper and get ready to leave. I JUST BALANCED MY HEAD IN MY HANDS AND SAT FOR A FEW MORE MINUTES.slowly I got up and moved to canteen.

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To be continued….its based on a true Story.aswajith m p

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