At My School-Exam Paper Distributing Day


  • Thanks For Aswany for editing the article.
  • Based on a true story.


  • I am going to draw the emotional level each student goes through during the Exam paper distribution at  school .


  • Few words about Exam system in Kerala.(Referring my School time system)

Exams are conducted by the respective subject teachers and papers are collected for evaluation. The count down begins from then. The students await  the distribution of the answer sheets with utmost tension. And few days later the teacher distributes the paper and that  is the D-DAY for the students.(Not all students ,but students like me)


I studied in a local school in Calicut, Kerala,  India and I am writing this based on my experience and I am not exactly sure how many of you could relate to this write up.


Location :Aitport School  Calicut.

Step #1.  Teacher walks in After Lunch Break.

  • The classroom generally goes amok during the lunch break until the teacher enters for the next session. Only the disturbing clattering noise prevails. Normally one student runs fast into the class and yells loudly “Keep silence!! The mathematics Teacher is coming with our evaluated mark sheets”. That magic spell thrusts the entire class into pin drop silence directs every student into his/her respective seat automatically.

Step #2.Teacher is seated and calls the Class Representative.

  • Teacher walked in and every one in class stands up and roars in unison  “Good after noon sir “ .Class teacher sat down and placed the paper bundle on the bench without saying a single word. Pin drop silence. Even the breath rate is customized and almost silent. The teacher scratches his forehead annoyingly and asks “What have you all written for the exam? I am not saying anything more.I am fed up with this class. And he calls the class representative and asks him to do some paper work while he stands beside him like a security guard.

Step #3.Student feelings and prayers.(Camera focus on the student’s face)

  • Feeling and emotion

Each student started biting his nails with unbearable tension. And they wait impatiently for their names to be called all the while whispering to the one sitting next that they are going to fail.

  • Secret Prayer.

“Oh God, please don’t let the teacher declare my mark when he distributes the paper  giving others a chance to know about it too”

Step #4.Teacher hands over the paper calling each student.

  • Teacher calls each one by their name. And with the utmost fear we go to receive the paper. Teacher takes out the mark sheet and gives me a disappointed strange look.
  • Oh Thank God!!!! Luckily the  teacher didn’t tell my mark loudly.

#5: Next mission after receiving exam paper

  • This is the high risk time zone. Once you receive the mark sheet ,you have to go and sit back evading all vulture eyed students awaiting to ask your mark. And also a few might attempt to snatch your mark sheet to see the mark. So you have to be utterly conscious and vigilant to take care of your exam sheet with exposing it to anyone and go back to your seat. Once you are back you can  safe.

#6 Step. Secretly  check the mark .

  •  Now is the time to check your mark secretly. I covered my mark sheet like a mother would her baby and checked it. Oh God!! Why this Kolaveriii???? But then again Thank God luckily  the teacher didn’t say my mark when he distributed the paper. So no one knows my mark yet. Let that stay under the wrapper.

#7 Step. For calcification and doubt

  • If there are adding mistakes, unvalued answers or doubts regarding anything come to staff room after this hour.

#7.Shocking words From teacher after distributing the paper.

  • “Now when I call your name each student should stand up and tell their marks loudly “

I was almost about to relax thinking everything was over , but those words struck my ears like thunder and ripped my heart .  Jesus!!  Now I will have to make my mark public and everyone in class will get to know my legendary score. I looked around.  Yeah my crush Liji is also present. I’m doomed!!

#8.Aswajith M P tell your mark 

With a hardly audible voice I said  “Sir my mark is”. Suddenly teacher interrupted

“Loudly please .I can hear your voice from the staff room during lunch hours. What happened  to it now??? He said in a firm voice.

“Sir 3 marks sir ”

“Aswajith I am telling to you again ‘LOUDLY’ ”


“See how much proud he is, to tell his mark.Keep it my boy . Teacher said

The whole class echoed with laughter.


And now I laugh after 15 years (Even though it was heart breaking then ) thinking about that .Old sweet memories.

I dedicate this to my school friends. I miss those days.



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