Analysis of important events happend across the World last 13 years

  • Its a journey through important events in past few years.Thanks to Malayalam edition of India today,from which i got the inspiration to write about this.


1: 2000 :(International Year for the Culture of Peace) :

2000 Mill
2000 Mill

Entire globe expected a lot about this new era….is all the expectations accomplished in it’s full swing??…we can go through some important issues happened in this year

1: y2k controversy(year 2000(2k)):it was a problem for both digital and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits.

2:Indian population crossed 100 crore.(2nd in world after china).
3:miss universe: Lara datha,miss world: priyanka chopra(repeated 1994 format)
4:coffee day started in Bangalore after 4years
5:Rajesh piolot died.
6:jharkhand and chhattisgarh states formed
7:Aja thak started 24h news channel.
8:Raman roy started bpo company”SPECTRA MIND”…wipro later bought this for 17.5crore billion.
9:Tata bought tetli tea for 432m.
10:First “BIG BAZAAR” set up in Calcutta.


2: 2001::

1:World trade center and pentagon attacked by al-quida,3000 people died(september 11th).

2:America attacked Afghanistan
3:most effective ever erath quick in india
4:failur of Agra summit
5:plan of LET-hisbul mugahidin to attack India Parliament couldn’t worked…
6:smell of war between India and Pakistan
7:Delhi public transport famous all over world for using Eco-friendly CNG… trapped politician and employees…
9:5295 American soldiers killed in Afghan and Iraq
10:First social networking site “sixdegress” stopped it’s working….

3: 2002:


1: SARS( Severe acute respiratory syndrome) out break in India.(from china).It’s spread to 37 countries as well.
2: kaya skin clinic started in India…
3:for writers,kutti ravethy,malathy mithri,sugirtha rani and salma attacked in TM for writing about sex.
4: Rahul gandhi back to India.
5:He enters politics.Mass Contribution of youth in India politics was his prime motto.
6: BPO export earn crosses 1.6m..
7:Delhi metro trains first phase inauguration…
8:dheerubai amabani died
9:A P J abdul kalam became Indian president
10:Oscar nomination for LAGAN

4:2003::(International Year of fresh water) :

1:Held first T-20 game ever in England.
2: Friendster became first famous social networking site in world.
3:Free incoming calls in Mobile:Mobile incoming call tariff in India taken away completely
4:WHO alert about SARS disease.
5:”My spacelaunched  In August 2003, several eUniverse employees with Friendster accounts saw potential in its social networking features. The group decided to mimic the more popular features of the website. Within 10 days, the first version of Myspace was ready for launch, implemented using ColdFusion
4:star news started first Hindi 24h news channel..
5:Ndtv started first 24h English news channel,”NDTV 24*7″
6:mother Theresa honored in Calcutta…
7:25000 NRI engineers back to India for better job…
8:Australia won world cup,defeated India in final
9:first low expensive air service,air Deccan started it’s service..
10:America found sadam hussian atlast

5: 2004::(International Year of Rice)

1:BBC broadcast controversial documentary “SECRET SWAMI”.
2:It’s contain the sexual connection sai baba with small children..
3:set up of manmohan sing government
4: Tata moters bought devu truck factory for 102m doller
5: Sonai declined Pm position and suggested manmohan’s name…
6: Veerappan got killed by police
7: TSUNAMI killed lot(2l victims)
8: mukash and anil ambani quarrels commenced.
9: Rathode got olymbic medal
10: kanji shankara chariya cornerd due to murder issue

6:2005::(The World Year of Physics by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics)

1:held first t-20 game(aus vs nwesland)
2:Rupart mardoke bought my space for
3:”husbands can’t expect a virgin wife”,kushubus words became controversy in TM…
4:Due to oil gate issue foriengn secretry natver singh resigned..
5:11 mp sacked out from parlment due to bribery issue
6:anti-muslim riot in GUJARAT,Allegations against gujrath government for anti-muslim riot….
7:srinagar-musafar bad bus servise resumed
8:HCL step in to less expensive computer manufacturing…
9:flood in mumbai
10:Delhi blast 62 lost their life

7: 2006::(International Year of Deserts and Desertification)

1:India won their first-20 game against south Africa….
1:Swine flue spread ed to 206 countries and death rate raised to 4500
2:jack dorse started micro blogging site “TWITTER”….
3:nokai producation plat started in chennai…
4:h5 n1 virus in india..
5:brindha karate fired against baba ramdev for violating employment rules….
6:salman khan in dubai for hair re-plantation..
7:hindhu supporters attacked MF hussain for giving naked apperance for hindhu godess and bharathamba in his drwaings
8:manu sharama arrested regarding jeesika lal murder
9:Medical students on strike against concession for OBC students.
10:mithal no1: stell manufacturer in steel

8: 2007::(International Heliophysical Year)

1:subhash chandra started indian cricket leauge….
2:India champions of first t-20 world cup…
3:sharukan’s six pack issue on fire….
4:nadhi gram issues on fire
5:sunitha williams walked in space
6:naren karthikayan won A1GP car race…
7:kiran deshai got man booker prize..
8:air deccan and king fisher alliance for providing low cost air service
9:benazir butto murdered brutally
10:prathibha patel first woman president in india

9: 2008::(International Year of Planet Earth)

1feb:aution for IPL players..
2:april:first IPL(big hit in india as well as abroad)..
3:Born of “CLOURS TV”
4:With in 6months COLOURS snatched star plus’s first postion for last 9years
5:CHANDRAYAN launched….
6:Inida winners of under-20 world cup….
7:flood in bihar’s kosi river…..
8:abhnav bindra got gold in olymbics
9:Arrival of Tata nano
10:26/11 MUBAI TERRORIST ATTACK,200 persons killed

10 :2009::(International Year of Astronomy)

1:Mobile Phone subscribers in India crossed 500m.
2:Face book became no:1 social networking site with 300m users.
3:H1 N1 disease Terrifies world. spreads all over the world
4:”Slum Dog Millioner” Movie got 8 Oscars, AR Rahman and rasool  Pookuti got Oscars.
5:Pakistan Won world T-20 tournament.
6:Television Reality shows in India became very popular.
7:OBAMA became American president
8: Homo sexuality became Legal by law…377 taken away from indian peenal code…
9: Recent survey shows, Indian youth is first in purchasing new gadgets(camera,ipodes,pcs)
10: Sathyam Computer scams un-veiled.


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