8 Interesting customs Indian wives to follow after marriage.

8 Interesting customs Indian wives to follow after marriage.


  • Purely based on my observation and knowledge level.
  • This article is not generalize any Indian custom.


India is a land of mystery and traditional customs and culture. 90% of Indian marriages are arranged and wives have to follow certain rules and regulations after marriage. Here i am trying to list out few customs which Indian wives have to follow after marriage.


1:When Having Food

  • In childhood parents have taught you to not eat or touch any ones food plate .And stay hygienic . And you have used to have food in your own way .But after Indian marriage, you have to change your behaviour a bit .Thinking about ,in what way huh ? Well its a Customary  to wait until husband finish the food and eat on the same plate with out washing it. haha  Through that its believed to be respect and love at the same time. Its normal to share food from one plate but in India its a custom.


2:Name has to change

  • Parents are the one who is responsible for giving us the name. After all they put it with out even asking us . In India most of names come with fathers or castes names(or communities name). But Usually after marriage wife  has to change the name again . For example : if a girls name is Aswathy Kumar and she is married some one called Sunil ,so she has to adopt a new name called Aswathy Sunil after marriage as a respect to husband. But its not mandatory for husband to change his anem. Only ladies have to change .

3:Marriage Symbols 

  • What is Sindoor ?

Vermilion(Sindoor) is a brilliant red or scarlet pigment originally made from the powdered mineral cinnabar, and is also the name of the resulting colour

  • How people identify that you are married ?. In Facebook its a very easy task, just change the Marital Status . But in real life what would you do?. Yes there is a option in Indian marriage system to indicate that your married . Application of Sindoor (Vermilion) in the parting of hair by married Hindu women is considered as she married. Sindoor is applied for the first time to a Hindu woman during the marriage ceremony when the bridegroom himself adorns her with it.

What is Mangala Sutra ?

  • A Mangala Sutra  is a sacred necklace(With husbands names first letter) that a Hindu groom ties around the bride’s neck in a Marriage ceremony.

Necklace which tied by bride groom during th marriage ceremony Married woman continues to wear the Mangala sutra as a sign of her marital status.



4:Shift to Husbands Home After marriage

  • After marriage according to Indian marriage system wife has to go with husband and stay in his house After marriage. One day sudently woman is forced to live his home leaving every one behind. Not only that ,he has to live with other strange family,that means husbands family.

6: When Walks with Husband

  • This is something funny which I have seen among many married couples . After marriage most of Indian husbands walk in front with a heads up (with pride) and you can see most often wives following him with heads down shyly . Think in a function wife is coming and husband is following ,oh god definitely people will start calling him hen peck. But its custom to repsect husband and to follow his slowly when he walk in front.

7: Resign Brides Job

“I am not that poor to send my wife for a job”- General Words from husband.

  • As I mentioned in the previous comment, its a practice followed in India after marriage to not allow bride to continue her employment. But as you know in this time where life expenditure is ever increasing , most of the husbands in middle class families allow wives to get a job after 3 or 4 months .(But in orthodox and traditional families it is restricted still ).

8:If employed ,Salary ?

  • But in that case also there is a small problem .You know what it is ? Its true that husband would allow to work, but the whole salary is monthly should be given to Husband. Seriously i know many indian families go in this way .So cruel right? Lol.



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