6 Shocking Moral Policing Incidents in Kerala

6 Shocking Moral Policing Incidents in Kerala

Today November 2 ,(8 days away from my 25th birthday) marked as special day in the  history of Kerala. Today a group of  frustrated Young people came forward to protest against “Kerala moral policing” by initiating a way that is never ever used in the history of Kerala , KISS IN PUBLIC. When i searched in internet i have found that similar Kiss protests have happened in other parts of the country like Morroco and turkey.

And through this article i am trying to bring controversial and much talked Moral policing acts


Why I prepared this article now?

  • I got a query  from a Congo asking what is “Kiss of love and moral policing in Kerala”, So i thought about writing something about it.
  • I prepared this article just to keep solidarity to “Kiss Love Protest in Kerala”


What is Moral policing in Kerala ?(For those who are not from India)

  • Moral policing in a state where 100% of the people are literate . Imagine what it would be. Ok let me tell you what is moral policing is.
  • Moral police is the name given to vigilante groups which act to enforce a code of morality in India through violence act especially moral police.

1.Tasni Banu Infopark incident (2011)

  • Incident happened :19 June 2011. Cochin.
  • Tasni Hails from  Malappuram native, IT professional(Shift document specialist with a BPO firm at SEZ, Kakkanad) and social activist.

Explaining Incident :

  •  On her way to work at Kochi’s Info Park with a male friend on his motorcycle. They stopped at Kakanadu  to get a cigarette. A group came forward and questioned her being spotted at night with a male friend. And started using cuzz words and started making pointed queries along the lines of ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Where are you from?’one man slapped her and twisted her arms, as two others cheere. She fell to the ground, twisting her neck badly. When her friend returned from the nearby shop, he too found himself at the receiving end of an ugly interrogation. Thesni called the police and they arrived in about 15 minutes, but refused to register a case.Her neck was aching, and it was only after she was admitted to hospital the next day and the assault caught media attention that the police top brass took notice.


She tells that and abused her with bad words.

 “We won’t allow you to make this place another Bangalore where girls go out in the night and party.


2.Malappuram moral policing  act video.

  • This incident related to the video listed below actually happened  in Parappanagadi of Malappuram district. This act shows another moral policing behavior of literate keralatis.

NB: I have no clarity over the incident happened,but i thought of sharing it with you.

3.Calicut Downtown Restaurant Incident

  • A group of youth wing protesters vandalized the restaurant situated at Calicut, alleging immoral act .

In the wake of incident, a group liberal thinking youth organized a Kiss of Event at financial capital of Kerala ,Cochin. Organizers invited every one through official Facebook page and it remind us the similar Facebook protests happened in Egypt .And the protest got pan India attention and promotion. People from different walk of life shown solidarity and declared that it is need of the hour. youth from Hyderabad ,Mumbai also organized similar kind of protests .Its spreading in India like a wild fire.


4.Bijith Vincent Kayamkulam Moral policing incident 

Incident explaining:

  •  Faizal (From Eruva near Kayamkulam)  ,Ashik, (who is the second accused) and Tanuj, who captured the visuals of the attack on his mobile phone  manhandled a youth in a moral policing act. They three attacked Bijith Vincent, a native of Nooranadu, near Kayamkulam Government Hospital, alleging that he misbehaved with a woman on May 28


5.Celebrity Hima Moral policing incident (2014)

  • Malayalam Actress Hima Shankar was arrested with her male friend and co-actor while they were travelling in bike through Kollam at night on Friday 25 July 2014.Hima Shankar Sheematty and her friend Sree Ram Ramesh was arrested while they were travelling toDrama Camp.They were taken into custody while travelling near Chinnakkada in Kollam and were taken to Police station.Both of them were not allowed to go home, even when the parents of Sree Ram came and requested Later in morning they were released without even charging a petty case.The cruel, indecent behavior of Kerala Police to a woman and man if found travelling together as crime is being criticized by media.
  • She reacted much emotionally to the incident and added that let this kind of incidnts never happen in future.
  • Hima Shnkar shown protest against


Hima Shankar
Hima Shankar


6.Moral policing at North kerala Muslim priest  

  •  This is a video which has been doing the rounds for past 1 year in social media. This is not a registered  incident and i am not sure about what is this all about.And also i am not sure who is the culprit is ?The society or this very man.
  • Incident happened panoor Kannur.

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