6 Reasons Why Urinating in Wash Basin is Better

6 Reasons Why Urinating in Wash Basin is Better


  • I thank my Zambian friend  (who wish to not unveil his name) for giving me inspiration for this article.
  • Its only for fun reading.


Location :Night 2 am Mahe Seychelles, My girl friend jennies room.

Shh jenny where is your toilet?  I want to pee ,I pushed my girl friend who was sleeping near to me. “Just go straight and its near my papas room” she said in half broken voice due to last nights vodka effect . Oh my god my foot how can I go there ,I am not familiar to this house and more  over I am scared of Jenny’s father ,he is arrogant and sharp guy i talked to myself.  Later I slowly walked out and my eyes strike on the very wash basin. With out thinking much I used it for my pee purpose . And that was the first time I used wash basin to urinate. And I came to realize the advantages —By My ZAmbian Friend.


  • Well this was a true story told by my Zambian friend to me recently . And this words are the reason for this article.


When he explained to me his funny experience I was like “Yuck”,  but later I kept on thinking about it . As he said it has many advantages event though its such a  gross activity. So I thought about sharing it with you people.


1.Its more easy 

  • Humans tend to lean where easiness exist. Urinating in wash basin bring great easiness. We can take easy position while we pee and no need to bend down . Its perfect height for pee. Especially in early mornings we normally get up with half mind so  we can just pee in the sink on perfect height instead of bending  or trying to stand in an abnormal position

2. Save time 

  • Time is life ,so saving time means you are saving more time to live in this beautiful world. Urinating in wash basin of course save your time. As I said its easy and  easiness is directly proportional to less time.
  • It’s the perfect height for you to start peeing, plus the faucet can clean most if you aim directly into the hole. It saves you time considering once you tuck your urinal organ back inside, you’re right in front of the sink.
  • In urgent situations you can just simple urinate with out much strain or stress.

3.Save Water: (Go green )

  • Great option for Eco-friendly people. When you pee in closet you flush down and you waste water normally. But in this case you use less water.
  •  The most important merit peeing in wash basin is saving of water.
Save water
Save water

4.Easy to clean :(Be hygienic)

  • Be hygienic. Most of the people except Muslims rarely wash after urinating . With  perfect  hight and position you can simple use the water with out any extra bend and using your hand you can easily wash your sensitive areas. So people are forced to clean the private parts so we can expect better hygiene  society .lol. Its alternative solution for french Bidet .

What is French Bidet ?

  • A bidet  is a plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the human sensitive parts.Its not much used nowdays.

5. Only men can do : (Sorry women)

  • Do it with your heads up and be proud that only men can do this. Do something which women can’t do . lol Sorry for women.

6.Perfect for  Patients,Old people  

  •  Its a perfect for urgent situation . Especially for patients who can’t bend much. And for Old people .So its highly recommended for weak sections.



I know many people irrespective of age practice this activity secretly . But all are shy or feel bad to talk about it. And many people found this activity un hygienic and gross . Any way I don’t want to promote this activity.

Things to remember :

  • Its not kitchen sink I am talking . I am talking about Wash basins.

Recently in america, a Pizza Hut employee has been caught in surveillance camera peeing in kitchen sink .That is so gross and it stirred controversy and that hotel has been shut down . And the hotel authorities fired that employee as well. We can’t tolerate such things .So let me tell you something i am talking about wash basins. Not kitchen sink.

  • Always keep dispenser before and after use.

To avoid smell keep dispenser and flush out with water properly.

  • Recommended to use this activity only in your personal properties (Personal room ).


Alternate solutions are available :

  • Recently in my uncles new home I found urinal in bath room. So When I asked him he said like it is easy ,save water ,time .
  • So instead of urinating in wash basin I suggest to accommodate a urinal in your bath room.

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