50 World Famous Germany Facts/brands/contributions/People.

50 World Famous Germany Facts/brands/contributions/People.

Germany is a developed western country with unique trade history in the global market.Here i am listing few world renowned German products.


  • I have no connection with any of the listed company or sponsors what so ever.
  • Data is purely based on my manual web harvesting.

Some facts about Germany:

  • Largest national economy in Europe.
  • Fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world(After america,china,japan)
  • Fifth by GDP (PPP) in 2008.
  • Of the world’s 500 largest stock market listed companies measured by revenue, the Fortune Global 500, 37 are headquartered in Germany.
  • Population of 82 million .






  • Founded on:
  • Founded by:








7: Porsche :


10:Black forest cake :


12: Bratwurst:



14:SAP AG:


15:Siemens AG:


16:Bosch :


17: Avira Antivirus :


18:Hugo Boss AG

  • Founded: 1924.
  • Key people Behind : Claus-Dietrich Lahrs (CEO and chairman of the managing board), Hellmut Albrecht (Chairman of the supervisory board).
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

19:Beer :

German introduced beer first and still German beer has a special welcome around the world.

  1. Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world, after the Irish (of course).
  2. Beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria.
  3. Michael Ballack does not like beer.
  4. Source materials vary somewhat in awarding countries their ranks in per-capita consumption, but it is clear that the Germans love their beer. In 1516, the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law, was passed in the city of Ingolstadt, allowing that only water, barley, and hops be used in the production of beer. At the time, they were unaware of the role that yeast plays in brewing (it had been a happy accident up to that point). The law has since been updated, but over the subsequent 500 years, the German enthusiasm for beer has hardly waned. Germany is home to approximately 1,250 breweries, nearly four times as many as all the other countries in the EU combined.This love affair is truly made manifest during a span between late September and early October, when Oktoberfest  is celebrated in Munich. Millions from around the world flock to the city to take part in the spectacle, where girls in dirndl dresses serve very strong (approximately 6.0 percent alcohol) beer in Maßkrug one-liter mugs. Perhaps not surprisingly, this excessive consumption can lead to problems, such as people fighting or passing out from intoxication. Those given to such massive overindulgence are dubbed Bierleichen (beer corpses) .
  5. The Munich Oktoberfest actually starts in late September. Don’t worry too much if you miss it: there are 60 beer gardens in and around the city that are open all summer.
  6. In a pub, you would raise your thumb and not your index finger to ask for a glass of beer.


  • Breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890.
  • By Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, a tax collector from Germany.


  • Founded on :28 May 1937
  • Key people: Martin Winterkorn:Chairman of the Board of Management,Ferdinand Piëch: Chairman of Volkswagen Supervisory Board.

22: Faber-Castell:

  • Founded :1761.
  • Founder: Kaspar Faber.


  • Founded 1999
  • Key people:Heinrich Hiesinger[2] (CEO and Chairman of the executive board), Gerhard Cromme (Chairman of the supervisory board)

24: Lamy:

  • Founded: 1930
  • Founder(s): Josef Lamy

25: BASF:

Largest chemical company in the world:

  • Founded:1865
  • Key people: Eggert Voscherau (Chairman of the supervisory board), Kurt Bock (CEO and Chairman of the  executive board)

26: Lamy :


  • Founded :1953.
  • Key people: Christoph Franz .

28: Daimler AG:

  • Founded :1998.
  • Key people :Dieter Zetsche (CEO and Chairman of the management board).Manfred Bischoff (Chairman of the supervisory board)


  • Founded:2000.
  • Key people:Johannes Teyssen (CEO and Chairman of the executive board).Werner Wenning (Chairman of the supervisory board)

30:German Shepherd :

  •  Origin dating to 1899.

31:Tune Up Utilities :(Software)

32:Team Viewer :(Software)

Team Viewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

33 :Albert Einstein:

the most recognized scientist in the world, was German and born in Ulm.

34:Cuckoo Clock :

The cuckoo clock is invented in Germany in the 17th century.


36:Hitler :

37: Soccer fan clubs:

There’s more soccer fan clubs in Germany than anywhere else in the world

38:Printed Book:

The first printed book was in German

39:Christmas tree (Tannenbaum):

  • The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany.

40:Mercedes Taxis :

  • Most taxis in Germany are Mercedes.

41:German Football:

42:Word Ecology :

  • The term “ecology” was first coined by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1866.

43:Gummy bears:

44:Daylight Saving Time (DST):

45: Bread museums:

  • There are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany.
  • There are also bread museums.

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