4 IIM Graduated CUSAT Alumi

4 IIM Graduated CUSAT Alumi

I passed Btech in the year 2011 from Cusat. And it was during my btech time i actually started writing blog as well. Its been 4 years since i left my college . But Even now when ever i com across this very keyword “CUSAT” , I get excited. And coming to this article, i thank Mr Jaiswal who actually listed this names in his blog first. And for my reader i am sharing it .

  • I believe this article would be an inspiration for many to dream for India’s best B-school.

1.Lubaib Vaidyarakathu

So proud to write about this guy, becauce he is my batch mate and close friend.

  • Cusat EC Branch 2007-11 batch(Cusat,Cucek)
  • He is from norther Kerala district , Kasarkode.
  • Got placed in Tolaram Group.

2.Saurav Kumar Baranwal

  • Cusat CSE 2006-10 batch
  • IIM,Lucknow on 16th June.
  •  He was placed in Accenture through campus placement and worked there for almost three years in .NET Technology and then moved to Symphony Teleca.
  •  Consulting domain, could start with IT consulting but he is more inclined towards Business consulting , interested in solving business related problems, giving ideas to improve the business.
  • Dream companies : McKinsey and BCG.

3.Akshita Ajith

  • Akshita Ajith​ of CSE, 2011 pass out.
  • JoinedIIM Lucknow.
  • Previously working in  PathPartner Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

4.Ravinath Sinha

  •  Ravinath Sinha of CSE, 2011 pass out batch joined
  • IIM Raipur.
  • Prior to that He was working in TCS.

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