20 Kerala Film Stars Supporting Communist Party : LDF

20 Kerala Film Stars Supporting Communist  Party : LDF

Its election time in Gods own country Kerala. Even though I  am miles away from Kerala my heart and brain is updating with each and every  happenings out there in my home town. Politics and cinema are most influential and co-related  always and every where.  Celebrities rarely open up about their political stand, scared of public reaction. But people are always curious to know about their favourite celebrities political life. Here i am listing out after researching about the political life of some prominent film stars in Kerala.


Why I chose to list communist party celebrities?

  • Obviously you would have raised eye brows seeing my biased approach here right?. But to be very frank almost 70% of Kerala artists are supporting Communist party in Kerala .Communist party  struggled a lot in the 1960s, to bring art forms forefront and used wisely cinema medium to cinvery messsages to soceity. So Left idelogies are very much mingled with Mollywoods evolution.



1: Mamooty:

Bio: Mollywood Actor and Producer.

  • Mega Star Mammoty (Muhammadkutty Ismail Panaparambil) is the chairman of Kerala Communist party managing  Malayalam Communications, which owns three TV channels — Kairali, People and We.
  • During his college days he was a strong leftist supporter and activist(In Maharajas College Cochin and LLB time). Later when he became super star in Mollywood he restricted himself in unveiling  his political ideology.
  • In an interview he recently said   “I AM A LIBERAL COMMUNIST “.

2: Mukesh:

Bio: Mollywood Actor and Producer.

  • He born and brought up in the cradle of communist ideologies. He is the son of O Madhavan , one of the founding members of the Communist Party supported drama group.
  • He was Kerala Government cultural associations head during communist parties tenure. And

3: Anoop Chandran:

Bio: Mollywood Actor.(comedy actor)

  • Anoop Chandran is known to be a strong activist of Communist Party of Kerala. He already shown courage in many occasions to tell public about his political life and ever lasting support for  left democratic front in Kerala. Even recently he got arrested by Kerala  police for making trouble at the meeting occasion of  congress party meeting, that shows he intense love towards Communist party . lol.

4: B Unnikrishnan:

Bio: Kerala film Director.

  • Super hit director is a great supporter and promoter of CPM leader Pinaryai Vijayan .He attended and promoted communist party as a whole  in many meetings and events. He recently explained in a an interview that Communism is the need of human kind. He was a very active communist worker in college time.

5: Lal Jose:

Bio: Film maker and producer.

  •  Even though he never came forward supporting communist party,his films and early college life stories strengthen  his support to CPM in Kerala.
  • His films spoke about his political ideology.
Lal Jose
Lal Jose

6: Ashiq Abu:

Bio: Film Maker.

  • New generation film sensation Ashiq Abu was very active in SFI(Student federation of India, youth wing of communist party ) during his college days in
  • His low profile Inter faith marriage holding typical communist ideologies has been  appreciated widely from different walks of life.
  • But he hasn’t yet publicly opened up about his politics.
  • Recently he found criticizing prominent leader in Muslim league.
  • I believe he would come come forward soon declaring his support to communist party.

7: ONV Kurup:

Bio: Malayalam poet and cinema lyricist.

He was a CPM  contestant once for a election.


8: Prithviraj Sukumaran:

Bio: Film producer and actor.

  • His father Actor Sukumaran was communist activist and obviously he is also up to a level.  Event hough he never unveiled about his political life we can assume that he mentally support communist party . And his home production upcoming movie depicts the communist culture in 1950s  (Arival chuttika nakshathram)

9: Vineeth Sreenivasan:

Bio: Singer,Script writer and director at Mollywood.

  •  Obviously he is proud son of Sreenivasan and its not surprising that he would support communist party. But he never shown support publicly . But I read few posts in personal blog supporting communist party and Particular communist leader VS  Achuthanandan. Even in his both film he strategically designed characters and stories to touch communist influence.

images (2)

10: Shaji Kailas:

Bio: Malayalm Film director and producer.

  • He opened up about his relation and support to communist party in an interview given to a private news paper years before . And he recalled his Left political life in college life as well during that interview. He films also seldom spoke about his support towards communist party and particularly VS Achuthanandan.

11: Sreenivasan:

Bio: Script writer and  Director.

  • He born in Communist Kannur soil (12 FILMS STARS IN KANNUR) to a communist activist father. He is real communist and atheist in real life.

12: Renji Panikar:

Bio: Malayalm Film director, journalist  and Script writer.

  • He found supporting Communist party and leader Pinariayi Vijayan in a public event recently. He was a very active communist student activist in his college days. He later used his art form to speak his support towards communist party.

“I have been offered handsome amount of money many times  from many sources to write film script defaming CPIM leader Pinariayi Vijayan , But I refused only because I believe he is corruption free leader in CPM.”–Renji Panikar. 


13: Innocent:

Bio: Kerala Film Actor.

  • His father was an active communist politician. He worked in RSP for around 2 years. He was municipal chairperson in Irinjalakuda. Later he quit politics and became active in films later. He is president of Kerala film association(AMMA) for last 14 years.  He is a  cancer survivor.( READ 6 CANCER SURVIVORS IN KERALA FILM INDUSTRY ).

He is contesting for LDF from Thrissur Constituency in 2014 Kerala Election. Best of Luck Comrade.


14: Lenin Rajendran:

Bio:Film director.


15 : Priyanandan :

Bio: Film director.

  •  Priyanandans directorial debut Film Neythukaran won national award. The story depicts the true story of real communist work in Kerala. He came to film from drama and he is true follower of communist ideologies since childhood.


16: Shajoon Karyal:

Bio: Film director.

  • He mentally supports communist part of Kerala.

Source : From my close friend.


17: Reema Kallingal:

Bio: Film actor Kerala.

  • Her political agenda hasn’t revealed any where open .But From 3 recent events we could conclude that she is mentally supporting communist party.

1:Inter-Faith Marriage with Ashiq Abu(wedding was held in the presence of Communist MP P Rajeev)

2: Criticized former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit through FB

3: Reported that a certain party representatives had approached Rima to contest for Ernakulam in the coming Lok Sabha election.



19.KPAC Lalitha:

There were roumers at frist about the candidature of KPAC for 2016 asmbley elction. Later she cleared everything saying that, she is hard core comrade but due to her physical challngers she is not contesting this time .


21.Amal Neerad: 

  • Amal was an left activist during his college days in Maharajas. Even though he rarely open up like his mate Ashiq abu in soical media, he still had that left inclined ideologies.


This is the list is not complete with out referring to our late comrades listing.


22: Murali:

  • Contested for CPM in Kerala election once.

23: Venu Nagavally:

  • Former Communist party Channel Kairlai Tv Chairman.

24:  Thilkan:

  • True Communist till last breath

25: Vayalar Rama Varma:

26: Thoppil bhasi:

27: O. Madhavan:


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