20 Infosys Asp.Net Interview Questions:My experience

Hello Every one ,My name is Sanjeev Varma and I got an interview call from Infosys through a job portal recently .I was a full time employee in French company called Capegemni then and prepared for my interview  rigorous. But to be frank the interview was much better and relaxed to other interviews which attended before. with the grace of god i done with interview with out any issues. 

” jithumpa” asked me to write my interview experience and to be frank this is my first post . I haven’t published anything like this before. First of all i thank Mr jithumpa for this giving me a chance. 


Before leap read this brief 

  • MAKE SURE TO BRING : Application form,Interview call letter, Identity card,Resume.
  • Interview location : Infosys ,Electronic city Bangalore.
  • Interviewed by : Two lady professionals.
  • Time : 11.30 am to 12pm.
  • Duration : Half and Hour.

My Profile :

  • 3 year experience in .Net,C#.

Here start the questions which i faced during the interview.

1.Tell about you?

  • A formal ice breaking-warm up question. Just tell “Who you are” and “What you do”. Don’t try to detail your life story ,by asking this questions they are expecting you to get tell your professional and education life. Start with little bit of personal details and then dive in to your academic excellence stories and slowly one by one describe about your companies and projects.

2.Talk about your Last project and your role you done?

  • Just describe about your current project in details and technologies used for it. Then just tell a tast you have done recently.
  • Interviewer Given me a piece of paper and asked to draw the architect of the project.And also the

3.What is DotNet and compare DotNet versions?

  •  Asked to compare the versions of .NET. So make sure you have an overall idea about the history of .Net framework and versions.

5.What is String builder ?.What is the advantage and disadvantage ?

  • Study what is string in C#. Understand its advantage and disadvantages. Then understand what is string builder and study comparing both.

6.Tell about the testing you have done in your project ?. talk about any specific tool you used for testing?

  • You can tell you have done unit testing. Or you can tell you have done manual testing for your projects. Talk about testing from a developers view.

7.Tell me about the methodology and architecture used in your last project ?

  • Tell about any design patters used in your previous projects.

8.What is View State ?

  • Tell about the state management techniques used in Web forms . etc

9.What is boxing and Un-Boxing ,Casting and type conversion?

  • The operation of Converting a “Value Type”(example :int or float) to a “Reference Type”(example :Object) is called Boxing and the reverse operation is called Unboxing.type Casting or Type Conversion is a mechanism to convert one data type value to another one. Type conversion is possible if both the data types are compatible to each other; otherwise you will get an InvalidCastException.

10.Difference between int and int 32?

  • Its a confusing question. Best answer is BOTH ARE SAME.
  • “Int” is a data type keyword defined by the language, C#. Int32 is a data type defined by the .NET Common Type System (CTS). It is mapped to Int32 of FCL type in c#.
  • Both are signed and takes 32 bits.

11.What is Session and why it is used and compare it with ,Application and cache ?

  • Since HTTP is stateless ,we use Session object to hold information about one single user, and are available to all pages in one application(across the pages). Common information stored in session variables are name, id, and preferences. The server creates a new Session object for each new user, and destroys the Session object when the session expires.

12.What is Jquery ?Write a small Jquery program?

  • Query is a very common java-script framework. And i wrote a small basic jquery syntax program.

13.Write SDLC(Software development life cycle ) phases ?

  • Just start from requirements gathering and start on going. Just understand the entire phased thoroughly.

14.Which SDLC method you followed in your last commercial project ?

  • You can tell you followed typical water fall model or agile method according your experience.

15.What is Globalization and Localization ?

16. What is XML Serialization in .Net. ?

17.Is Value type variables stored in Stack ?

  • Yes value type is stored in stack and reference type is stored in Heap.

18.Would you like to ask us any queries or doubts ?

  • You have to ask something about the company and projects for sure.

Fortunately i got selected for a whoopng package 6.5 Lakhs per annum. So happy to be part of a big company. Best of luck for all who are going to attend the interview

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