17 Bike Stunt Groups in Kerala: Bike Stunters

17 Bike Stunt Groups in Kerala: Bike Stunters

I made A small research to list out major bike stunt groups in Kerala. I tried my best to make the list complete, if you want me to add more, Please mail to ask@jithumpablog.com.


“4 Wheels move the body and 2 wheels move the soul so what does 1 wheel do?  Well it moves the body, the soul and  pretty much everything around it”

 Well, I don’t know how to do bike stunting. More Over  I am not that damn good in handling that 2 wheel scary vehicle called bike. But to be frank, I love bike stunting. So I decided to write little bit about that . As usual I did a small research to collect all this details. Still bike stunting is in its puberty stage in Kerala. But recent trends shows that lot of young people are interested and entering into this dashing and scary sport.

I have conducted a small interview with a bike stunt group’s member (Outlaws ).You can read the script here. Interview with Outlaws.


Main Terms related to bike stunting:

  • Stoppie : lifting the rare wheel of the motor cycle using momentum and braking force.
  • Wheelies: lifting the front of the ground using clutches.


1:Ghost riders: (Best in INDIA)

  • Location –Trivandrum.
  • Started off: May 2007
  • Members:  Migil mohan,sreekanth,senthil kumar,abhishek senthil
  • Trained from: Adimallayithooru,palippuram crpf camp,rose track in sholavaram.
  • Style: Free style motor cycle stunt riding.
  • Sponsors: Bajaj pulsar, icon, motul K&N, METHODS AUTOMOTIVE
  • Achievements: Bajaj sponsored and gifted 220 pulsar bikes, they even performed in silver screen, they shared space with world acclaimed rider criss feevar.
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com.
  • Merits: They never come as disturbance nor interfere to public life in any aspect.
  • ManagerL: Mighil mohan ,

2:HTRZ (Hi torque Racers)

HTRZ is a group for all kinds of stunts. They have many new joiners who is making a difference to this whole stunting nirvana. They are not into compete but to entertain ,that’s what they do. Every time you can expect something new out of us. They are very keen to put our  positions at the top.


  • Location –Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695582.
  • Started off: August 2008.
  • Contact :ask@jithumpablog.com.

3: Devil Roadiez [DRz]


  • Location – Konni
  • Started off:2012
  • Members:Robin ,Shallu,Arjun ,Richu,Nevin ,Saju ,Robin Sam DRz,Ananathu DRz,,Degeesh DRz,Richard DRz,Aneesh DRz,Christy DRz,Dibin ,Azif DRz,Ben DRz,Adil DRz,Bijo DRz,Eason DRz,Libin DRz,Jijo DRz,Sajin DRz,Johnson DRz,ijo DRz.
  • Contact :ask@jithumpablog.com.

 4: Outlaws

  • Location –Calicut
  • Started off:2009.
  • Members:
  • Trained from: ITI Ground Maallikadavu, Cemetry Ground Kunduparamba, Sarovaram Calicut.
  • Style: Freestyle Stunt Riding
  • 1. 1st ever Stunt Team in Kerala to have performed Dropped – Out(No-Front wheel) Wheelie Circles.
  • 2. Only stunt team in Kerala performing “Dropped-out” combo Wheelie Circles.
  • 3. Second Stunt Team from Kerala to have performed for most number of Motorbike Companies
  • 4. 2nd stunt team in Kerala to have performed in North India, as well as, other parts of India.
  • Merits: They consider Stunt riding as an Art, which when practiced safely & perfectly, yields a spectacular and thrilling experience. STUNT HARD!! RIDE SAFE!! *We never create nuisance to others by performing in public areas/roads, especially without permission from the concerned persons.
  • Contact :ask@jithumpablog.com.


Among the top motorcycle stunt team from India,TeamDFG consists of a few, but immensely talented motorcycle Professional stunt rider.A professional show fromTeamDFG heats up the audience and makers each event everyone will remember.Contact them for stunt shows /events /promos.

  • Location –Team DFG, Kochi, India 682020
  • Started off:2007.
  • Members: kriss,murali,pravith,akhil,ebin,rohan,ricky(4 proffesional stunters).
  • Style: Freestyle Motorcycle Stunt Riding Team [Since 2007].
  • Achievements:The team has been featured on various media,magazines and is active on various motorcycle stunt related events.The team is currently working with a major motorcycle maker helping them promoting new motorcycle models across the country.Fellow team members actively participate in Movies, TV Ads, stunt competitions, charity and earn respect from the biking community.
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com

6: DAC(De Adrenalin Crew):

  • Location –Chenganoor.
  • Started off:2013
  • Members: Rahul,Vichu,Manu,Jithu,Kiran,sreeraj,sonu,Roshan,Anoop,Anandhu.
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com

7: Banditz

  • Location –Calicut
  • Founded by: Koyas Althani
  • Members: Jobin nd prajosh
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com

8: Over Rulez

  • Location –Calicut.
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com


  • Team Insane is a Professional Free Style bike stunting Team from Kottayam Kerala

  • Location –Kottayam.
  • Members:Tom Joseph – Team Lead – Coordination
    Iqbal i – Lead Stunter
    Sarath – Lead Stunter –
    Anoop – Freestyle Stunt-rider
    Muneer – Freestyle Stunt Rider
    Ambu – Stunt Rider

10: Team RPM

Team RPM is a professional Freestyle Bike Stunt Riding & Bike Racing team in India

  • Location –Team.RPM, Kodungallur.
  • Started off:14 August 2012
  • Members: Fazil Abubacker, Lijin Lal, Shelin.
  • Contact : ask@jithumpablog.com

11: Team AG

  • Location –team of Antigravity , Kodungallur
  • Members: .Niszam Ag ,Shadhil Ag ☺ Jaff Ag ☺ Mansoor Ag ☻ suneer Ag .
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com


  • Location :Pathanamthitta
  • CONTACT: ask@jithumpablog.com
  • Founded by Goutham aka gash demon.
  • Binu cj is the team leader.

this are extended list.

  • Street laws.
  • MWC.

” fuel in the veins, blood in the tank”

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