15 Things to know before buying a Dog in India

15 Things to know before buying a Dog in India


  • I Use this chance to thank my 14 year old cousin Achu (10th Stand: B Calicut Bhavans ) ,for helping me in preparing this article .
  • I dedicate this article to all Dog Lovers around the world and especially to my Home town Kerala dog lovers.


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself


1.Make Sure Dog is KCI  Registered before you Buy 

  • What is KCI?

A professional body that maintains Dog Breed Standard in India. KCI’s head office is in Chennai,India.The registration certificate carries pedigree of 5 generations of the puppy. The dog will be easily registered if its parents are registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI).

  • I think now you got idea about KCI. So make sure the dog you are going to buy is KCI registered. This is the first thing you should consider.

2.Check Dogs Tongue Color 

Next you have to check whether the dog is healthy enough.For that check its tongue color.A healthy tongue is normally pink unless, of course, you have a Chow Chow or another black-tongued breed. The tongue should not be coated, and there shouldn’t be any lumps, bumps, growths or raised areas.

Check the issues of tongue with other colors

  • A Pale or white tongue may be a sign of a weakened body condition.
  • A Deep red tongue may indicate hyperactivity of one of the organ systems of the body and may involve a bacterial or viral infection, fever, gall bladder or kidney stagnation, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cancer, or an accumulation of toxins somewhere in the body.
  • A bluish or purple-tinged tongue can suggest pain or congestion somewhere in the body
  • A yellow-orange tongue may indicate gastritis and gall bladder or liver malfunction.
Pink tounge
Pink tongue Dog


3.Your Budget ?

  • Dogs can be quite expensive to run. So make sure that you have enough money let you regret later.

4.Buy Dogs with  1 to 3 months age

  • I would never buy a dog that is younger than 8-10 weeks. Puppies learn a lot from their mother and litter mates and benefit greatly from being with them longer. Pups that are taken before 8 weeks often have issues with biting and other social behaviors. You will end up with a much better dog and save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run if you wait to get it at 8 weeks.

5.Avoid: If Dog step back once you approach for the first.

This is a small and tricky test to find Dogs socializing nature. So before you go for deal ,approach the dog and understand its reaction. If it step back , better not to go for the deal . because its a negative impression.

  • Socialize your dog early on. By exposing your dog to various people and environments, it will become a more stable, happy, and confident animal. Be sure to continue socialization beyond the puppy years. Socialization reduces the likelihood that your dog could become fearful or aggressive toward other people and animals.

6.Hold Dog with your hands and Shake and move Well

  • This is a kind of checking is goog to find that Dog is healthy enough.

7.Make Sure no liquid is coming from his nose or mouth?

  • Make sure no kind of bad liquid coming from your dogs nose or moth,If so it denotes some kind of ailment.

8. Check whether a Dog Fit with your Family and religion ?

  • If you have three children under five and your wife is expecting twins, you probably don’t need me to tell you, that you don’t need a dog. But it is surprising just how many people do take on a puppy when their kids are tiny and then struggle to cope.Having a puppy is a bit like having a toddler, and whilst some dogs and kids do rub along very nicely together, it can be very tough in the early years.
  • Pushing a buggy whilst trying to lead train a large or even a medium sized dog is no joke. And tiny puppies are easily broken by small children as they step on them, climb on them, and trip over them.
  • A toddler, expensive veterinary treatment, and a puppy with its leg in plaster is not a great combination.
  • However, if your kids are all over five, able to walk for an hour or so without needing to be carried, and to understand what a dog’s basic needs are, the chances are you will all enjoy and benefit from your new companion.

9. Make sure you spend time with your doggy in your busy life 

  • before you make a deal ,make sure whether you would find time for your doggy. This is a very important thing. I have seen in many houses in Kerala where they purchase dog for their prestige issue and seldom give care to dog. This shouldn’t tolerated.

10.Hereditary Check

  • As far as dog is concerned ,unlike human most of the disease comes as hereditary for dogs. So before you buy ,make sure to get details about eh root of dog and go for hereditary research.

11.Take proper Vaccinations

  •  Take proper vaccinations before you buy.

12.Should buy familiar breeds?

  •  Make sure your have facilities for that particular breed?( climactic conditions )
  • Consider which breeds are suitable for your region’s climate, especially if you have a yard and want to keep it as an outside dog

13.Cleaning and Brushing your Dog.

  • Brush your dog’s teeth in order to prevent dental diseases. Three to five times a week is recommended, and your vet can give you a lesson as well as recommend an appropriate toothbrush and paste.

14. Arrange basic Amenities for Dog ?

  • Before you take your new dog home, make sure you have all the basic supplies. These include a collar, ID tag and rabies tag (you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck, and the leash should be four to six feet long), food and water bowls (steel, glass, or ceramic preferred), a comfortable dog bed, and toys.

15. At Last Put a Dog Sign Board Outside and Enjoy life with your Doggy.

  • Last but not least , make sure you sign board outside your house gate to alert the people about your dog.
Sign Boards
Sign Boards

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