12 Interesting Facts about Sai Pallavi (Premam fame Malar)

12 Interesting Facts about Sai Pallavi  (Premam fame Malar)

Every one out here in Kerala is now talking great about Premam movie released one week before. Well it  turned out to be blockbuster in all the ways. Of course what stay in your mind when you step down after watching that very film this very character “Malar” which is portrayed by Sai Pallavi.

  • Who is Sai pallavi/Malar?

Sai Pallavi, the debutante actress who essayed the character #Malar in the recent blockbuster Premam.

I don’t know what to call her now because every one is calling her Malar. LOL

1.She was a Model Before?

  • Can you imagine malar as a model ?. Bit diffuclt to digest who ever seen her performance as Malar in Premam. But in reality She worked as model before entering into silver screen.

2.She Was not Confident about her looks first

  • According to Sai Pallavi, she was reluctant to accept such a great offer, as she was not very confident about her looks and language skills. And she just broke the very concept of keralas heroin blah blha  when she came with that pimple full face and smiled.

3.Dancing Reality Show Participant

  • She is also a brilliant dancer and has participated in some highly popular dance reality shows.
    Sai Pallavi has competed in many dance reality shows in South India like Dhee 5, Ungalil adutha Prabhudeva Yaar.

4.Acted in Advertisements?

  • Director Alphonse Puthren spotted Sai Pallavi in an advertisement and immediately decided to cast her in the role. She has acted in few not so famous advertisements before foraying into movies.

5. Sai Pallavi first thought Director Alphonse puthren as a stalker ?

  • She recollected other day in an interview that when director alphonse puthren called her in phone , she thought him a s stalker and avoided his called. Later only she understood the reality and apologized him.

6.Yes She is Doctor by Profession, Surprising right?

  • American Indians have something to cheer. Because now Malar(Sai) is in USA. Sai is a doctor by profession and currently pursuing higher studies at Georgia(United states of america).Final-year MBBS student in Georgia. She is doing her studies in Tbilisi state medical university.

7.She Born and brought up in Neelagiri, Tamil nadu

  •  Hails from Kotagiriof Neelagiri district Tamil Nadu.but she born and bred in Coimbatore.

8. Sai Pallavi photos leaked in What app?

  • Yesterday a link is shared in whats app with this title “nude photo of malar leaked”.
    i got annoyed instantly because i just freaking admire and love her as malar. And all of a sudden something like this i got. I was so sad
    But wen i clicked that link a curve came in my lips. and i laughed out.and it was this

it shows her popularity.

9. Sai Pallavi confused about doing other films ?

  • After the unimaginable success of Premam Sai Pallavi became a house hold name in Kerala. And in other way it is burden and so much responsibility also. People will expect nothing but more than Character malar in her upcoming projects and its huge responsibility to raise to that level. She even got letter from her fans that its better not to take any projects and they want to see Sai Pallavi as Malar always. So she is totally confused.

10. Offical facebook link of Sai

  • After the release of movie ,lot of fake facebook pages popped up in her name and it was confusing to find which one is used official by the actress. Now here i am sharing the authentic one.

Read what she wrote in her Facebook page after Premam success:

“I’ve been trying to write a thank u note for over 3 days n i still haven’t found d exact words that describe how i feel… but im still gonna try ..so here goes …
First i would like to Thank GOD for everything n i mean everything …frm having the best parents in the world n a naughty lil sister n great friends..wonderful opportunities ..
n what not… i feel extremely blessed heart emoticon i really wanna write about mom n dad n pooju but its gonna take days for me to put my heart out in words ..i am nothing without them heart emoticon i hope i always make them proud heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon i Love u heart emoticon”

11. Is Kerala film “Premam” her first movie ?

  • No. Tamil film “Dhaam Dhoom” released in the year 2008 is Sai pallavis first official movie.

12. What is in between Dulquer Salmaan and  Sai Pallavi?

  • Dulquer salmaan and sai pallavi joined together for Sameer thahir’s third film. Shooting is progressing.

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