11 Interesting Facts about Thrissur(Kerala)

11 Interesting Facts about Thrissur(Kerala)

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This is my small attempt to see districts in Kerala through my limited knowledge and experience. Here you will not see the real typical facts about  a city , rather you see here is what i know about this city. So let me make it very clear from starting , just


1.Host World’st biggest festival every year :Thrissur Pooram :

  • Of course this Pooram comes first when ever Thrissur is refereed any where. It is Worlds Biggest and colorful annul Festival held at Thrissur. People from across the globe flow to witness this mammoth  event where 100s of decorated elephants are queued.

2.Thrissur is the next Kerala IT hub : List of Software Companies in Thrissur:

  • Software industry is still in puberty stage here. But Thrissur still have around 50 software companies in the city . Look at my list:


  • Thrissur is home to IT park called ,  Thrissur Infopark (an extended campus to Cochin Infopark).

3.World famous Dance school: Kalamandalam:

  • Kalamandalam played pivotal role in getting cultural capital tag to Thrissur.
  • It is a deemed university situated in Thrissur where different performing arts are taught.

4.Films Stars from Thrissur:

  • Thrissur is called as the cultural capital of Kerala. So its not a big deal to propagate the contribution Thrissur people has done for Mollywood . But still i am sharing you the list of major Cinema celebrities from this place.


5.Ever booming Gold Industry in Thrissur:

  • Thrissur is one of the major manufacturing centres of plain gold and rolled gold jewelry in South India.Up to 70% of Kerala’s jewelry is manufactured in Thrissur.
  • So Thrissur is called as the gold capital of south India.

6.Famous Business Tycoons in Thrissur 

  • It is rumored that Every Thrissur guy is born with Business blood. It is true as far as my knowledge.
  • If you check out the top 10 list of richest people from India, you can see atleast one or two belongs to Thrissur for example: Yusuf Ali (LULU group ).

7.South Indian Bank head Quarters:

  • Thrissur is the head quarters of South Indian bank which has branches all over India.

8.Thrissur Film Festival:

Two major film festivals held every year at Thrissur , those are :

  • ViBGYOR Film Festival:Its an international short and documentary film festival held every year in Thrissur
  • International Film Festival of Thrissur( IFFT ): Its an another annual event held in Thrissur.

9.World famous Vadakunathan Temple:

  • A city that is surrendered around a big temple, that is Thrissur. I don’t think any other city in the world got designed like this.

10.Thrissur is called as the “Elephants capital of India”:

  • You will not leave Thrissur once you cross border with out seeing at least one elephant. Just like festivals  elephants are also a part of Thrissur peoples life very much.

11. Thrissur Men are good in impressing ladies:

  • Yes its true. Its truth that is never discussed in a public forum. I talked to many people regarding this and finally i came to conclusion  . What is that special thing in Thrissur people that ladies love ? And the answer is:
  • 1.Thrissur people are good in cracking jokes
  • 2.Their care free life style and money making mind.


NB: I will make this article more refined by keep on adding more details.

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