10 Important Things to Know before Visiting Kenya,Africa:2014


  • Purely based on my personal experience.


When I got my offer letter to work in East African country, Kenya I searched a lot in internet about Kenyas culture and related things . But there wasn’t much information available in Internet about the things to know before some one visit Kenya. So I thought about sharing the proper informations.  I travelled to Kenya in 2013 and I prepared this article purely based on my personal experience.

  • Please keep in mind that In every country Rules are regulations change often.


1: Vaccinations to Take :

  • Yellow fever vaccination:

Yellow fever vaccination is the first and primary thing you have to take before you got to African countries. I have wrote a separate article about yellow fever vaccination .


  •  Polio vaccination alert :

This information is for Indian travellers. Those who  travel to or coming  from 7 polio-endemic countries are  required to take polio vaccination .India will officially be declared polio-free on Tuesday by the WHO after three consecutive years of no new polio cases.


2: Keep US dollar For airport procedure:

You know US dollar is the most traded and most valued currency in the world. When you reach Kenya its a mandatory to keep at least 100 US dollar.

  • 50 US dollar For Tourist Visa :


3: Tourist visa procedure in Kenya:(Visa on Arrival)

  •  3 month visa :
  • It can be Extended  upt to 6 months.

4: Try to be extra conscious :

  • This is Africa. keep that in mind.Its comm ever you reach in foriegn country


5: Book and confirm your accommodation and travel agent or local partner prior:

  • Make sure you are well planned before you visit Kenya. Your accommodation and food


6: Use entry level mobile phone (Not use valuable smartphones):

  • Mobile snatching is a common practice in Kenya. So better make sure to use entry level mobile phone .And always keep your phones inside your pocket. Never let the people around you notice it.


 7: Take Mobile connection:

  • There are mainly 2 mobile service providers in Kenya ,SafariCom and Airtel. You would get connections straight from airport itself .

8: Safari Advice to tourists :

  • Only book your safari with legal tourist operators

9. Climate:

  • Climate is fairly moderate and seasons are separated by long and short rains. The summer months are sunny and warm but comfortable.

10: Mode of language is English :

  • Its a great relief that, every one in Kenya knows English very well. Unlike other non- English speaking countries,communication is not at all a problem in Kenya.

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