10 Best and Expensive Schools in Kerala


“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” – John Dewey

You know something Before I completed my schooling ,actually studied in three schools Venerni, Airport school Calicut  .Kerala is a place where education has such a importance that parents are even ready to  take loans for school entry level education.In my opinion, the best schools in accordance to Indian concept is discipline and righteous culture .

Here the survey is listed on the basis of Quality of education and worth of money.

  • For kindergarten till 4 th:  where play, fun, creativity and language and pronunciation has importance.
  • Then 5-10 where schools help in imparting a positive attitude towards studies, where they instill in children an attitude to acquire knowledge.
  • Then 11 th and 12 th should be send to schools that really take the pulp out of them , good if there is entrance coaching also along with regular classes.


1.The Trivandrum International School

This school offers classes from LKG to 12 standards. Located in the 17 acre campus on the outskirts of Trivandrum(Capital city of Kerala)

  • Established in :
  • Management :
  • Fees and other expenses per year (Rough figure)
  • Syllabus:
  • Facilities: state of art facilities like auditorium, well-stocked library, audio-visual room, playground and swimming poll, etc.

2. Choice Cochin :

  • Established in:
  • Management : The Choice School is the dream project of Mr. Jose Thomas, Managing Director of the Choice Group and President of the Choice Foundation.
  • Donation :of around 1.5 lakhs at time of admission,
  • Tuition fees+bus fare around 1 lakh per year.
  • 4. ex-NRIs (and there are many) attuned to even higher fees in Gulf do not mind paying this

3.Sadhbhavana Calicut :

Actually i heard about this international school situated in my home town recently only .

  • Established in :
  • Management :
  • Fees and other expenses per year (Rough figure)
  • Syllabus:
  • Facilities:

I came to know about this international school, only when my cousin got admission there.

4.Global public school

Considered as MOST EXPENSIVE school in Kochi, perhaps in entire Kerala…. Even for KG, the annual fee is 1.5 Lakhs… For high school, the fees is 2.4 lakh annually.. For residential and International syllabus, it comes to a whopping 3.2 Lakh annually.

The problem is that, most of the students are NRKs. FCI OEN has lot of English and German nationalities working in key position and since FCI OEN’s HQ and their key facilities are nearby to the school, the area and Tripunithura has many of them who send their children here.

  • Established in :
  • Management :
  • Fees and other expenses per year (Rough figure)
  • Syllabus:
  • Facilities:

5.Gregorian Public School 

  • Location: Maradu.
  • established in 1998.
  • The school is run by the St. Gregorios Charitable Trust.  Bishop Joseph Mor Gregorios(the Bishop of Cochin Diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Church.) is the founder, Managing Trustee of the Trust and Managing Director of the School.

6. Peevees Public School Malappuram 

  • City : Malappuram,Nilambur.
  • Established : 1993
  • Head Of Institute : P. V. Abdul Wahab(Abdul Wahab Peevee is an entrepreneur and a politician from Muslim League. Malappuram)
  • Fee structure (per annum): LKG & UKG–79,500,Std.I to V –1,11,000,Std. VI & VII –1,96,500,Std. VIII to X –2,10,000.,Std XI & XII (Commerce Group)-2,34,000,Std XI & XII (Science Group) –2,55,000

6. Toch school Yytilla 

  • Syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, to which it is affiliated.
  • The medium of instruction is English.


  • Owned and manged by by roman catholic christian community


  • Booker prize winner Arundhati Roy and script writers Bobby & Sanjay are famous alumins from Palllikoodam.
    Children are encouraged to speak in Malayalam which ,school have found that using Malayalam as the medium of instruction in lower classes leads to a significant increase in self-confidence and stimulates imagination.
  • The children sing old Malayalam ‘Tharattu’ which were re-discovered and resurrected from cold storage. We also teach Carnatic Music. Teachers are addressed as ‘Chechi’ or ‘Kochamma.’ ‘Ammachy’ is a term specially reserved for Sneha Z and Mary Roy (Sr.) because of their great age ! We greet each other with folded hands and a namaskaram. It feels good ! In the Nursery Class and Stds. I to IV, instruction is completely informal. Little pupils sit on the ground in groups, and a single class can tackle three different subjects simultaneously. Teachers move from one group to another encouraging self learning and experiment.

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