3 Reasons Why Kerala People Are Fairer than Other South Indians

3 Reasons Why Kerala People Are Fairer than Other South Indians


  • Please take this article with light heart and it isn’t published to hurt any kind of sentiments.
  • Its just my point of observation, doesnt refere to any autnenticity.


Actually i have noticed my Tamil friends so much excited about Kerala peoples fair skin and asked me , If south Indians belongs to Dravidan (Still ) community mainly with a dark skin ,how come the south Indian state Kerala has this large fair skin people. Then only i noticed ,comparatively among south Indian states (Andra,Karataka TamilNadu ) Kerala people have fair skin.

So in-order to get the details , i put that question in Quora and here i am giving you 3 answers which i got as reply in Quora.



1.Kerala is a State with high Rate of Mixing

  • Keralites live in the coast and they have lots of opportunities to mix with people of different races.It doesn’t matter the color or caste of the person but we do mix a lot.

The Keralites were originally part of the Chera Tamil kingdom and were dark as tamils

1. In 350 AD, Syrian xtians immigrated from Iran and middle east and settled and married black keralites

2. In 650 AD, Arab traders immigrated and married black Keralites.

3. In 700 AD, Aryan Nambudiri brahmins immigrated. The keralites were matriarchal and had a series of temporary husbands. Many of these temporary husbands were Nambudiri brahmins

So in 3 ways, whiter blood entered the black keralites and made them fairer than the tamils.


2.Christians and Muslims are High in Number 

  • Christian population is very large in Kerala and most of them are fair skinned people. And Muslims(mainly white Arab descends) population is also very large in Kerala, Mainly norther Kerala.

3.Climate in Kerala is not as Hot as other South Indian States

  • If we take other south indian states like Tamil nadu and ANdhra you can see its too hot. So this can also be a reason.


If  any one else feel or find any points , please let me know, I will add it after review.


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