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To be frank what ever women rights movements comes ,in India its not at all a cat walk to bring gender equality in every walks of life. Especially in Indian entertainment industry ,where females are sidelined to just acting profession mainly.  But its happy to find few determined female personalities, came forward crossing all technical and mental inhibitions and hoisted success flag in male dominate film industry as film makers.

But I am so happy to list out this 8 active film makers in Malayalam film industry. I believe in coming days we could expect more female film makers in main stream films.

  • I dedicate this article to all female young film aspirants


1: Geetu Mohandas

Entered to Kerala film as a child artist first . Later performed as main actress in many Malayalam films. She took a break in acting and started concentrating more on technical aspects of film making.  She started researching and studying about film making. And she directed award winning short film Kelkkunundo and gained much appreciation from the critics.

  • Born and brought up in Canada.
  • Married to famous national award won cinematographer cum director Rajeev Ravi.
  • She keeps very good friendship with Kerala actress Manju warrior.
  • Now she is busy designing her new film script and hopefully she would come up with feature film in next year .

So far As a director :

  • Kelkkunnundo.

2: Sheela 

Not much know the fact that yesteryear Malayalam actress Sheela directed Two movies and written script for one movie in Mollywood.

As a director :

  • Yakshagaanam (1976).
  • Sikharangal (1979).

As a Story writer:

  • Sikharangal (1979).

3: Anjali Menon

  • Even though born in Calicut district of Kerala ,she brought up in Dubai .She is coming from a non-Film family and she got her arts degree from London school. She got state award for her Debut Film Manjadikurru . And as a script writer she bagged national award for commercially successful film Ustad hotel. She is one of the most promising female director in India now. She is married and settled in calicut now. Her movie Bangalore days became trend setter in Mollywood.

As a director :

  • Kerala Cafe.
  • Manjadikuru.
  • Bangalore Days.

As a script writer :

  • Ustad Hotel
Anjali Menon
Anjali Menon

4: Beena Paul

  • Bina Paul  is an award-winning Indian film editor.
  • She has mainly worked on Malayalam-language films.
  • She is married to the famous cinematographer Venu ISC.
  • She holds the post of Artistic Director of International Film Festival of Kerala.

5:Sreebala K Menon

  • She has worked as an assistant director for Malayalam movies Innathe Chinthavishayam, Vinodayathra, Rasathanthram, and Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka.
  • She turned associate director with Bhagyadevatha.
  • After associating ace director Sathyan Anthikad in many movies, Sreebala succeed to enter the female directors league in Malayalam cinema.
  • Now she is buy writing script to become independent director.
Sreebala K Menon
Sreebala K Menon

6:Shiny Jacob Benjamin

  • Documentary filmmaker Shiny Jacob Benjamin, one of the two women from Kerala who won the Laadli National Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2011-12, is back with a new short film. Shiny, whose works focus mostly on women, is out with Translated Lives.

7:Shalini Usha Nair

  • Debut director Shalini Usha Nair took four years to finalize her First script  Akam.

8: Revathy S Varmha

  • Director Revathy S Varma directed June R in Tamil, makes her Debut in Malayalam with Mad Dad.
  • Revathy has done 480 commercials.
  • She has done ads including Malabar Gold, Nakshatra, Siyaram, Rexona, Hamam and Happy Jam.
  • Revathy says movies leave enough breathing space compared to commercials that are counted in seconds.
  • “Ads should have the x-factor to hook the viewer for a fraction of second while swapping the channels,” she says. For her ad film making is a thrilling and enterprising affair and she plans to re-enter the field at the earliest. “From the initial brainstorming session to the final cut, each stage is a tightrope walk. You are creating the face of a brand and it’s a very risky affair,” she adds.
  • After entering tinsel town through Tamil Revathy spread her wings to other industries as well and ‘Mad Dad’ is her sixth feature film

9: Revathi

Southern actress Revathi helmed Mitr, My Friend to great acclaim in 2002. She went on to direct Shilpa Shetty in a career best performance as an AIDS victim in Phir Milenge, a Hindi remake of Hollywood hit Philadelphia.

Filmography as Director :

  • Mitr, My Friend English National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English
  • Phir Milenge Hindi.
  • Kerala Cafe Malayalam “Makal” segment.
  • Mumbai Cutting Hindi “Parcel” segment.
  • Red Building Where the Sun Sets English Short film.

10: Suhasini Maniratnam

  • Veteran film maker Maniratnams wife Suhasini has directed 2 films.

As director:

  • Indira (1996)
  • Penn (television show) (1991)

As a dialogue writer:

  • Thiruda Thiruda (1993)
  • Iruvar (1997)
  • Raavanan (2010)

 11: Shakeela

  • Shakeela, soft porn sensation was once pivotal in the mainstream Malaylam industry .
  • Her career came to an end as porn star ,Due to protests and threat from many corners(Especially from religious organizations)
  • She recently directed a  film titled ‘Neelakurinji Poothu’, which is  roughly based on Shakeela’s life, the actress  donning a major role, as well.


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