Famous Molllywood Celebrities from Christian Knanaya catholic community

Famous Molllywood Celebrities from Christian Knanaya catholic community

 India is such a diversified nation in many sense. whether its culture , arts or religion. Today here i am going to tell you about a christian religious faction living in Kerala , where not much details available about this community in internet. Actually i came to know about this community from my friend “Priya Francis” from Kannur. There are some migrant communites in Kannur as well even though they mainly settled in Kottyam.

For thos who don’t who is Knanaya?

  • The Knanaya are an endogamous group(mean they strictly marry from their own community) in the Christian community of Kerala, India. .Today there are about 300,000 Knanaya in India and elsewhere.
  • Knanaya believes they are pure Jesus blood clan and they don’t want it to mix with other people by marrying, so they are strict endogamous people.


1.Sruthi Jose (Sruthi Lakshmi):

  • She is the daughter of Cine actress Lissy Jose at Kannur. Her father is from Kannur and mother is from Idukki. After completing her +2 in Science from “GHSS Sreekandapuram” she went to pursue graduation from Mar Ivanios College Trivandrum.
  • Sruthi married Dr. “Avin Anto” on January 2016.


2.Lalu Alex:

  • I am sure not much people know that our Lalu Alex belongs to this faction of Christianity. But yes as per Wiki pedia this veteran actor belongs to This community. When an interviewer asked “are you the kinda of liberal father you portray on sliver screen in real life as well?”, You know what he replied , Never i very much stick to my community and its custom of endogamous ..
Lalu Alex
Lalu Alex


3. Nayanthara:

  • Yes our controversial beauty queen of south Indian cinema Nayanthara belongs to
    Knanaya Catholic by birth.
  • 31 year’s old actress real name is Diana Mariam Kurian.
    She born in Bangalore, Karnataka as the youngest daughter to Malayali parents,
    Kurian Kodiyattu and Omana Kurian. Her brother, Lenu, who is nine years elder to her, lives in Dubai.

4. Gopika actress:


5.Ben Lalu Alex:



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