16 Intersting Facts about Pranav Mohanlal

16 Intersting Facts about Pranav Mohanlal

Who is Pranav Mohanlal:

  •  Pranav Mohanlal is a Malayalam cinema actor and the son of actor Mohanlal.
  • Birth date 13 Jul 1990  Thiruvananthapuram

Dedicating for an upcoming star. Fingers crossed.


1:Few facts about his legendary father

  • I recommend you to read this article before you continue.


2: Pranav bagged State Award For the First Movie:

  • In his first movie itself he proved that he is here to stay . In 2002, Pranav made his debut as an actor in Major Ravi’s Punarjani, He won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Artist for his role in the film Punarjani.

State award

3: He was spotted at Kerala cricket league 

  • He found supporting his father Mohanlal leading CCL(celebrity cricket league) Kerala cricket team.  Like his father he said he also enjoy cricket.And he remembers his days in school where he played cricket with his school mates.

4: Pranav is a avid traveler and reader 

  • In a small travelogue he wrote in  malayalam language he explained his intense interest for traveling and reading books. He has visited many spiritual places in north India. He remember his father word “Seeing India is more than an education”. Along with his friend he traveled like a common man with out any star kid baggages around India.

The places he Most liked :

  • Himalaya :
  • Kathmandu pokhara:

If you wish to read the full article in Malayalam CLICK HERE


5:Education in Ooty school and Australian college:

  • Hebron School, Ooty
  • University of New South Wales.

ooty school

6:No Cigarettes and no Biking:(Promise to mom):

He is so close to his mom ( Suchithra Mohanlal). He commented about the freedom his mother given to him since his childhood ,to do what ever he wishes to do. But also he remembers about the promise he given to his mom. You want to know what it is ?

  • Don’t use Cigarettes.
  • Don’t ride bike.

And he says till now he keep that promise.


  • Punarjani(2002)-Directed by Major ravi.
  • Onnaman(2002): directed by Thampi Kannamthanam.
  • Sagar alias jacky:(2009)-directed by Amal neerad.

All Malaylaies across the world is  waiting for his mainstream launch as a hero..

8: Official face Book account:

  • In this Facebook account you could spot his activities and updates.I am not sure about the people behind this account.But its true that all latest photos of Pranav are getting uploaded there .With out his consent its not possible right ?.So you guys can check out that

9: Pranav’s fans club :

  • Yeah its true there are many un-official fans club in Kerala for Pranav. May be in the history of movie industry  i guess this is first of its kind ,to start fans club for some one who not yet established and not yet even launched as a actor.It shows the love and faith people keep for him.

10: Guest Roles In 2 Mohanlal films 

In 2 Mohanlal films he done guest roles.

  • Onnaman (2002): He acted as Mohanlals childhood in film.
  • Sagar alias jacky:(2009) Unexpectedly director Amal neerad heard that pranav is there in Dubai during the shooting ,So for a mass impact he strategically decided to place him in a song sequence along with his dad.It was an emotional moment for the 49 year old father who heaved a sigh of relief as the son got it right in his second take. The onlookers at the shoot say Pranav is a spitting image of the young Mohanlal in his debut filmManjil Virinja Pookal.

11: Family 

His family comprise 4

  • Suchithra mohanlal.
  • Vismaya mohanlal- Its Rumourd  that she is going to enter silver screen soon.But its not confirmed by any one.
  • Mohanlal.

12: Rumours about his film entry

  • Rumours are airing about Pranavs film launch will be through noted director Mani ratns next flick.But there is no official confirmations out yet. And also Mohanlal commented that Pranav is not at all interested in entering film and his wishes and dreams are different. And also he added that he does not have any objection he entering to film industry.
  • It also rumored that he hit the main stream with Major ravi’s next flick.But its also not confirmed.

13 :Pranav about Dulquar Salman

  • “Pranav says that Dulquar is a man who has good determination in life. He focuses more on his films and factors which he needs to improve in his performance. Adding on, Pranav revealed that they were childhood friends and Dulquar is more like an elder brother to him.Pranav says that he saw himself in Dulquar as Khasi, the role portrayed by Dulquar in Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi.”

dul and pranav

14:Working as assistant director

  • Surprisingly beyond all guesses he ventured into technical department of Mollywood. Currently he is working as assistant director Drishyams movies  Tamil version .

15.Pranav mohanlal’s jithu jeethu joseph’s upcoming Movie ?

  • At last it happening !. The Son of a King (Rajavinte makan) is coming rock. Mohanlal officially announced that he will launch his son Pranav in Mollywood through Jeethu Joshp’s untitled thriller movie. Every one is searching for details like , Who is the heroin in Pranav Mohanlal’s new movie etc. But not much data is out now. Hopefully soon. Fingers crossed.

16:Why he is so famous ???????

  • You may wondering why this much to hype about him???
  • He has not yet proved anything. ?????But why people are behind this young man?.there is only reason for it.

Why hype? and the reason is = “He is the one and only son of Legendary actor Mohan lal”.lol

mohanlal and pranav
Mohanlal and pranav

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