61 Interesting Facts about Indian Actor Mohan LaL

61 Interesting Facts about Indian Actor Mohan LaL


  • This is article neither promote nor De-promote any actor.
  • I have no connection with any sponsors or agencies Till this moment.
  • Here you see today i list Mohanlal and other day i would write about another star.(I NEED ALL READERS)

I am 24 years now,to be frank i born and brought hearing about this legend.He influenced a total generation through his on screen and off screen magic and charismatic  performances.And its true that like any other Malayalam he influenced me as well.I believe this post get traffic globally due to two reason. 1: Malyalies are every where in the world and  no one ever influenced malaylies in the way Mohan lal does .2:His achievement and skill is not restricted in just 3 crores people residing Kerala,latest IMDB result shows its reached all over the world.So i firmly believe its high time to write about him.And so its a tribute article.

  • Who is Mohanlal:

Mohanlal Vishwanathan Nair,born in 21 May 1960 .Actor at Molly wood for last 30 years.

  • What is Molly wood:

Ok oK I know many knows it.But the reason to explain it now is, when i typed “molly wood ” in google.com surprisingly i found  technology broadcaster and writer Molly Woods result first.So i thought about explaining  it a bit. Molly wood is a sector of Indian film industry.World cinema totally consider Indian film industry as Bollywood,its wrong and apart from Bollywood there around 15 separate industries with world renowned technicians who produced many critically acclaimed quality movies.

Ok now i am gonna delve into the 50 facts about the legend actor Mohan lal. Its purely based on my research and i have put lot of effort preparing it.So i appreciate yours suggestions and correction to make this fool proof.

NB:Just keep in mind that we are  going  to discuss about an actor who lives in a small state called Kerala India ,where only 3 crore people reside.So If you think from that angle.I am sure you could connect easily.


1: IMDB RATING: (IMDB Ranking of actor Mohanlal) 

  • In a recent IMDB user review, Mohanlal is ranked 10 out of a list of 50 best actors ever .(Mohan lal IMDB ranking fake?.It was a active discussion in every social media still .And every one knows the reality as well. To be frank even though the list is fabricated and it is just created by a fan,but all we have to check here is ,the reach of the news? .the wide acceptances how come a fake news created by fan turn to news headline in  well establish news papers published 100% literate Kerala.????.Any one could create with a IMDB account,then lets show a similar reach and acceptance. No its not possible.That the power of this actor.).

Mathrubhumi and Malayalam Manorama are 2 established daily news papers first reported and then  removed this controversial news.

2: Oscar 

  • Mohanlal acted wonderful movie Guru(Guru is a fantasy film. It is highly symbolic and makes a statement on terrorism and the evils of the world.) was the first south Indian film selected as indias official entry to the Oscars for nomination in the Best foreign film category.But unfortunately  It failed to get the nomination and was discarded by the jury later.But it was such a produ movie from a small industry to reach and accepted globally


3: At World famous Cannes Film Festival

I got a great chance to visit Cannes Film Festival,it was such a proud moment in my life to walk through world famous red carpet cannes” —-mohan lal recalls.

In Indo-french joint venture movie vanprastham direcor by shaj karun mohan dipicted as a kathakali (world famous art form of Kerala) artist in 1999. The film was also elected for the competitive section at the Cannes Film Festival.


4: Aishwarya Rais  First hero

Lal & Rai
Lal & Rai

Miss world and world famous Bollywood actress first hero was Mohan Lal. In critically acclaimed movie Iruvar Aishwarya Rai foray in to film industry depicting Mohan lal’s wife role.

  • Aishwarya Rai about Mohan lal: “Lal’s acting is a gift of God“.

5: Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army of India 

  • He is the first ever Indian actor, and the second personality after Kapil Dev, who received an honorary Lt. Colonel post of the Indian territorial Army. In 2009, he became the first actor to be given the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army of India.
Military practice
Military practice


6:Singer :(33 songs)

  • He Sung around 33 songs including latest “Aattumanal Paayayil” in Run Baby Run 2012.

7: Charity Works:

  • Most of his charity works are not publicized.He is very strict about it.
  • Most of his charity works are handled by his personal friend or personal assistant Antony.
  • An also  he is the only south Indian actor who got the most prestigious charity award in India, THE MOTHER TERESSA CHARITY AWARD IN 2000.

8: Cricket:

  • He is a very big cricket fan.
  • He used to play cricket in his college days.His childhood friend Priyadarshan and Bollywood director lost his one eye sight partial during a cricket match.
  • In 2009, Mohanlal, along with his friend  Priyadarshan  tried to bid for and IPL Cricket team based in they withdrew the bid on failing to source enough funds after a change in rules was introduced.
  • Mohan lal is the captain of Indian cinema cricket league.His team successfully participated in 3 seasons.

cricket practicing


9:He is wrestler and martial art expert 

  • State ‘Gusthi’ champion of 1997-78.
  • He was due to go for the National championship in Delhi when he was called for auditioning by Navodaya for the role of Narendran in Manjil Virinja Pookkal directed by Fazil. His friends had sent his photographs to Navodya productions that was looking for fresh actors. He decided to go for the audition and rest is history.
  • Mohanlal was a professional wrestler.
  • He used to act stunt scenes with so much interest.
  • The world Taekwondo Headquarters,Seoul , Korea,officially conferred the title honorary Black  Taekwondo on the actor Mohan lal.And it made the first actor in south India and fourth in India to get this honor.
  • This honorary black belt of taekwondo is given to Mohanlal as per the demands of the Taekwondo federation of India, to popularize the art in the state. According to the office bearers of the association the award is conferred upon the star for his unrelenting spirit towards sports, games and martial arts and his performance in movies that depicted much of the martial arts.
He is a wrestler
He is a wrestler

10: Magic (As escape artist )

In 2008, Mohanlal underwent 18 months of ‘escape artist’ training under Magician Gopinath Muthukad. He had planned to perform a stunt called ‘Burning Illusion’ in Trivandrum. However this was cancelled later on allegations that it is a dangerous act.magician samraj protested against the act and later it got shelved.

As escape artist in magic
As escape artist in magic

11:Most searched Google keywords about Mohan Lal

  • Read this brief before you leap.

Let me take a anticipatory bail first off. This just shows googles suggestion keyword search data.I have no relation with this data.It only shows what people search about him.Even i found its strange.So i just thought about sharing.You can just check it our yourself  in “google.com”

  1. Why Mohan lal is the best actor in India?
  2. Mohan lal is bald?
  3. Mohan lal blog?
  4. Mohan lal is womanizer ?
  5. Why Mohan lal is fat?
  6. Why Mohan lal is better than mamooty.?
  7. Why Mohanlal got lt. colonel
  8. Why mohanlal is best?
  9. Mohan lal
  10. What is mohanlal’s son doing?

12: Blogger (write ) :

He is a blogger like me.haha.Oh god  at last we have one resembles.But he is different here too.

  • He writes in Malayalam.
  • More over in his own handwriting
  • He write as a latter to god
  • He include all social and culture topics in his letter to god


13:Relation with Antony Permbavoor

This is such a rare relation.A driver turned to producer and best friend of a legend.

  • “Mohanlal’s loyal personal Assistant and Producer Antony Perumbaavoor was a just taxi driver in Cochin and used to take Mohanlal from his hotel to the location of ‘Pattanapravesam’ movie.This started a good friendship and by the end of shooting Mohanlal asked Antony if he wants to be his driver. Antony has since been with Mohanlal and now produces films under the banner Aasirvaad Productions. His first movie megahit Narasimham”

14: UAE driving licence 

  • Kerala star idol Mohan Lal on Wednesday got his UAE driving licence, proving that his skills behind the wheel are as good as his acting prowess.“Mohan Lal holds an Indian license since 1983 so he just had to take the regular 20 classes to appear for his first license test.It took him only one attempt,” said El Fateh Abdul Baqi Eljack, General Manager of Dubai Driving Center.MOhanals shuttles between dubai and kerala.And he tells duabi is his second home.So thats the reason of taking this.
Dubai licence
Dubai licence

15: As a Business man 

Mohanlal is the highest paid actor in Malayalam film industry.he around 2 to 3 corers per film(Only rough figure)

  • Uni Royal Marine Exports – Seafood Exporting in my home town Calicut.
  • Curry powder.
  • Construction businesses.
  • He also runs a chain of Restaurants in the Middle East called ‘Mohanlal’s Taste Buds’.
  • Mohanlal is also planning to launch a few Schools shortly to enter the cash-rich education segment.
  • Stock broking company called Hedge Equities
  • He owns Maxlab Cinemas and Entertainments :A film distribution company.
  •  Vismayas Max: film post-production film studio: With international facilities which allows Malayalam industry to escape from the clutches of highly expensive film studios in Chennai
  • College for dubbing artists at Kinfra Film and Video Park, Trivandrum.
  • He is an independent director of Clenergen India Private Limited.
  • The Harbour Market in Bangalore.



16: Face book likes (in Kerala) 

He is very active in social network Facebook. When i checked the likes now.its around 16ooooo(1.6 million).

If you would like to join or like please click here.


17:Burju khalifa 

  • The one-bedroom, 940-sq ft apartment, said to be housed on the 29th floor, will be bought in the name of his wife Suchitra, according to the paper.
  • As per the market rates, Lal’s apartment would cost nearly Dh2.8million.
  • Mohanlal’s film Vanaprastham was screened in the “Un Certain Regard” section at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival and several other International Film Festivals like Hong Kong International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse film festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Istanbul International Film Festival, American Film Institute, American Film Market, Fukuoka International Film Festival.

18: Sunil Shetty about Mohan Lal

  • Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty quotes “Mohan lal is the God of Cinema”.

19: State awards (Kerala)

Mohan lal received Kerala states  award 9 times.

  • 1986–Best Actor– T. P. Balagopalan M.A.
  • 1988–Special Jury Award– Padamudra, Chithram, Ulsavapittennu, Aryan, Vellanakalude Nadu.
  • 1991–Best Actor–Abhimanyu, Kilukkam, Ulladakkam.
  • 1991–Second Best Film (Producer)–Bharatham
  • 1995–Best Actor–Spadikam, Kalapani.
  • 1995–Second Best Film (Producer)–Kalapani
  • 1999–Best Actor–Vanaprastham
  • 2005–Best Actor–Thanmathra
  • 2007–Best Actor–Paradesi

20: Famous tag names associated 

  • Realistic actor.
  • Complete actor.
  • Method actor.
  • Versatile actor.
  • Born actor.

21: National awards

Received national award 4 times.

  • 1989 Special Jury Award (Actor) Kireedam Malayalam
  • 1991 Best Actor Bharatham Malayalam
  • 1999 Best Actor Vanaprastham Malayalam
  • 1999 Best Film (Producer) Vanaprastham Malayalam

22: International awards

  •  In  “cann film festival”(for Vaana prastham),
  • IIFA AWARD Bollywood movie company,
  •  ASIA-PACEFIC AWARD for Bollywood movie company..

23: Goodwill Ambassador

  •  Anti AIDS Campaign of Kerala State AIDS Control Society.
  • Kerala Athletics.
  • Kerala Handloom Industry.

24:CNN-IBN India

  • He was elected as most popular Keralite in a 2006 online poll conducted by CNN-IBN on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Kerala’s formation.13: According to CNN-IBN, Mohanlal is the Most Popular Keralite of the Century.


25:Time magazine 

  • Famous Time magazine in India quoted about Mollywood actor Mohanlal like this

Lal is India’s answer to Marlon Brando

26: Out look India:

  • Independent weekly general interest English News magazine published in India Out look Selected mohan lals  Most Influential Indian” from Kerala

27: His Famous website:(The complete actor website)

  • Mohan lal runs a very active and most visited celebrity website in Kerala.It one stop place to access every thing about your actor.His films and every thing.please have a look


28:Readers Digest:

  • Mohanlal was ranked 80th position in Reader’s Digest’s “India’s Most Trusted People” in 2010.

29: Limca book of records:

  • In 2009 Limca book of records honored Mohan lal with the title “People of the Year Award“.

30: Spiritual personality 

  • He is very religious and spiritual person.He used to travel around the world and visit many spiritual places for better concentration and focus. Recently he visited bali in Indonesia.

Mohan lals words about spirituality

Out of life’s experiences are all emotional reactions. Sometimes we feel angry, sometimes we are sad … Later in the life we celebrate all this experiences. From beginning to the end the life should be celebrated. In Tamilnadu, they celebrate death by dancing and singing. Isn’t death a release. Release from the bad body. Hence death should be celebrated. Death is something which everyone is scared of. We have a culture of even celebrating that. So all the situations of the life should be celebrated. That’s spirituality. There is no Krishna or Vinayaka in this, just peace. Sometimes we may not experience it 100%, maybe just one percent. Maybe one lifetime is not enough to experience in one life time. But experiencing even one percent of spirituality is god given blessing. There are so many people who don’t even experience this one percent and living a life devoid of mental peace. Attaining mental peace is the biggest thing in life, to get that everything else should be alright.”

31:Stage drama

  • Jeevanulla Prathimakal as Satheesh Chandran
  • Kadhayattam as 10 different characters
  • Karnabharam (Sanskrit play,Karnabharam, written and directed by Kavalam Narayana Panickkar, who himself is known for his innovations on stage.).The full-length play, depicting the inner turmoil of Karna, is due to be staged at the Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi on March 29 as part of the National School of Drama’s theatre festival.
  • Chayamukhi(Played with actor mukesh).
stage drama
stage drama

32: Fans association 

His fans association is popularly known as “All Kerala Mohanlal Fans and Cultural Welfare Association”. Reg No is 876/98.And it is the biggest fans association in Kerala.

fans club
fans club

33: As a producer 

  • Under Casino Films :Produced 4 films uner casino banner ,which is also co-produced by Mammotty,iv sasi,century kunjumon,seema
  • Under Chears Films:Mohanlal has produced 4 films under the banner , which is also co-produced by Century Kunjumon.
  • Under Pranavam Arts:  Produced 9 films under the banner :
  • Under Aashirvad Cinemas: produced 17 films upto recent block buster Drisshyam

34: Shilpa Shetty About Mohan lal

Famous Bollywood actress Shipla shetty replied in a interview when asked about doing movie in Malayalam like this–

         “If Mohanlal is there then I’m ready to do a Malayalam film”

 35: As a Story writer:

  • Mohanlal to write story for the movie ‘Swapna Malika’. Screenplay and direction of this move will be by K.A Devarajan.
  • In this movie Lal will handle the lead role along with other major actors.
  • This film is the  first Malayalam film to receive the financial support from IDBI. The bank has agreed to support four crores for the production of this movie, which is granted in the least interest rates.

36:Family and Personal 

  • Lives with his family in Cochin.
  • Married to Suchitra (Mohanlal later recalled in an interview that Suchitra used to send him cards because she wanted to marry him).Their horoscopes did not match at first, but later it was found that the astrologer erred .
  • Mohanlal has two children – Pranav and Vismaya.
  • He owns a house at  Ooty  a villa in Arabian Ranches and a flat in Burj khalifa at Dubai.

37: Padma Sree: 2001 government of India

  • In 2001, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour, for his contributions to Indian cinema.

38: Honorary doctorate degrees 

  • Malayalam film actor Mohanlal awarded honorary doctorate degrees by the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit at Kalady. A decision in this regard was taken by the university syndicate . University sources said the award is in recognition of their services in their respective fields.

39 :Amitabh Bachan About Mohan lal: 

“I have a great admiration for actor Mohanal. He is the most r

lal and big b
lal and big b

elastics actor India has ever produced.He is the finest actor in the country. Lal’s style of performance enlightened me about the new phase of acting”.

40: Connection with Tamil Nadu:

  • His wife is from Tamil nadu-suchithra.
  • His father in law was a famous Tamil producer k balaji.
  • He narrated the memorable MGRs character in mani rathnams world renowned film Iruvar.
  • He only acted 4 times in Tamil. Including the latest flick “jila” along with tamil actor thalapathy vijay.
with vijay
with vijay

49:Indian Medical Association Award 

  • Mohanlal was awarded “IMA Award” by Indian Medical Association in 2003.

42: Char and behavior 

  • Mohanlal is known for his shyness and being nervous when interviewed.
  • He is light spoken in Movies sets.
  • But he is very naught among his friends.
  • He is very un comfortable with strangers and talk very less.
  • His friend and Actor major ravi recalls “i never seen Mohan lal scolding or lose temper to his wife,he always like “what is this suchu””.
  • The care and love he shows even to the unit boys in a film set is widely admired and praised
  • Simple and down to earth
  • Many famous film personalities like soorya, madhavan, sunil shetty, trisha, lakshmi gopala swami,director kamal, satyan anthikkad, ram gopal varma, amitabh bachan, sharuk khan etc had told about how simple and down to earth lallettan is.
  • Mohanlal is a strong believer in destiny and spirituality.

43:Famous friend ship circle

  • Its a great blessing to get our old school friends to work along with us for many years. Mohan lal is such a lucky to have all his friends to associate with him even after years.His friends like .priyadarshan, m.g.sree kumar. raju, producer suresh kumar etc etc.

Mohanlal reached Trivandrum in a helicopter from Palakkad because of tight schedules to attend Kaumudi honouring director Priyadarshan. Mohanlal said he would have felt ashamed of himself if he couldnt make it to a function that was honouring his best friend and their friendship.”

44: Hobbies

  • Mohanlal’s main hobby is collecting antiques and artifacts.
  • He has a great collection of paintings.
  • Lal has a passion for pet dogs.
  • He is Mohanlal is a self-described foodie.A food lover.Non-vegetarian.
  • He also enjoys melodious music.
  • He likes to reads Osho, J. Krishnamurti, Aurobindo and Ramana Maharshi.
Mohan lal with his pet dog
Mohan lal with his pet dog

45: Priyadarshan About Mohan lal: (Bollywood director)

  • “He is the best actor India has ever produced. Lal never prepares for any role or scene. He is not bothered how he looks or what he does. Once the camera is on, he is a transformed person. As lal does only one film at a time, he knows everything about the film, nothing more.”

46: Dedication

I have read many peoples praising about Mohan lals dedication.But here i am putting few which comes to my mind straight.

  • “During the shooting of Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Company’ movie the cinematographer used to ask Mohanlal, in-between shots when lighting was going on, sir why don’t you sit inside caravan or why don’t you sit in the makeup room  to which Mohanlal said, “No this is my office, let me get used to this space”.
  • I saw the film at a theater in Paris! It was such a pleasure to work with Mohanlal who put in so much effort to get the correct movements and expressions of Kathakali(dance-drama form indigenous to Kerala) .I witnessed that legends dedication in mastering an art form with in few days.
  • During the shooting of epic film “Iruvar” Mohan lal hid his natures call for 2 hours for the sake of the last long procession scene.

47:His Trade marks 

  • Malayali fashion His moustache
  • Malayali fashion  mundu.( He ups his right leg to wind up his ‘mundu’ and his shirt sleeve)
  • His famous one side hanged shoulder.
  • His naughty smile.
  • Harbouring humility.
  • Elusively enigmatic


48: Mohan lal about Spiritual leader Amritanandamayi 


Mohanlal is a ardent  follower of spiritual leader “Amritanandamayi” (disciples call them “amma”) since his college days. In an interview Amma talked about Mohanlal.(first time in the history Amritanandamayi commented about a film star in a public television channel.). Mohan lal shared his many magical experience with Amritanandamayi in the interview hosted by John britas . Mohanlal has 40 years relation with amma.

  • HIs turn on Allegations about Amritanandamayi :

Mohanlal Supported amma, when former disciple Gail tredwell levelled allegation against the trust and amma through her book Holy hell. He said in a interview that its a propaganda.



Controversies are inevitable things as far as film industries  are concerned.I personally don’t give much value to this. Mohan lal is very keen to not indulge himself in un wanted controversies. But for the sake of the  last i am pasting recent allegations and controversies of Mohan lal.

  • IT Raids in his house :
  • Mohanlal-Azhikode spat :
  • Vintage camera row :
  • His Colonel status:?


50:Great peoples word about Mohan Lal

  • Mani ratnam:  Hereafter, I will never work with a man of whom I am a fan. I often forgot to say ‘Cut’ in Iruvar.Director Mani Ratnam has said in an interview that IRUVAR is his best movie and Mohanlal should have got a national award for the excellent portrayal of Anandan.
  • RGV🙁Ram gopa varma) :He is the Robert De Niro of Indian screen.
  • Sivaji Ganesan: I feel sorry that he was not born to me. His acting is really interesting.
  • Kamal Haasan: Lal’s subtlety in dancing without mastering it astonishes even an eminent dancer.


51:Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan said in many interviews that he is a big fan of mohanlal.In asianet film awards mohal lal sang for Sharukh Khan and also danced for his famous lungi song.

  • Shahrukh Khan: Mohanlal is quite simply an amazing actor for me.

52:In bollywood 

He acted in 4 bollywood movies :

  • 1:Company.
  • 2:Tezz: Action thriller directed by priyadarshan.
  • 3:Aag:
  • 4:Halla Bol:

53:Top 3 must watch best movies of mohanlal

Iruvar :

  • Mohanlals best performance in tamil. He portrayed the life of MGR(god of tamil nadu film industry)

Thanmatra :

  • This film portrays Rameshan Nair (enacted to greatness by Mohanlal) who gets affected by Alzheimer’s disease and changes that bring to his life and family due to that disease.
  • Mohanlal won the State Award for the best actor for this movie.Mohanlal just missed his national award for Bollywood movie black.


  •  Kathakali is an traditional art form of Kerala that demands  years and years of practice to master it. Here in this movie Mohanlal performs the role of a Kathakali artist Kunhikuttan and he performs Kathakali even better than the seasoned folks with no previous experience. He won the National and State Award for the Best Actor for this movie.

54: Mohanlal as a Narrator

  • Swarnam
  • Pazhassi Raja
  • Wilson Periera – An animated short film
  • The Hit List
  • Namukku Parkkan.


55:Viral ,controversial and shocking videos:

  • Mohan lal Found Drunk :Alleged Drunk appearance at Asianet film award ceremony. (people are saying he is drunk. lol)
  • During Asianet film award ,he found doing adult prank in public with hands. He found sitting with mamooty ,sharuk khan and sidique in that video.


56: Highest Money  Collected Movie in Malayalam film industry:(Drishyam ever green hit)

  • Mohanlals 2013 December movie “Drishyam” became the biggest hit in the history of Malayalam film industry.
  • The movie is produced by Mohan lal itself.
  • First Malayalam film  to cross the 10,000 shows in 26 days.
  • Drishyam IMDB rating is 9.1.
  • Trade analyst Taran Adarsh had recently tweeted, “Malayalam film #Drishyam – UK [total till Sunday]: £ 66,032 [₹ 66.84 lacs].”.
  • “My salute to Mohanlal. This film is his personal triumph and I don’t think there are too many actors with his caliber today. ‘Drishyam’ should be celebrated as a victory of Indian cinema, not just Malayalam alone,” -Tamil popular director Balachander about drishyam.

57: Manichitrathazhu remakes to many languages

  • Mohan lal acted Manichitrathazhu  is an epic 1993 Indian Malayalam psychological thriller film written by Madhu Muttam, directed by Fazil, and produced by Swargachitra Appachan.
  • Manichitrathazhu is probably one of the best psycho-thrillers [sic] produced in India.
  • In a 2013 online poll by IBN Live, Manichitrathazhu was listed as the No:2 greatest Indian film of all time.

All remakes were block buster hit.

Tamil: Chandramukhi Staring Rajinikanth.

Hindi: Starring Akshay Kumar Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Telugu:Chandramukhi Staring Rajinikanth.

Kannada: Apthamitra and its sequel Aptharakshaka in Kannada starring Vishnuvardhan.

Bengali :Starring Rajmohol Prosenjit Chatterjee)


58: Mohanlal acted nude :

  • In film ‘Thanmatra’ mohanlal acted nude.
  • Mohanlal had full faith in the director Blessy to use the footage judiciously. Blessy had send the movie with the footage to censors and it got approved, but finally decided not have the nude footage in the movie when it hit the theatres.

” I had acted nude in ‘Thanmatra’ and it was not shot vulgarly and i have no regret either”-Mohanlal

59 :Mohan lals son Pranav Mohan lal:

  • I have wrote a separate article about him.

So click here and read it —14 FACTS ABOUT PRANAV MOHANLAL:

60 : Android application :

  • Now you can locate your favourite actor in your android phone. Mohanlals official android application has been uploaded . So go and download the application .

61 :Ladies: 

Mohan lal with his heroins
Mohan lal with his heroins

Lol. I first thought of skipping this portion to avoid un wanted controversies. Later I re thought and included. Because he is widely called as complete actor,So with out talking about his connection with ladies list is not complete.

Listing some controversial lady names found associated with him:(Seriously i don’t know is there any kind of truth in it.)

  • Abhirami
  • Lakshi gopala swami
  • Lakshi rai.
  • Sobhana.


I just end up this list with Mohan Lals famous quote

“Around 3000 girls passed through my life”. and  “i don’t care and i don’t fear”


I already got many suggestion and correction mails.I appreciate all who contacted me and let me remind you something ,through your data  we get more refined and fool proof list ..And I invite more suggestion,corrections,queries anything  through your comments or you can connect with me personally ask@jithumpablog.com.I am here to consult you 24*7.

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